Sinoe Plagued by Bad, Bad Roads

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With little over a month to the country’s 168th independence anniversary celebration in southeastern city of Greenville, Sinoe County, the 1st Engineering Company of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL), under the command of Capt. Abraham Kamara, may not be able to complete repairs on the major road leading into the city.

Though the Sinoe County road has significantly improved with several major patch-ups in some areas, the Butaw Town road, termed by the townsfolk as “Butaw Bad Mouth,” remains a huge challenge.

Butaw Town road is still a barrier to most cars plying that route owing to its muddy condition caused by the heavy rains.

Only drivers with 4-wheel drive vehicles are able to go through the mud and, according to a popular driver on the road, “afterwards you may have to run to the mechanic shop to get your vehicle checked out.”

The Daily Observer reporter on special assignment in Sinoe reports that the relentless rains pose a serious impediment to the reconstruction of the road.

A lone heavy duty caterpillar which was supposed to focus on the road repair is also being used to pull out of the deep and widespread mud many private and commercial vehicles, as well as those of the AFL, which get stuck in the mud.

An AFL soldier who asked not to be named told our reporter that almost a half mile of the road to Butaw is bad.

The AFL Engineering Company has repaired about two miles of the bad road, he said, and expressed confidence that the work can be done ahead of the July 26 celebration.

But in the event the rain continues to fall for the next two weeks, it would be impossible to complete the work, he predicted.

“In that case we would seek help from the Ministry of Public Works, so that we may jointly repair the “Butaw Bad Mouth” road.

“It would be better to seek help and succeed together than to remain adamant and fail alone,” the soldier said.

Another soldier, who also did not want to be named, said the AFL team could succeed in the next two weeks if there is good weather.

The Chief of the AFL’s 1st Engineering Company, Captain Kamara, could not be reached for comment on the difficult ongoing road work.

Prior to the Sinoe road, the AFL Engineering Company successfully revamped the Kebah road in Barnersville. The company also renovated the West Point Public School.

Besides the Butaw town’s bad road, there are two challenging areas in Rivercess County – between Nimba County junction and Sam B. junction.

Owing to the construction of the bridge by the Solid Rock Construction Company – the other side of the road, which is muddy, poses a serious hindrance to vehicles, a local resident told the Daily Observer.

Vehicles spend many hours stuck in the mud and are hauled by private jeeps. However, on the Butaw road it is the lone rescuer of mud-obstructed vehicles is the AFL caterpillar, a resident said.

A worker of the Solid Rock Construction Company explained that the impediment on the other side of the bridge – where the vehicles are stuck – would ease only when the bridge is completed.


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