Sinoe Hospital Renovations on ‘4G’

The new floor tiles.jpg

The F. J. Grante Memorial Hospital in Greenville, Sinoe County is currently undergoing major renovation at full speed.
The hospital’s floors are almost finished with new tiles in the Presidential or VIP ward.
The external and interior painting, electrical rewiring, plumbing, installing of ceiling and roofing zinc are also nearing completion.
But the hospital’s bathrooms, kitchen and air conditioning are far from being completed.
A staff of the construction firm – Ladris Construction & Engineering Incorporated, who asked not to be named, said the renovation is divided into two phases and the first phase will be completed by Friday ensuing.
He said the first phase includes carpentry, plumbing, electrical, tiling, beautification of the front-view and the installation of air conditioners as well as the bathrooms and erection of a new kitchen.
He maintained that most of the projects in the 1st phase will be completed on Friday, but admitted that the erection of the new kitchen might be completed along with the second phase works.
He named the 1st phase “emergency” and said they are positive of finishing it on time.
The source said the 2nd phase projects include the construction of a triage, the fence, security booth and the installation of a solar power system.
He said the contract also requires them to furnish the hospital with “flat-screen televisions” which would be part of the 2nd phase.
It may be recalled that a month ago, this newspaper reported that the F.J. Grante Hospital was in ruins and challenged the government and able sons and daughters of the county to renovate and revive it.
The renovations will delight hospital staff, according to one of them who spoke to the Daily Observer on their high anticipation of a decent and safe working environment.
The renovation is funded by UNOPS – a UN organization.


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