Sinoe Health Boss ‘Recalled’


It would have been fatal outcomes if the over 35 county health workers who are playing supervisory roles including doctors, nurses and support staff of the F. J. Grante Hospital had carried out a “go-slow” action in protest against what they see as the underhanded dismissal of Dr. Wilmot G. Frank as the County Health Officer (CHO). Dr. Frank has been purportedly recalled for reassignment.
If Dr. Frank had not seriously begged us to not protest, according to a senior health worker who begged anonymity, all the clinics, health centers and the F.J. Grante Hospital would be closed by now to demand his reinstatement as the CHO.
Though it is being referred to as “a recall for reassignment” the health workers are not convinced and have labeled it a “dismissal”. They claim that the sacking of Dr. Frank was not routine but rather political.
Some health workers said that the bad blood started prior to the outbreak of the deadly Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) but intensified when Dr. Frank became the co-chairman to then Superintendent Milton Teahjay on the County Ebola Response Team.
Although it cannot be proven, health workers believe that during the contentious confirmation process of nominee Bernice Dahn as Minister of Health, Sinoe Senator Teajay pushed for the removal of Dr. Frank in exchange for his vote to confirm Dahn.
Dr. Frank, in a telephone interview with the Daily Observer over the weekend, said although his recall was a shock, he would not indicate whether it was political.
“I was recalled and am awaiting reassignment, but as a professional man, I don’t want to consider my recall as political because most of the time our assignments are rotational,” Dr. Frank explained.
“I really stopped the protest which could have upset the health system in the county because I don’t want politics to spoil our profession.”
The former Sinoe CHO said his only regret is that the health workers’ living quarters is still incomplete.
Dr. Frank said the Health Ministry has already appointed his successor, Dr. John Doedeh, who is already in the county.
“I am officially introducing Dr. Doedeh to the County officials, including the Superintendent, Development Superintedent, County Attorney, Inspector and Police and the turn over ceremony will be this weekend or next week,” he said.
Dr. Frank, 48, has been the CHO since 2009. Prior to becoming Sinoe’s CHO, he worked with the John F. Kennedy, Redemption and Phoebe Hospitals as Medical Doctor.


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