Sinoe Court Complex Dedicated Tomorrow

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The dedication of the 3rd Judiciary Circuit Court in Sinoe County has been finally set for Wednesday, July 22 after being deferred last year owing to the transfer of the 167th independence celebration from Greenville, to Monrovia.

The change of venue of the 2014 Independence Day celebration was due to bad roads and the un-readiness of the host counties, Sinoe and Grand Kru counties.

The erection of the 3rd Judicial Circuit Court was initiated by the former Chief Justice, the late Johnnie N. Lewis, who hailed from the county.

The Court Complex was completed during the era of Chief Justice Korkpor, as Chief Justice Ad Interim of the Supreme Court when the former Chief Justice Lewis retired in 2012 due to failing health.

The Resident Head Judge of the 3rd Judicial Circuit Court, Judge Geeploh-Tiklo Konton, said the “Court Complex” will be dedicated either by President Sirleaf or by Chief Justice Korkpor, in keeping with protocol.

Judge Konton, 53, said the 3rd Judicial Circuit is comprised of five courts, the 3rd Judicial Court, the Greenville City Magisterial Court, the Greenville City Revenue Court, and the Greenville City Debt Court.

He also said the Court Complex is providing office spaces for the Resident Head Judge, the Public Defender, the County Attorney, Court solicitors and other staff.

“The dedication on Wednesday begins at 10:00 a.m. and we are expecting Chief Justice Korkpor today for the dedication,” Judge Konton confirmed.

He was not sure whether the dedication ceremony would be performed by President Sirleaf or the Chief Justice, “because changes are sometimes made in keeping with protocol,” said Judge Konton.

“In any case, we are grateful that the dedication is part of the 168th Independence Day activities,” Judge Konton added.

Prior to his appointment in May 2013, during the May term of Court, Judge Konton was the Public Defender for Sinoe County. His appointment followed the death in July 2012 of the former Resident Head Judge, Albert E. Dweh, Sr.
Judge Konton earned a BA degree from the University of Liberia in 1996, majoring in Politics and Comparative Government, with a minor in Philosophy.

He graduated from the UL’s Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law in 2007, became an Attorney-at-Law in 2008 and later Public Defender.

He was admitted to the Supreme Court Bar as a Counselor after he passed the Bar exam in 2012.


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