Sinoe 9th, 12th Graders Abandon Classes

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All of the 9th and 12th graders at the Sinoe Multilateral High School have abandoned classes and are warning the school administration not to promote any of the other students.
The 116 students, 56 of them 12th graders and 60 others 9th graders, dropped out of school in June following the Ministry of Education (MOE) pronouncement cancelling this year’s exams administered by the West African Examination Council (WAEC). But the deserting students learned that the school intended to promote other students as part of the government’s proposal to revamp the country’s educational system.
Rev. David W. Menjay, principal of the Sinoe Multilateral High School, told our reporter yesterday that in spite of his administration’s efforts to encourage the students to stay in school in order to enhance their learning as well as await the final decision from the MOE, the 12th and 9th graders have refused to return to classes.
The action by the students to abandon their classes has also influenced other students to stay away from school.
Though Rev. Menjay did not state the current enrollment of the school, sources said the school’s current student enrollment has dropped to less than 300 students.
The principal said the students went absent after the 2nd marking period and didn’t sit in classes for the 3rd marking period and the first semester exams, which he said would be a disadvantage to them.
According to the principal, most of the students have gone to the Bukonjadeh Gold Camp, while some of them are riding bikes and selling around the communities.
It can be recalled that government through the MOE deferred the WAEC to 2016 and announced that there would be no promotions or graduations for 9th and 12th graders.
Education Minister George Werner said the decision not to promote students from the two classes in the condensed school year is intended to enable the students to be fully prepared for the 2016 exams which will be administrated next May.
He explained that 9th and 12th graders, who paid their WAEC fees for the 2015 October exams have already been credited for the May 2016 exams, despite the new academic school year for the country.
He said already his administration has distributed the new textbooks, supplementary workbooks and instructional materials to schools in the various counties.
He added that during the August and September break, the MOE will provide teachers with training and instructional materials. The training will take into account the 2015 condensed school year.
The principal Menjay has confirmed receiving some of the text books, but said his administration has some other challenges facing the school.
Such challenges, he said, has to do with the lack of science teachers, among other things.
Rev. Menjay said the school does not have Biology and Physics teacher and needs additional teachers for mathematics, Chemistry, Geography and Literature.
He named other challenges as the lack of teachers’ quarters, utility vehicles for the administration and staff and buses for the students, fencing of the school yard and an auditorium.
Meanwhile yesterday all classes were suspended in order for some of the rooms to be used to accommodate visitors during the country’s 168th independence celebrations in Greenville.


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