Sinkor Assembly of God Inducts First Female Pastor

Reverend Mother Nancy Godu Chowolo becomes the first female pastor of the Sinkor Assembly of God Church.

— Envisages a modernized and spiritually sound church

Reverend Mother Nancy Godu Chowolo will be the first female pastor of the Sinkor Assembly of God Church since the church was established in March 1967.

At the induction ceremony on June 30, 2019, held at the church edifice, Rev. Chowolo called on all Sinkor Assembly of God Church leaders and members to reconcile as they look forward to transforming the church to a more modern and spiritual edifice, because a house divided cannot stand.

“Let us put away our differences and embrace unity and tolerance as the hallmark among ourselves,” she said.

Rev. Chowolo, who succeeds Reverend Dr. Marue W. Sirleaf, served the church as an interim pastor from July 2018 to June 2019. Based on the church’s request to the National District for a sitting pastor, Rev. Chowolo was endorsed and inducted as the first female Head Pastor. Rev. Chowolo and the church extended their thanks to the Presbyter of Section Four, the Monrovia District and the leadership of the Assemblies of God in Liberia, Incorporated, for honoring their request for a pastor.

The new pastor further extended thanks to the ministers, deacons, departmental leaders and all members, the sectional leadership, the Monrovia District leadership, and the National leadership for their preferment.

She outlined the key pillars of her leadership as reconciliation, mission and evangelism, building spiritual maturity, and deeper engagement of members, and promised to address the challenges ahead, by the grace of God.

Rev. Chowolo committed to construct a new church edifice but said this could only be attained if everyone was willing to sacrifice and give their all. She referenced Nehemiah 2:20, which says: “The God of Heaven will prosper us, therefore; His servants will arise and build.”

To increase the spiritual life of believers within the Sinkor Assembly the new Head Pastor said every member would be encouraged to participate in departmental activities. “We will organize activities that will lead to Christian maturity,” she stated.

“There will be training sessions for leaders and members; for this is the way Christ established the church. He trained workers and members of God’s kingdom. This is to build solid citizens for Heaven and the Church,” she told the congregation.

Rev. Chowolo said all members would be trained and assigned to go out with the Good News of Jesus Christ, as a means of implementing the church’s mission and evangelism program.

The General Superintendent, Reverend Edwin A. Gbelly, who exhorted on the theme, “Put in Order Stewards of Integrity,” cautioned the leadership and its members to set sound doctrine, good conduct and behavior.

“The church has needs and it will therefore take self-controlled and self-disciplined stewards to fulfill such needs,” he said.

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