Simeon Freeman Foresees ‘Constitutional Crisis’

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Simeon Freeman: "We are afraid of this country going backward in any form or manner."

Urges LP to abandon legal quest

Opposition politician Simeon Freeman, standard bearer of the Movement for Progressive Change (MPC), yesterday urged the Liberty Party (LP) to abandon its legal quest for a rerun of the October 10 elections, in the interest of the state and its people.

A rerun would place additional financial burdens on the government that is already financially overwhelmed, said Freeman.

The LP recently filed a writ of prohibition at the Supreme Court against holding the November 7 runoff Presidential elections in the absence of hearings into the complaint of fraud and irregularities it reportedly observed during the October 10 polls.

At the MPC headquarters in Monrovia yesterday, Freeman told his supporters that the government is broke and therefore cannot underwrite the cost of a new round of elections.

He instead wants LP officials to consider the greater good and understand that Liberia is bigger than anyone’s personal ego.

The MPC standard bearer acknowledged that there were some irregularities during the October 10 polls, which he attributed to “administrative ineptitude,” but said, “All Liberians, be they politicians or not, will have to put Liberia first above self.”

Freeman believes that many of the opposition parties, including the MPC, were hurt by the “so-called irregularities in the just-ended elections,” but said, “All Liberians need for now is to allow the process to go down in history for the peace of Mama Liberia.”

The party leader said he fears that if the LP insists on remaining on the side of legality without adhering to his advice, there would be a constitutional crisis, which would take the country backward in “no uncertain terms.”

Freeman defined a ‘constitutional crisis’ as a conflict in government administration which the political constitution (or other basic principles of operation) of a legal system appears unable to resolve.

“The crisis usually interferes with the orderly operation of government. In general, a constitutional crisis results when factions within a government ideologically disagree about the extent to which each faction holds sovereignty of legally exercised administrative power. Specifically, a constitutional crisis results from internal conflict among the branches of government (executive, legislative, judiciary) or, in a federal system, between the state and federal levels of government,” Freeman explained.

He expressed fear that an interim arrangement would stall Liberia’s progress, peace and stability. “We will be starting all over again if we conduct re-elections,” said Freeman.

A re-election and an interim government arrangement would send the wrong signal to the world that Liberians are unable to transition peacefully, Mr. Freeman warned.

Freeman pleaded with the LP to collaborate with either of the two parties in the runoff election – the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) or the Unity Party (UP), scheduled for Tuesday, November 7, and forget about pursuing a lawsuit at the Supreme Court.


  1. Thanks son for such a nice recommendation. Liberia is above self interest and our safety and securities are our concern. If we have ties with America, we should act like them by putting our differences aside and unite to build our country. Our neighbors can boast about roads, hospitals, clean water system, air ports of international standard and more. So must we do the same through cooperating and working together. Let us learn to work together because no one man can build a nation but rather collective effort of everyone

  2. Until now, I had not realized that Simon Freeman, the inept political leader and Presidential Candidate of the so-called Movement for Progressive Change, is an unscrupulous man. He is asking Cllr. Brumskine, who rightfully feels cheated in the October 10 rigged elections, to abandon his legitimate quest for justice in exchange for “peace.” But how silly can Freeman be if he honestly means what he is advising Cllr. Brumskine to do? Can a peaceful nation exists without a foundation of justice? Can a peaceful coexistence prevail in a nation when a significant segment of the population harbors grievances unaddressed?

    But for a man who prides himself as an advocate of change, Freeman was reasonably expected to urge the NEC and the Supreme Court to fairly and expeditiously deal with the LP leader’s complaint without leaving any doubt of prejudice or partiality. Fortunately, now I see why Liberians will always consider Simon Freeman a dunce.

  3. Mr. Emmanuel Saingbe, despite partisan hyperboles litter our ongoing contentious political conversation, MPC leader Simeon Freeman isn’t a “dunce” by any stretch.

    Moreover, the support provided for his proposal – cost of rerun and potential for a constitutional crisis – are so logical that your attack would seem needlessly malicious. Furthermore, there are hundreds of thousands of jobless, restless, and powerless Country – Congua citizens at home who allegedly desire that a run – off election ends the stalemate for them to be empowered with promised opportunities. Not to mention that with LP, ANC, and ALP endorsing UP, the run – off is billed to be truly competitive.

    Frankly, one fails to see why Mr. Freeman’ s farsighted suggestion makes him an idiot; perhaps, you need to adduce more convincing evidence.

  4. Partisan hyperbole aside, to call Simeon Freeman an idiot for his well – reasoned and farsighted suggestion is absurd. Mr. Saingbe, since you are a staunch supporter of VP Boakai, don’ t unwittingly convey the wrong impression that UP is not ready for a run – off election. With endorsements from LP, ANC, and ALP the ruling party should be energized to face the CDC Coalition at any time. Don’t you share the enthusiasm?


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