Freeman Blasts V.P. Boakai, Brumskine


Simeon Freeman, political leader of the Movement for Progressive Change (MPC), yesterday blasted Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai, who he blames together with the governing Unity Party (UP) for the deteriorating living condition of the Liberian people and the lack of commitment to develop the country’s infrastructure over the years.

Mr. Freeman alleged that over the past 12 years, VP Boakai has received US$25 million as Vice President of Liberia and head of the Senate, but has failed to carry out any development across the country, least to mention the VP’s native Lofa County, to improve the living conditions of the people.

According to him, at no point in time did the Unity Party presidential hopeful visit the Ministry of Education to ascertain problems affecting that sector, or help in addressing the situation, “but is now running around to get votes from the people promising them better education if elected.”

The MPC political leader said locals have the right to boo Boakai, “because he deserves it” since he has failed to improve the livelihood of the Liberian people.

VP Boakai

It may be recalled that some residents of the slum communities of Clara Town and Doe Community booed Vice President Boakai on Wednesday, saying: “You have not visited our communities for the past 11 years so go away from here, you Boakai, go!”

Freeman said “Lofa Community College has received US$65,000 from national government for the running of the college, while the Zorzor Regional Teacher Training Institute (ZRTTI) received US$55,000, which is less than 65 percent of the actual budget of the Vice President. Boakai has received US$2.1 million every budget year and has 15 staffers in his office.”

But the office of the VP has rubbished Freeman’s claims, saying he makes empty noise without anything to prove.

George Saah, director of communications in the office of the Vice President, told this newspaper via mobile phone that the VP had better things for to do for Liberia than to respond to people who will eventually turn out to follow him on his campaign trail.

However, Freeman said it is unfortunate for VP Boakai to begin visiting some of the slum communities and districts that he abandoned for the past 11 years in search of votes, stating: “the VP has (not) helped President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in addressing Liberia’s problems or advocated for social services, especially in the rural areas, but continues to bring failed concessions to Liberia.”

Speaking on House Speaker James Emmanuel Nuquay’s selection as vice running mate to VP Boakai, Mr. Freeman said it is dangerous for two “corrupt officials” to be paired to contest the elections.

“This is the man who has served as chair on Ways, Means and Finance for seven years under former Speaker Alex Tyler, who is heavily corrupt, because he signed bogus concessions and the VP selected such a person for Liberia?” Freeman wondered.

Cllr. Brumskine  who argued that NEC did not give Mr. Karnwea due process

Meanwhile, Freeman said it is unfortunate for Charles Walker Brumskine, who considers himself a lawyer, to argue that the Code of Conduct speaks on the issue of intention; and as such, the National Elections Commission (NEC) should not have rejected Harrison Karnwea as his running mate.

In a related development, Freeman has promised to name his vice presidential running mate “very soon,” adding, “We are ready to campaign vigorously for the October elections to win the presidency.”

He said the MPC leadership, if elected, will privatize the Liberia Electricity Corporation and the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation and divide the districts and communities into zones, while ensuring that the Liberian people get the best of social services.

“We don’t need all those ministries and agencies to deliver services to our people, and so the MPC leadership will reduce all the 44 ministries and agencies to 22. We will also ensure that we have only 15 Senators instead of 30. Salaries of the 15 Senators to be dropped and benefits will go for agriculture and health in the interest of the country,” Freeman promised.



  1. Sir, the position of being a vice president is ceremonial. The vice president is elected on the ticket or ballot of the president. This is the main reason that Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai is appealing to the Liberian people to elect him as their next president during the forth coming elections. Please! Let us give this man the opportunity so that we will see the difference. The vice president’s development agenda cannot be different from that of the president.


    • Ha ha ha ha ha. I thought Weah informed NSA? Or was it Urey or Brumskine or Mills Jones or Alexander Cummings? Ha ha ha ha ha.

    • Stop such diabolical lie against the Vice President. I am equally a Nimbaian like you. That story of your is false and misleading!!!!
      Find something to say if you don’t like Boakai but don’t manufactured story!

    • You definitely have the trademark of a “Zogo”. Who are you? This is my last time interacting with you, because you have a twisted mind, and you are exhibited signs and symptoms of delusion. Good bye.

  3. Liberians must take in consideration that Mr. Freeman did his research before making these accusations against the Hon.Vice President. Some of Mr. Freeman’s Statements have some elements of TRUTH. For examples, Mr. Boakai is about to serve (12) years in the Position as Vice President. What is the condition of Lofa’s Highway? It is now considered, NO Man’s LAND; meaning it is of limit for public TRANSPORTATION. This is the very HIGHWAY that leads to his Home-Town and County. I also believe, the NEWS should check their RECORDS as to any visitation Mr. Boakai has done to SLUNG COMMUNITY in the MONROVIA AREAS as Vice President prior to his CANDIDACY for PRESIDENT. These are where Liberians should draw the line that Mr. Boakai’s CANDIDACY is base on DIVISION between NATIVES and CONQUAS. He has nothing better to offer on his plaitform but DIVISION and DISUNITY. Liberia will do better without Boakai and the corrupt Unity Party.

    • Gee; the problems with Liberia’s roadways are widespread. No one road is more important. Just because the VP is from Lofa County, doesn’t mean Lofa roads should be given priorities. Your position on roads, should be directed to Liberia’s Ministry of Public Works. That’s the destinated Government Agency in charge of Liberia’s Roadways. Besides, you can contact the Administrators of Lofa County. What happened to their Road Maintenance Money in the County’s BUDGET? JNB is not the major Policies maker. Besides, he can not be bias.

    • You definitely have the trademark of a “Zogo”. Who are you? This is my last time interacting with you, because you have a twisted mind, and you are exhibiting signs and symptoms of delusion. Good bye.

  4. Presidential aspirant Simeon Freeman is completely bereft of any moral turpitude to talk about corruption. He was awarded a contract by former Public Works Minister Lusine Donzo to purchase an asphalt plant for the Ministry which never worked from the date of purchase till now. There is no evidence that the contract was sanctioned by the Public Procurement Commission (PPCC).Did he ever refund the more than US$250,000 that he was reportedly paid for the purchase of the asphalt plant? The late Tom Kamara raised the issue in his paper, the New Democrat but interestingly he was sued by Simeon Freeman with alleged encouragement from top officials within government. Questions are: 1.How was the contract awarded 2: Who were the signatories to the approved contract: 3. What was the actual amount involved? What did the Clean Report of Findings from BIVAC state about the condition of the equipment purchased:For how long was the equipment in question operational if ever it was: Answer these Mr. Freeman and i am back with more questions.

    • Nonsense, You have no proof on such an accusation on Mr. Freeman. Boakai is corrupt and has chosen a corrupt Lawmaker as hisVP to continue more Corruption.

    • Some more question for the Presidential Aspirant (Mr. Freeman). After screwing Cynthia Weah, a prostitute, why did you refused to pay her???….Weren’t you happy with her performance? Miss Weah is well known for bed room skills! (Re “Sex Scandal Bounce: Freeman Says Scandal Makes Him ‘More Popular Than Ever’”, Frontpageafricaonline)

  5. Freeman is not a reliable politician. this is a man who will leave his supporters hanging and run for his safety. he can’t be trusted.

  6. Wow, with your plans for mama Liberia are all welcoming, the only problem there is when you people are aside the presidency, you talk all the good good things but when you get there then the language change I hope it will not be your case

  7. You coward what you say? You accused the government of having hands behind the death of the former LPRC boss, when you made this accusation,
    do you think you were alone? You certainly was not alone other liberians felt
    you were saying some thing real and had facts to support your claim, but you
    chose to run away meaning you make an empty accusation about govt. supposed those liberians who believed in you at that time were to engaged in
    some level of demonsration against the govt, who would have been their
    spokeman, when you coward had secretly left the country. scareman you say
    you political leader.
    You better get on the lefthand side and keep quiet. shut your mouth and remain to your house.We will no longer believed in anything you say about
    this govt. A political leader is one who is will to sacrify his life for the sake of
    his people, example Nelson Mendela. But you coward want us to die for you.
    Only those who do not definition of a leader will follow you this time.

  8. Why procrastinate on a political flunky, like Freeman? Who really cares about how thinks or feels? This Freeman fellow is simply looking for relevance, but he has chosen the wrong place to pursue his desire. I will just like to discourage all supporters of The Boakai-Nuquay Ticket, to recuse ourselves from these useless debates, and concentrate on more relevant issues.


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