Silverbird TM Cinemas Open to Public

Mrs. Wiah and Ambassador Yue Cutting the Ribbon

With two state of the art movie theaters

By El Nathan B. Browne

In an official ceremony, Liberia’s only first-class movie theatre, Silverbird TM Cinemas, held its launch by entertaining invited dignitaries and special guests on Thursday, September 21, at 7:00 pm, in the luxurious conference hall of TM Shopping Mall at Mamba Point, Monrovia.

At the launch, Mr. Eric Sherman, Vice President of TSMO Investment Corporation, owners of TM Cinema, who welcomed the guests, gave a brief history of TM Cinema and its partnership with Silverbird Cinemas of Nigeria. Other speakers were the Ambassador of China to Liberia, Mr. Zhang Yue, who called on Liberian businessmen to invest in the country and follow the steps of foreign investors like TSMO.

The CEO of TSMO, Mr. Lei Sun in his remarks thanked the guests and encouraged the public to take pleasure in watching latest movies from around the world that will be shown at Silverbird TM Cinemas in Liberia.

The guests were invited to watch “The Hit Man’s Bodyguard” released a fortnight ago in the United States, after the cutting of the ribbon by Mrs. Juanita M. Wiah, Director of Tourism at the Ministry of Information Culture and Tourism, while her colleague Mr. Tom Kamara, Director of Cinema and the other guests watched in high anticipation.

As scheduled for Friday, September 22, the “first of its kind cinema” opened its doors to movie lovers and the general public for business. The cinema which is on the third floor of TM Mall, Liberia’s first standard shopping mall has two fully air-conditioned theatres each having one hundred and eighteen comfy seats fitted with cup holders for sodas.

The rows have lighted numbers along the steps, just at the entry point, so latecomers can easily find their seats or incoming dates join their partners. There are a giant size screen and seven fully horn-loaded subwoofer speakers mounted around each hall for the grandest of an audition. The speakers perfectly compliment today’s digital sound formats bolstered by the high-definition projectors that delight the audience with lifelike images that seem to jump right at the audience!

According to Mr. Ekong Edim, Director of Business Development and General Manager of Silverbird Cinemas in Nigeria, “the unique selling proposition of Silverbirld TM Cinemas like its counterparts in Nigeria and Ghana, is the showing of blockbuster movies, as soon as they are released by major studios like Sony, Twenty-First Century Fox and other major movie studios around the world.”

Silverbird TM Cinemas intends to significantly boost the development of the movie industry in Liberia, serving as a platform for upcoming Liberian industry professionals to premiere their works with huge possibilities of earning respectable fees if their works are up to standard. Like their counterparts in Ghana and Nigeria, movie professionals in Liberia would benefit from various types of supports based on exposure by the Silverbird Cinemas and TM Cinema collaboration.


  1. I am very, very happy to hear that developing news in Liberia. I hope that other investors will see need to do the same. Thank you ever so much for that brilliant ideal

  2. I am concerned about the location of the Cinemas on the Third Floor. In case of an emergency, evacuating the building will be very difficult for patrons. The cardinal rule for fire exits is to access outside on the ground away from the fire using fire rated corridors and stairwells.
    “Safety First”!!!


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