Sierra Leonean Woman Faces L$1M Theft Lawsuit


A 20-year-old woman, Gbassay Sackor, last Wednesday appeared before the Monrovia City Court, at the Temple of Justice for allegedly stealing LD1million and US$508.00 from the Double Friendship Business Center in Monrovia,

Defendant Sackor, a Sierra Leonean, who is believed to have travelled from her native country on December 12 to look for money for the Christmas season, is being tried for one-count offence of burglary and theft of property.

The Double Friendship Business Center is owned by a Lebanese businessman, Allieu Ezzeddine.

Sackor was charged by the Liberia National Police (LNP), following a complaint from Ezzeddine.

In his complaint, the Lebanese businessman alleged that he remembered three women entering his store on December 16, and asking for the prices of bales of lappers.

According to him, he did notice whether all three of the women left his store after they had asked for the price of his goods until he closed the store.

Ezzeddine further alleged that the next day when he opened his store and started to serve customers he passed behind the counter and it was when he noticed that some of the cartons in which he usually kept his money were missing.

“Upon noticing the money was missing, I immediately ordered the store door closed and we began to search the entire area. While conducting our search we spotted defendant Sackor coming from the warehouse with lappers in her hands pretending that she wanted to buy them,” the businessman said.

“Her attitude raised eyebrows and during (my) inquiry with her, we discovered the money in a small bag that was in her hands,” Ezzeddine added.

Police said that during their investigation, the defendant explained that while she was at Waterlue Market in Sierra Leone, she was approached by her friend, Asha Tulay, to come to Liberia to cross some deal that would earn them money for the Christmas season.

“Tulay also told me that upon our arrival in Liberia we would go to visit a store under the pretense of window shipping.

“When we arrived in the country on Sunday, December 14,” police further quoted the defendant,”Tulay took me to Kailondo Guest House on the Old Road, in Sinkor, where we booked two rooms.

During the evening hours they proceeded to a store and started to pretend as though they wanted to buy lappers and while in the process, she hid herself in the warehouse with the knowledge of her friend Tulay.  While in the warehouse she was still in communication with her friend and was instructed by her to collect the money and place it in a particular corner easy to identify which she did.

The offence, police said, contravened chapter 15 sections 15.20, and 15.51 of the Penal Code.


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