“Show Gratitude to Those Who Impact Your Life”

First Lady and President Weah at the Thanksgiving intercessory service in Congo Town, Monrovia.

In observance of this year National Thanksgiving Day which was observed with an intercessory service at the Dominion Christian Fellowship Center, President George Manneh Weah says Liberians need to do a self reflection of their lives to show gratitude to those that deserve to be appreciated.

“As we observe this day, let us reflect and do a check list of our lives; is there someone in your life that you need to show gratitude or to appreciate? I say to myself yes, I want to appreciate God for what He has done in my life, in the lives of my family, friends and the nation Liberia”. President Weah said.

In 1883, the Liberia National Legislature passed an act to observe the first Thursday in November as Thanksgiving Day to be observed as National Holiday in appreciation to God for what He continues to do for Liberia and every citizen.

Based on that, every first Thursday in November is set aside as National Thanksgiving Holiday which has given rise to most Christians going to church in observance of this day.

At the Dominion Christian Fellowship Center in Congo Town, during the formal Intercessory service, President Weah said there is much more to be thankful to God for, despite the outbreak of the global pandemic, which brought to a standstill the world, Liberia being no exception.

The Liberian Leader further bragged about sustaining the peace that the country continues to enjoy amid the numerous challenges, stating that “we must give thanks for sustainable peace in our nation and God’s tender mercies given us in the face of the global pandemic, COVID-19.”

The Chief Executive pointed out that the Thanksgiving Holiday is not only for a particular group of people in Liberia but for every Liberian, irrespective of his or her religion.  The President’s comment in this direction dispels opinion by the Muslim community that Christians in Liberia have more holidays than they have and therefore must be given a holiday.

President Weah: “Thanksgiving is not only for Christians, Muslims and so forth. It is an opportunity for us to stop and collectively thank God for all He continues to do in our lives and the nation.”

President Weah used the occasion to extend thanks and appreciation to his international partners for their support to Liberia.

The program was attended by government officials with the exception of Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor.

Senior Pastor Whaneta W. Kekeh of the Victory Temple Annex Graceland Church in Mount Barclay delivered this year’s message and cautioned Liberians to be grateful to people who have made significant impact in their lives.

Pastor Kekeh, who spoke on the theme, “Be Grateful,” indicated that it hurts to see people whom you expect to show you love for impacting their lives reciprocate you with negative things.

“Be grateful to people who show kindness to you.  When God sees your gratefulness, He will give you more. To be grateful, you need to go back to where it started. As Liberians, your freedom is from God and God is our ultimate source of freedom.

She, among other things, added that “Instead of praising our leaders for the good things they have done, we criticize them for everything.”

 Bishop Isaac S. Winker of Dominion urges President Weah to be strong during these difficult times.  

“Thank you, Lord, for blessing us. We are Grateful to you Lord. We are grateful to you Lord. You continue to keep Liberia stable. You continue to keep our nation peaceful,” he said.

He added: “We are not better than those who are gone; many of us may not know the importance of this little country.”

“Thanks for standing for Liberia in the covid-19. We heard about other nations but you stood by us. Thanks for handling our battle in the fight against covid-19. Thank you for the nurses, doctors and others who helped us. We love our country,” he said. 

He urged Liberians not to destabilize the country but continue to pray for wisdom for leaders, especially wisdom that will deliver what they planned to do for Liberia.

“Wisdom will show them the way to go. Wisdom will correct them. We speak peace to all our border points, Bishop Winker said. 


  1. Thank God for President Weah and the CDC Government.
    Thank God for the people of the Republic of Liberia.
    We pray for PEACE and STABILITY in Liberia and all countries around the world.
    Thanks to the Religious Communities for their steadfast love, commitment and dedication to
    The people of LIBERIA and beyond.
    Stay blessed


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