Shooting at EBK Barrack Instills Fear in Locals


-Eyewitness accounts

Credible information gathered by the Daily Observer said a shooting incident, which was reported early Wednesday, October 30, 2019, at the Edward Beyan Kesselly (EKB) Military Barracks in Margibi County, was led by Sergeant Flomo Kollie, who was said to have been “dissatisfied.”

Eyewitnesses said the shooting was a result of dissatisfaction and low morale among military personnel at the EBK barracks, who are believed to be suffering due to a bad working environment. “The soldiers were seeking for improved working condition,” one of the sources said.

The shooting, according to eyewitnesses, came about when Sergeant Flomo “indiscriminately opened fire inside the Barrack, though no one was injured during the incident.”

The alleged shooting took place in the office of Brigade Commander Colonel Theophilus Dana. The shooting, which reports claimed happened between 10 and 11 a.m., ended when a standby force, comprising a handful of soldiers, apprehended Sergeant Flomo.

According to eyewitness, the incident instilled fear in the minds of residents in the area, who became so traumatized that they started running for their lives as soldiers took to their respective “battlefront positions.”

The incident also led to a temporary closure of the road leading to the Roberts International Airport (RIA).

But Assistant Defense Minister for Public Affairs, Sam Collins, said Liberians should not panic because reports of shooting have no news value.

“In fact, I have no idea about any shooting in the barracks,” Mr. Collins said and hung up his mobile phone.


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