Shoniyin Urges Youths’ to Make Use of Talents, Opportunities

Minister Elias Shoniyin (in coat suit) views some of the students' handiworks, including the Chinese commode.

-Calls for more capacity building

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Elias Shoniyin is urging many of the young people, who fail to make efforts in seeking opportunities, to taking advantage of their talents and make a meaningful life for themselves.

Shoniyin spoke at the appreciation by the Covenant Vocational and Technical Training Institute (CVTTI) on Monday, April 29, 2019 in Paynesville, for his contribution to youth education through that institution.

According to him, it is time the young people take advantage of the limited opportunities and receive capacity-building for their own benefit and the benefit of their country.

“I am honored for your selection of me to be honored for what I have contributed to the lives of our young people. Thank you so much. I am humbled by your noble deed,” Shoniyin said.

He said capacity building is the most sustainable way to rescue the youth from the cycle of handout dependency on people in society.

“If our youth are to be self-reliant, investment in formal education, as well as technical and vocational training is the surest way to save the future of the country’s youthful population,” Shoniyin said.

According to him, pillar one of President George Weah’s Pro-poor Agenda for Development and Prosperity (PAPD), which highlights “power to the people” can also be aligned with capacity development of the country’s population, especially its youth.

“I am not complacent with thinking that I have done so much for any one of you here. I feel that a lot more has to be done should we, collectively, realize that glorious nation we yearn for every day. It is an honor for anyone to give back to the community, and I am happy that I have become one of the privileged individuals, who look back and do something for something for someone so much in need,” he said, as his audience applauded him.

Minister Shoniyin, who currently runs his personal foundation, was appreciated by the vocational and technical institution for sponsoring 12 students that are currently enrolled in the school.

The head of the institution, Thomas Dennis, thanked Minister Shoniyin for being the first government official in the history of his institution to sponsor students.

Mr. Dennis said Shoniyin’s intervention has brought hope to the students, who have been finding it difficult to pay their fees for the training.

The CVTTI trains youth and adults in electrical engineering, house wiring, plumbing, light duty mechanic, carpentry and masonry, among several other vocational skills.


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