Shifting the Political Rhetoric

Senatorial aspirant for Margibi County, Rev. Alexander Collins

— Senatorial aspirant takes transparency and accountability to voters

All through in Liberian politics, people seeking elective offices have campaigned on promises to build infrastructures and provide jobs and educational opportunities for electorates when elected.  In Liberia, where more than half of the population is impoverished by inequality perpetuated by elites controlling the affairs of the state, voters are enticed with such political rhetoric. And though many have voted, expecting the fulfillment of such promises, sadly many of such promises go unfulfilled.  As the senatorial election in December fast approaches, and as politicians dish out rice, money and ‘hail Mary’ promises, one aspirant aims to shift the discourse by providing a roadmap to greater transparency and accountability, a political approach through which Montserrado County Senator Darius Dillon has gained his popularity.

Margibi County Senatorial aspirant, Rev.  Alexander Collins in this regard, has said he would push for electronic voting in the Senate to properly reflect voting records of members and promote parliamentary accountability if elected.

Rev. Collins, who is running as an independent candidate, said his decision is predicated on the fact that the business of the Liberia Senate has been conducted in secret—leaving Liberians with limited information about the inner workings of the Senate.

“Accountability and transparency are important aspects of governance—so when I am elected, I am going to focus on making sure that the business of the Senate is conducted through electronic voting so that each Senator’s vote on national issues is made public.

“The essence of this electronic voting is to ensure that electorates have easy access to the voting records of their Senators in order to be held accountable on issues they voted for or against,” said Rev. Collins.

At the moment, voting in the Senate is done via the “yea and nay” voting paradigm. The result, Rev. Collins argued, has led to Senators lying to their constituents since they (constituents) do not know the Senators’ position on key issues.

According to Rev. Collins, electronic voting does not only breed accountability but also promotes the ability of the electorate to acquire information about their Senators’ decision on national issues. 

“Absolute transparency is also essential to preserve the credibility of the Senate and to eliminate confusion, doubt, and suspicion among the public about the workings of the Senate. While in the Senate, I will write bills and vote for bills that will put Liberia and Liberians first. Apart from pushing for electronic voting, I will make my votes on issues in the Senate public.  The goal is to encourage accountability and transparency on how the Liberian Senate conducts business. I will also set up a functional website where Margibians can follow my work in the Senate,” Rev. Collins said.

Meanwhile, Rev. Collins has promised to give 35% of his total salary every month back to the county to be managed and invested by a transparent county development team reflecting all five districts.

“I will avoid taking county sitting fees for any county sitting and will make reports and solicit feedback from county stakeholders at least two times a year. Also, I will appoint a Diaspora Constituent Service Director to effectively engage Margibians and friends of Margibi in the Diaspora,” Rev. Collins said. 

As part of the transparency, Rev. Collins added that his office staff will comprise individuals from all five districts of Margibi County and will hire two Constituent Services Directors for both lower and upper Margibi.

“When elected, I am also going to push a bill for a national food sufficiency program through increased support for subsistence farmers, subsidize commercial farmers and advocate for government officials to engage in real and verifiable commercial farming.” 

“Also, I will establish the New Horizons Resource life transformation program to help disadvantaged youth and adults to think for a change, find meaning and purpose in life and to become contributing citizens to society,” he said.


  1. If I were voting in Margibi, I wouldn’t have voted for you.
    What I see here is rhetoric as usual; you have not said anything concrete that you can improve.
    Do you know how much it would cost you to have an electronic voting machine in both houses?
    Giving out 35% of your emolument, what can it do for a county? I know Liberians will say “one is better than zero”, true but we want sustainable development in Liberia.

    Reverend politician, promise to upgrade BWI when voted, promise to bring investors to Margibi.
    You see the money the Liberian people pay lawmakers, it’s to enable them freely think and work in the interests of their constituents and the country.
    Go out to Europe or the USA and bring home Liberian or foreign investors in your counties, provide them security and safety and make your county business friendly.
    You get the money, use it to kill the same people who voted you. Why use your money as a weapon against those who give you the money? I hope our lawmakers can learn to use their money as a tool to build our economy.

    Another shepherd abandoning his flock!

  2. Petarus Dolo,

    You are so demonic and Spiritually DEAD. Anytime a Pastor or servant of God decides to work and serve outside the church, you release your stink demonic odor. If you attend a church or a member of a church in your self imposed exile country of Ivory Coast, I can only imagine your foul spirit that Pastor have to deal with on a regular basis.

    You have a problem with the President of the University of Liberia, who happens to be a relative of mine because he’s a Pastor. Ignorant of the fact that he’s been in the Education business for more than 25 years as a Professor. Dean of Students and Vice President for Students Affairs for 12 years at the University of Liberia. He also taught and was Dean at the Gbarnga School of Theology.

    You have a problem with the Bishop who heads the RIA. Ignorant of the fact that this Bishop was a Manger for the Airport Authority before his appointment to head RIA.

    Rev. Collins is a man of integrity. He’s very qualify, worked for the Liberian community in Minnesota and Headed the Liberian Ministers Association in Minnesota.

    Rev. Collins was very instrumental in connecting Margibi County with cities in America for Education and Developmental purposes.

    I’m not a member of his Church but the current Pastor of his Church and myself have the same barber and was just together few days ago.
    So your political nonsense about Rev. Collins abandoning his flock is just another stupid lie from you Petarus Dolo.

    Petarus Dolo, You never held a job in Liberia and he not attempting to serve either. Your contribution to Liberia is to come on here everyday and say shit about those that have the courage to serve. Because you are a Demon, You support a FAGGOT to be President of Liberia.

    • Mr. Aaron Doe Nelson Sr. Minneapolis USA, as far as Petarus Dolo is concerned if an official of government is not a gay or a homosexual, that person is not qualified to work in any of the branches of government or in institutions of higher learning in Liberia. This is why you see him breathlessly killing himself around here that that HOMOSEXUAL OR AS SOME REFERRED TO HIM BUTT BOY ALEX CUMMINGS has all of the solutions to any problem, not only Liberia, but any other country may have..

      • Tell me about it Freedom To Be Blunt. This guy Petarus Dolo, from all indications is willing to give his offspring ( if he’s capable of making one) to Cummings for you know what. I need not to repeat, the cat is already out of the bag.

        If you noticed, it is always the ones that never work in government, supervise any agency, taught in any school or served on any board that have all the answers to Liberia’s 175 years old problems.

  3. After 14 years of fratricide with exhibitions of the most demonic or satanic practices through pacts with human blood and parts, the best service any Liberian can render to his country is SPIRITUAL.
    Looking at things unfold in present day Liberia, there are no logical or scientific or orthodox explanations to many of them.
    As a devout Christian, I STRONGLY BELIEVE the root cause/s is spiritual, and so we need the best of our educated, trained, highly spirited women and men of God in our hamlets, villages, towns and cities to neutralize diabolic prowess and transform it to heroism, carry out spiritual cleansing in occult places to become touristic sites, and heal the wounds of people gravely inflicted with bitterness and pains from the carnage.

    In history, we read about this ultimate service of such people (called chaplains) to their nations during civil and conventional wars in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Those chaplains were in battle with soldiers, followed up on many war victims to make them better citizens in many societies in which we find refuge nowadays.

    Why will our clergywomen and men, with huge responsibilities in postwar Liberia, quickly endeavor to abandon their flock for administrative or political jobs?
    They are Liberians and so they have the right to serve in those capacities. If they can develop such ambition, they should get the required education before venturing into those areas.

    There is a saying which goes like this: “When you educate a woman, you educate a nation but when you educate a man, you educate a person.”
    In the same way, when you have a good shepherd looking after hundreds or thousands of flocks, you produce good citizens for the society.
    If all our seasoned preacher women and men can take up job in administration and politics, who is going to talk Liberians out of cannibalism, human sacrifices for political positions, adultery, covetousness of neighbors’ goods and property, etc.?

    If I had problems with women and men of God, I wouldn’t have professed Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I am spiritually nurtured my women and men of God daily.

    To those who foolishly attack decent Liberians who, altruistically, have decided to let go their privileges and luxurious life to the service of their fellow countrymen, I am not begging you but admonishing you to desist. You are recognizable and traceable. You or your children may need the people you vilipend to climb the next ladder of your life.
    OBAMA was and is still a staunch supporter of the LBTGQ community. He even worked with many of them in administration, the army and as secret services yet no one can say President OBAMA is gay.
    We witnessed open support and rants on social media from the Liberian LGBTQ community to Weah when he was running to become president, I will NEVER call Weah a gay because he’s never professed such life.

    Stop your vain attacks on Cummings; this is no politics! Let’s do politics and leave the arena of stupidity!

    Peace unto all troubled souls!

  4. Mr. Dolo, these commenters attacking you and Alexander Benedict Cummings Jr. are not attacking you people on spiritual matters nor even on political issues. They are telling you and Alexander Benedict Cummings Jr. that you have suggested that GAY LIFESTYLE should be a way of life for Liberia, because Alexander Cummings, according to those who long knew him and those of his peers today say IT IWAS HIS BUTT HE ALEXANDER CUMMINGS USED TO REACH TO THE POSITION OF MANAGER AT COCA COLA FACTORY.

    Your response seems to be telling your audience that what made Alexander Cummings A FAGGOT as one commenter just labeled Alexander Cummings was “the 14 years war of demonic or satanic practices through pacts with human blood and parts“ that made Alexander Benedict Cummings a notorious GAY, if we may again use the description put forth here by Cllr. Frederick A.B. Jayweh about Cummings. You are saying “the best service any Liberian can render to his country is SPIRITUAL“.Is Alexander Cummings been A FAGGOT or as some refer to him a BUTT BOY what you believe is “SPIRITUAL SERVICES“?

    If you know spiritual services are what Liberia needs, then why you have not advised Alexander Cummings to do spiritual works instead of been in politics? Is it because he Cummings is A FAGGOT, GAY RAPISTS OR A BUTT BOY?


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