Shifting The Argument?


Prosecution now claims Rep. Kolubah used his medical excuse from court to promote ‘Weah Step-down Campaign’

Criminal Court ‘A,’ at the Temple of Justice in Monrovia was on Monday, December 16 a dramatic scene when prosecution lawyers shifted their argument against Representative Yekeh Kolubah from Aggravated Assault to the merit of the defendant’s medical excuse which, prosecution claimed, was a propaganda trip aimed at promoting the President George Weah “Step-down campaign.”

The government recently charged Rep. Kolubah and 20 others with multiple crimes that include criminal attempt to commit murder, kidnapping, criminal solicitation and criminal facilitation based on allegations that he ordered the flogging of one Emmanuel Freeman, believed to be a resident of Gaye Town, Old Road, where Kolubah also resides.

Yesterday’s drama ensued when government’s lawyers asked the court to hold the lawmaker in contempt on accusation that he held a press conference upon his return from medical trip where he claimed that he met some African leaders with the intent of soliciting support for the December 30, 2019 protest, the “The step-down” campaign against President George Weah.

Prosecution also argued that the conduct of Rep. Kolubah is not only contemptuous, but he went contrary to the true intent of his excuse by the court to seek medical attention in Ghana by holding meetings with African leaders.

Later, the prosecution requested Kolubah to produce his medical records from the hospital he had attended in Ghana.

And, it would also enable the government to conduct an investigation as to whether or not Kolubah actually received medical treatment.

They argued that the permission was an opportunity by the government for Rep. Kolubah to seek medical attention in Ghana, but with his press conference confessing that he held meetings with some African leaders is a deceit that warrants contempt.

However, Judge Roosevelt Z. Willie, addressing himself to the prosecution’s request, said that  Rep. Kolubah’s press conference wherein he spoke of meeting some African leaders for the December protest was not before the court.

“What is before this court is the various offenses that are contained in the indictment and for which Rep. Kolubah is present for the state to prove,” Judge Willie reminded the government lawyers.

Furthermore,  Willie said he cannot deny or admit that Kolubah during his alleged press conference had series of discussion with African leaders about the December 30 protest.

“This court says those allegations are not before it and cannot delve into it.”

Before that, Kolubah’s legal team said their client was in line with all of the restrictions placed by the court.

“Kolubah has his constitutional right to talk with anyone as he wishes and not restricted from talking with anyone that includes African leaders during his medical trip to Ghana,” the defense team argued.

They added that as far as they are concerned, Kolubah, whether or not he held press conference, abided by every provision under the medical trip, “one of which is when he goes to Ghana, he should come back within two weeks and report to the sheriff of the court, which he did,” the defense team contended.


  1. What the prosecution is indulging in is real raw subterfuge in an attempt to shutdown dissent from this opposition firebrand. The search for further charges to bolster whatever trumped-up alleged crimes illustrates the pervasive rot that permeates the judiciary in particular and GOL in general.


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