Shannon: “I am most the Qualified, Poised to Win”

Presidential aspirant Musa Shannon" I will win with over 20 votes."

One of the eligible presidential candidates in the 2018 election of the Liberia Football Association (LFA), Musa Shannon, believes he is the most qualified and is confident that he would win.

The 42-year-old aspirant said during the April 14 election, he will earn at least 20 out of the 34 votes.

The two-terms vice president of the LFA said his faith lies in the affiliating members of the LFA and female clubs, comprising 13 votes.

He told the Daily Observer in an exclusive interview that the remaining 7 votes will be accrued from the 1st and 2nd division clubs.

The former football striker said he is the only candidate who played the game on the professional and international level, and worked in the administration of the game and earned a business degree.

He indicated that even though he is the most qualified and he is confident of winning, he still worries about the other contenders.

He described George Solo as a ‘newbie’ in football but called Mustapha Raji as one of the frontrunners.

“And because l am worried, l will continue to campaign up to the deadline of the campaign. And I am sure that l will with over 20 votes,” Shannon said.

“I am the future of Liberian football and I have the vision and with the experience at the helm of the football in the country, the completion of Liberian football under construction will be completed,” Shannon said.

As part of his 100-day’s deliverable, when elected, Shannon said: “I will institute a financial fair play in the LFA secretariat with a staff of 58 persons.”
“I will look into the secretariat and get a number, which I can work with and pay them in time,” Shannon said.

“And at the beginning of my administration, my ultimate goal for the country is to qualify in Youth Competitions then the African Cup of Nations and the World Cup.”

Shannon played professionally in the United States, Portugal, and China. He also played for the Lone Star, scoring 1 goal in 12 appearances between 2000 and 2001 and gave over 10 assists. In 2008, Shannon was named as the President of FC AK-Liberia. In 2010, Shannon was elected for the first time as vice president for Administration.


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