Shaki Kamara’s Body Returned in Ruins

Shaki buried.jpg

Sixteen-year-old Shaki Kamara, who sustained fatal injuries during the West Point rioting on August 20, was laid to rest over the weekend, his family told the Daily Observer.

The Kamara family said Shaki died as a result of losing blood after being shot in both of his legs with live ammunition by the AFL.

According to Shaki’s uncle, his nephew’s body was ruined. “We didn’t touch it at all. His body was swollen and the leg that was shot was really bad off,” he added.

The teenager, who was a Muslim, was buried in the Old Road Community Muslim cemetery by male relatives.

“After days of pleading with the government to give us his body, they did; so we buried our son. We don’t know why they really took his body, but they gave us his body back in the same condition it was in when it left the hospital, but bloated. We couldn’t even touch it at all,” Shaki’s uncle disclosed.

Shaki was still alive at the time of his admission at the Redemption hospital on August 20. His corpse, however, was seen being whisked away by heavily armed security accompanying the Deputy Defense Minister for Operations, St. Jerome Larbelee, on August 22.

According to Shaki’s sister, Evon Kamara, who said she was unaware of the removal of his body, the government was given the authority over his body by their mother.

“She never informed us, but later told us that the commissioner of West Point was mediating between the government and family,” she said.

Shaki’s grandmother Mrs. Eva Kamara, has confirmed to the Observer that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf visited the family in West Point and openly apologized for the boy’s death.

“She told us sorry but didn’t give us anything. Ma Ellen said that she will get back to us later though, but that’s all,” added the sad grandmother.

According to Shaki’s grandmother, the late Shaki was everything to her, and that he is being greatly missed.

“That boy was my everything. He washed for me, cleaned, cooked and helped me with my cold water and soft drinks that I sell. I’m hurt that Shaki is gone away from me.”


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