SGBV, FGM Liberian Budget Pricks EU, UN Women’s Attention

Madam Nizigama: "CSOs should analyze the national budget to be reflective of gender needs."

Liberia, with funding from European Union (EU), has embarked on a campaign for the government through the annual national budgets, to prioritize the tackling of gender-responsive problems, including sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV), harmful traditional practices and domestic violence.

The campaign formally began with the first training of 40 civil society actors from the 17 electoral districts in Montserrado County.

On Friday, November 22, at the end of a four-day Gender Responsive Planning, Budgeting and Monitoring Training with 40 civil society organizations (CSOs) in Monrovia, UN Women Country Representative, Madam Marie Goreth Nizigama, said gender-responsive budgeting is a part of a global program which aims to strengthen rights initiatives and ending sexual-based violence and harmful traditional practices.

“….we want to end all sorts of sexual-based violence and harmful traditional practices in Liberia, because there are many reports of sexual-based violence and harmful traditional practices (including the FGM),” Madam Goreth said.

Madam Goreth Nigizama said: “For this program we want to end all sort sexual based violence and harmful traditional practices in Liberia.”

She expressed optimism that gender-responsive budget will help to strengthen the fight against ‘gender and societal ills.’

Nizigama said UN Women’s partnership with the Institute for Research and Democratic Development (IREDD) is a hallmark in ensuring that the capacities of social actors are developed for proper policy planning, to ensure that the CSOs work with the government to consider [inclusive] gender issues in the formulation of the national budget.

She underscored the importance of CSOs which, she said, is vital to ensure that the national budget is more gender-responsive.

Madam Nizigama said CSOs should also be able to analyze the national budget in making sure that it is reflective of gender needs.

“This is the first of many training opportunities we have organized; this training is helpful to address the hindrances of gender, most specifically how the national budget can address some of the hindrances,” she added.

The campaign to prioritize the tackling of gender-responsive problems, such as SGBV in Liberia, formally began with the first training of 40 civil society actors from the 17 electoral districts in Montserrado County.

It all started on Tuesday, November 19, when IREDD, in collaboration with UN Women, trained 40 civil society actors in the understanding of the national budget, specifically in the gender-responsive arena.

IREDD Country Director, Harold Aidoo, said the project brought together CSOs from the 17 electoral districts of Montserrado County to build their capacities, with emphasis on the national budget reflective of gender needs.

Aidoo said that strengthening the capacity of CSOs and women’s rights institutions on gender response planning and budgeting will help address many of the difficulties faced in order to meet the needs of women and their male counterparts.

He stressed the need to think outside the box, to be more practical in crafting a national budget that will be gender-responsive.


  1. FGM and SGBV are the same. FGM can be stop but SGBV can be reduced.
    Liberia must take the courage to stop FGM for the sick of out female and unborn ones. Even in America, Europe SGBV is going on but on a reduce level.
    To join the rest of the world and help save the he privacy of these Liberian female, we must stop FGM now please, I beg all Liberian senators, Rep. And Traditional Leaders to put a final end to this act against woman. This call is not because of America or Europe say or the white man say but for the sick of not putting pain or extrading parts from our females in the name of tradition, it’s not because our people in the pass did FGM so we must do them in our days.
    I am praying everyday to see FGM come to an end. And it will by God’s help.
    May God bless Liberia and save our beautiful Liberian woman or girls. Amen


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