Sex Worker’s Alleged Killer Arrested, Sent to Court, Imprisoned


    A 30 year old man, who allegedly beat to death a woman believed to be a sex worker over a LD $1,500 payment, has been forwarded to the Monrovia City Court for prosecution.

    Defendant Morris Jarbo was charged with murder by the Liberia National Police (LNP) after he was arrested on October 10 in Grand Cape Mount County.

    The incident happened on September 23, in the Shoe Factory Community, Gardnersville outside of Monrovia, according to police.

    Police are yet to establish the identity of the victim.

    At yesterday’s hearing, Magistrate Kennedy Peabody ordered defendant Jarbo’s detention at the Monrovia Central Prison to await his murder trial.

    The crime of murder is a non-bailable offense under the Liberian law.

      It all started when the defendant contracted the victim to spend the night with him at his Shoe Factory community house for the amount of LD$1,500.  The victim accepted and went along with the defendant to his house, police said during the investigation.

    But Jarbo, according to police, refused to pay the victim the agreed amount of LD$1,500, which caused an altercation (dispute) between them.

    During the tussle defendant Jarbo allegedly took an object and struck the victim in the head causing her to bleed profusely.

    When Jarbo realized that the sex worker was unconscious, he quickly dragged her from his room to the main road in the community.

    He then went back into his room and wiped the victim’s blood off his floor, police further explained.

    According to the police, Jarbo also took his victim’s blood stained clothes and the bed sheet and dumped them in a nearby swamp.

    In his attempt to destroy all evidence of the incident from his room, he also washed the victim’s blood off his mattress, according to police.

    After Jarbo noticed that he had been spotted by a daughter of his landlord identified as Rikki Collins, he quickly opened the back door of the house and fled.

    Fortunately, police said, defendant Jarbo was identified by some marketers in the King-Joy Garwula District in Grand Cape Mount County, where he was picked up by officers of the LNP, on October 10.      


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