‘Sex Video’ Man Jailed

Former assistant director at MFDP, Mohammed Sambolah, covering his face as he is being led to jail.

The assistant director at the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP) accused of recording and subsequently exposing a ‘sex video’ of a female (name withheld) was yesterday arrested and detained at the Monrovia Central Prison.

Mohammed Sambola, also a lecturer at the state-run University of Liberia (UL), was imprisoned by the Monrovia City Court for his inability to secure a bail to prevent him from going to jail because the crimes he is charged with qualified him for a bond.

Charges levied against Sambola included disseminating obscene material and terrorist threat.

The incident occurred on June 26 of this year when Sambolah allegedly escaped from prosecution when he was sought for committing the act.

The video only showed Sambola allegedly encouraging his female partner (face up) to do the recording while in the midst of the act.

The sex tape was posted on a social media chat room administered by some members of the ruling Unity Party (UP).

The Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection, when the tape became public, claimed that their preliminary investigation gathered that the recording was done a long time before it was posted, though it did not disclose the time, claiming, “It was released recently when the two reportedly engaged in a misunderstanding.”

Court documents alleged that Sambola’s action violates section 13.7 of the Penal Law of the country.

The record also alleged that the video recording showed the lady performing fellatio (oral sex) on defendant Sambola, with said material appearing on Facebook social media platform.

The record claimed that Sambola’s action put his female friend at the risk of exposure, which infringed on her privacy, as the defendant threatened to harm her.
The case continues.


  1. I bet you his acts do not stop here. He probably been demanding sex from his students for grades. Although I do not see who could ever sleep with a man who is so unattractive,

  2. This is not the photo of Mohammed Sambola.it is the photo of a GAC employee called Abdullah Sambola. P!ease correct that. Secondly, Mohammed Sambola is not an Assistant Minister. I think he is an Assistant Director. Please correct that also


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