Severe Flooding Overwhelms Johnsonville

For some residents, the only alternative to commercial motorcycle transport in the flooded area is to wade (on foot) through the water.

Commuter, vehicular traffic halted

Torrential rains which caused the Johnsonville/Pipeline road in Paynesville, outside Monrovia so deplorable  yesterday has overwhelmed the residents, thus making travel to the community one of nightmare.

The situation came about barely a week into the heavy rains this year, when the residents of Pipeline and Johnsonville yesterday began to experience heavy flooding in their area as flood waters entered every building in the New Israel Community and other communities beyond the Kpelle Town Junction onward to Uptown. Now that the heavy rains have commenced, cars, motorcycles and pedestrians will have to face the prospects of traveling along routes  submerged in floodwaters.

“It was swooping in,” said a female resident only identified as Linda, talking about the rain and bad roads and the flash-floods that ensued. “It was like it just ran in,” she said shortly after the rain briefly subsided yesterday.

A resident, Fedesco Luogon, whose house is in Logan Town, suffered the worst of the flood as his entire house has been submerged.

Luogon is not the only one who is so severely affected by the heavy rains. Other nearby residents also complained of the floodwaters that poured into their homes, something which they claim is  virtually an annual occurence.

As the result of the severe flooding in the area, several motorbikes plying the route were yesterday overcharging their passengers (L$100 to L$150, because commercial buses plying the route as of yesterday stopped commuting due to the bad condition of the road.

One of the drivers, Junior Harris, told the Daily Observer that the road has become so flooded that if no intervention is forthcoming to remedy the situation before the rainy season reaches its peak, they would stop plying the route.

Residents trek due to lack of vehicle to transport them. By then the floodwater had covered the entire road.

As of yesterday morning, several homes were under water to the extent that, “we were trying to get the family out of the home,” a community head, T. Emmanuel Cole said about his submerged house.

According to Mr. Cole, since the heavy rains started about two weeks ago, residents along the route have experienced flooding because of the deplorable condition of the road.

Some of the worst affected communities are the New Israel, Lorma Quarter, Cook Spoon Hill near Whein Town as well as the community connecting Logan Town with Kpelle Town (New Life Community) Junction. Many of the residents have lived in the Whein Town and neighboring communities near Johnsonville for 20 years. They and their families are now stuck, thinking about what is standing between them and their water-filled homes.

As the situation stands, Mr. Luogon and several other residents need a ‘boat’ to go to their respective homes. The two weeks up to yesterday, “in all reality, it’s been a nightmare, which no one seems to be able to wake-up from as residents continued battling the rising water up to noon,” Mr. Luogon said.

“Floods happen, but I have never had floodwater come up so far that I have had to leave my house, and I have never had floodwater come this early except this year,” one affected female lamented. She remembers going to bed on Saturday night with no water around her house, but woke up yesterday seeing water everywhere. “It’s heartbreaking. Then, when you look around and the news, no one is here. I know everyone has the same problems we are going through,” she told our reporter with tears rolling down her cheeks.



    While the people of Johnsonville and other rural communities around the Globe suffer the carnage of flooding , deadly storms, uncontrolled bush fires advancing seas, etc., the climate denials sit at the top of the world industrialized nations, lining their pockets with bribes from the fossil fuel industries, blocking any propose legislations that will reduce the emitting of green house gasses. They are profiting from the invention of science, and yet are in denial of some of its outcome theorems that are flagging the IDEA of GLOBAL WARMING. One wonder, what sort of lives do these people, and their band of cliques live? The fossil fuel industry know very well that, the increase in green house gases, trigger a warmer ozone layer of the atmosphere, which lead to high humidity and eventually increase in precipitations (condensation in the atmosphere). However; as humanity suffers, they look the other way.

    The worst of it all, they are not victim to any of the negative results. They buy politicians and other political representatives of various government and non-governmental agencies around the globe to push their agendas.

    The People of Johnsonville and other poor, rural communities around the world are paying a higher price for a ‘CRIME’, they are not committing. The big fossil fuel giants, the coal magnets, along with other giants industrial plants around the world should recognized the plights of humanity.

    We are all living in a global village, the decision made by someone in New Zealand, can affect a person in ToToTa, Bong County Liberia. Even though the both are more than a world apart.

  2. In Liberia, people are so dumb they build on wetlands and in flood zones. As soon as dry season comes, more idiots will build on more wetland and in flood zones. The government can’t stop them so be it…


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