Several UL Students’ Fate in Limbo


The academic advancement of an unspecified number of students attending the state-owned University of Liberia is being jeopardized this semester as records that should justify their statuses as legitimate students are yet to be printed.

On Tuesday, November 10, at the UL Fendall campus, many of the students were heard complaining that since they submitted their planning sheets for registration to get the pink sheet listing the courses they intend to study this semester, they are yet to receive their pink sheets.

“This means that registration has not ended yet as mid-term exam is at hand,” two of the students were heard complaining to their colleagues.

The pink sheet lists courses, the amount of money for each course, time and days to attend classes. Also, in the absence of the pink sheet, the UL Business and Finance Office (BFO) cannot bill students to pay any fee.

This final planning sheet (pink sheet) is printed by the UL Electronic Data Processing (EDP) Department.

A student without this pink sheet does not have a reliable outcome in the university, and it leads the person to forfeit receiving a grade sheet for the semester.

The UL Administration has meanwhile set aside November 24 as the date for students to commence writing the mid-term exam. Many students who are yet to obtain their pink sheets are complaining. They are also worried that the delay by the UL Administration to give out their pink sheets may affect their academic results.

The students, most of whom are studying sociology, usually converge at the entrance of the new Chinese constructed academic building to hear the names of those whose pink sheets are being printed out.

“Since I put in my planning sheet to get the pink sheet out, EDP is yet to print the sheet out. How will the semester be with me if I do not know the amount of money I am supposed to pay, and whether all the courses I plan to take are registered in the system?” a male student was heard complaining.

Unlike past registrations when the administration allowed registered students to take their planning sheets to the EDP and directly get their pink sheets to carry for billing, planning sheets are now collected by departments and taken for processing.

Departmental staffers then collect the pink sheets for students, distribute them and students take them for billing to the Business and Finance Office (BFO), students said.

Efforts to get a reaction from EDP proved futile because they are not authorized to speak to the media.

Accordingly, administration has devised a strategy to avoid students rushing to EDP during which time bribes are reportedly offered by students to staffers to process their documents, a student said.

This led a student to reflect on the days of former Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, Dr. Wede Elliot-Brownell.

“When the woman was here, we used to get our pink sheets within minutes and pay our fees the same day. But some people in this university just set the woman up against the students to the point that students drove her from here,” said a Mass Communication student.

Meanwhile, classes were disrupted on the Fendall campus on Monday, November 9 when supporters of expelled student, Alvin Wesseh demonstrated calling for his reinstatement; and called for the resignation of the Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Julius S. Nelson.


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