Several Rural Roads in Deplorable State Nationwide

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With no substantive utterances from the dormant Public Works Ministry for the past eighteen months, several reports gathered from the rural parts of the country show that most roads are in deplorable conditions.

Almost all of the MPW officials have not come forward to throw light on short, medium and long range plans to rehabilitate primary, secondary and feeder roads throughout the country.

As a strict policy of the Minister proper of the MPW, Dr. Antoinette Weeks, the Communications and Publication Department, is not clothed with the authority to provide the relevant information regarding the nation’s road network.

The many complaints coming from rural Liberia, especially farmers and businesspeople, continue to fall on deaf ears of the MPW officials.

But the current Minister of Finance and Development Planning Amara Konneh, did issue one statement, that owing to the Ebola plague, a hold had been placed on all road projects.

Principally, even conveyance of critically needed goods, services and medical materials have been an uphill battle due to the deplorable conditions of many roads in rural Liberia.

It has been gathered that even the conveyance of critically needed Ebola virus and other vital medical supplies to rural health facilities has been a complete nightmare in most parts of the country.

The road networks in the capital, Monrovia, have not been spared. Many are in very deplorable conditions that continue to pose serious threats to commuters and commercial and private vehicles.

Many of the main avenues in the Sinkor and other parts continue to depreciate rapidly to the detriment of the hundreds of commercial and private cars.

Primary, private and commercial car owners have added their voices to the unpleasant sentiments about the road conditions.

Recently, a Western diplomat remarked that Monrovia’s avenue and other neighborhood roads needed short, medium and long-term rehabilitation and reconstruction in order to ensure some smooth movement of goods and services.

“It would actually be an honorable gesture if the Liberian Government could place on its national agenda to prioritize the rehabilitation and reconstruction of avenue and neighborhood roads in Monrovia,” the diplomat stressed.

In exclusive interviews, some Monrovia residents and businesspeople called on the Public Works Ministry to wake up and pay attention to the rehabilitation and reconstruction of Monrovia’s avenues and neighborhood roads.

Resident Robert B. Thomas, 40, of Cheeseman Avenue told the Daily Observer Monday that the Liberian Government should in the upcoming Dry Season rehabilitate some of Monrovia’s streets and avenues.

“My brother, even most of our drainages are in very deplorable conditions and need urgent rehabilitation and reconstruction by the Ministry of Public Works during this Dry Season in our city,” Mr. Thomas asserted.

Businessman Lawrence M. Jallah, 48, importer of computer accessories, called on the MPW executives to critically consider the rehabilitation and reconstruction of Monrovia’s deplorable avenues and neighborhood roads.

“I think the MPW leaders should do away with the extensive planning and embark on concrete projects that Liberians and their development partners can see and appreciate,” Mr. Jallah emphasized.


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