Several Projects Stalled in River Gee County

Partial view of Fish Town

Citizens want speedy implementation

Citizens of River Gee County have appealed to the government of President George Weah to complete several stalled projects under the previous administration of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

In a recent radio talk show held on Radio Gee in the provincial City of Fish Town, the citizens also want the past leadership to explain to them why the projects stalled.

Among the projects are the Executive Guest House, the pavement of the main street in Fish Town, the Administrative District’s compound in the Tienpo District, among others.

According to the talk show, the citizens in a County Council Sitting in the 2010/2011 budget year allotted US$110,000 for the construction of a modern 10 bedroom guest house to host senior government officials and diplomats.

In 2013, the proposal for the construction of the Executive Guest House was amended and the budget was increased to US$200,000 to include a 10 bedroom house (with bathrooms) and a two suite presidential compartment, as well as a conference center with a capacity of about 200 persons.

Partial view of incomplete executive guest house

It was alleged that the leadership continued to increase the budget until it went up to about US$400,000, but the guest house is yet to be completed and there is no explanation about why the project stalled.

“We are calling on the government to ensure that our incomplete projects are completed and also make the outgoing leaders tell us why the projects were not completed,” said one of the callers, identified as Geleplay.

In the same development, allotments for the construction or opening of the main streets in Fish Town, since 2016, were left undone.

Concerns of another incomplete project in Tienpo District was raised and the citizens want to know what happened.

Also, delays in the completion of several other projects in the county also raised an eyebrow among the citizens and they really want the past leadership to account for caused the delay.

When contacted via mobile phone on Feb. 19, River Gee County Caucus Chair, Senator Matthew Jaye, said he was at a hearing and therefore could not comment on the issues raised by the citizens.

River Gee was declared a county in 2000 under the regime of former President Charles G. Taylor, with Fish Town as its capital. It is predominantly ethnic Grebos. Bordered by Grand Gedeh, Sinoe, Grand Kru and Maryland counties respectively, he River Gee also has one of Liberia’s richest gold deposits.

The provincial city, Fish Town is underdeveloped and most of its alleys are yet to be opened to be able to increase socio-economic growth.

The county lacks a modern guest house or hotel that could cater to foreign guests. It is reported that while touring the county during her administration, former President Ellen Sirleaf frowned on the county’s lawmakers and stakeholders over their failure to develop the county.


  1. You have a corrupt so-called progressive, Commany Wisseh, who is now soaked in riches and enormous power and have forgotten about all of the promises he and his fellow progressives made to their people.
    I guess he’s satisfied with the level of development leaving the lying dog to lie.

    What a shame and a paradox of fortune.


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