Immigration Officers Arrest 3 In Gbarpolu County

The VRC cards in question

Valid Liberian VR Cards found in their possession

Officers of the Protective and Internal Security Division of the Liberia Immigration Service (LIS) assigned in Gbarpolu County (western Liberia) have arrested three persons for “illegally possessing pieces of valid Liberian (2017) voter registration cards (VRC).”

Those arrested, according to LIS in the county, are being interrogated and will be subsequently forwarded to central administration for prosecution. The arrests  come barely a week after the National Elections Commission (NEC) declared campaign officially opened for the October 10 presidential and legislative elections.

The two male and a female are identified as Shirleaf Ansu, a Sierra Leonean, who LIS agents arrested in possession of a VRC bearing the numbers 725876877- code center 45042; Passaway Nancy, 39, another Sierra Leonean, with VRC that bears the numbers 730237977 – code center number 45015; and Kanneh Mohamed, 28, a Guinean national, who had VRC numbers 725896867 – code center number 45018.

The LIS agents told the Daily Observer that the arrested men will be thoroughly investigated and forwarded to court for prosecution before the  October elections.

The authority said if the suspects are investigated and found to be legally residing in the country, “they will be free to go about their normal business,” adding, “but if on the contrary, we will prosecute and deport them to their respective countries of origin.”

An agent of the Protective and Internal Security Division in the county, who spoke to the Daily Daily Observer on the condition of anonymity, said the suspects were picked up following a tip-off at a mining site where several other nationalities were residing without proper immigration documents.

The Daily Observed has  learned that the mining sector of Gbarpolu County hosts a large number of West African nationals who are illegally residing in these areas and carrying on illicit mining activities.


  1. The immigration system of our country is weak and corrupt. There are more foreign nationals in Liberia that are going around freely. How did the three persons get inside Liberia without the knowledge of Liberia immigration? Who helped them to obtain VRC in Liberia? This situation require a thorough investigation


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