Several Ivorians Cross over to Liberia


Amid political tension

The latest reports from north-eastern Nimba County indicates that citizens of neighboring Ivory Coast have begun crossing into Liberia in search of peace and security following political tension that left at least two persons dead on the day of voting on Saturday with properties including vehicles set ablaze.

According to reports, hundreds of refugees have been crossing at various border points in the Loguatuo, Kenlay, Gborplay and Buutuo areas. Unconfirmed reports also indicate that others are crossing to Grand Gedeh County where Liberia also shares a boundary with the Ivory Coast.  The refugees, the bulk of them women and children, are seen with bundles of mattresses and bags of clothes, crossing in canoes to seek safety with their neighbors.

Ivorians along the border with Liberia have commonalities with their Liberian counterparts. Most speak the same local dialects and have similar traditions. Many have also intermarried and have become in-laws and other extended families to one another.

Their social and cultural homogeneity allows them to easily relate to one another that most of them may not find it difficult to get lodging in the towns and villages where they are seeking refuge.

It may be recalled that a few years ago the Liberia Refugee Repatriation and Resettlement Commission (LRRRC) with support from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) transported some Ivoirians back to the Ivory Coast following the cessation of hostilities that the country faced during their elections, in 2010 and 2011.

The latest electoral violence in the Ivory Coast comes as a result of President Allansane Ouattara’s change of the constitution to seek a third term in office.

President Ouattara, who ascended to the presidency after bloody electoral violence in 2011, changed the Ivoirian constitution in 2016 to allow him stand for a third term, a move that opposition figures rejected and demanded a “Civil transition”, according to the BBC.

The BBC says Pascal Affi N’Guessan and Henri Konan Bèdiè described as “illegal” President Ouattara’s third term bid, noting that it broke the rules on term limits.

The President’s supporters on the other hand are reported to have disputed this, stressing that a constitutional change in 2016 made his first term to not count.

According to the BBC, key opposition leaders are urging mass protests to prevent what they term as “Dictatorship” in the Ivory Coast.  Mr. N’Guessan is quoted by the BBC to have said on Sunday:  “Opposition parties and political groups call for the start of a civil transition.”  “We note the end of President Alassane Ouattara’s mandate on 31 October and call on the international community to take note.”


  1. Very, very sad development. The poor people of black Africa always suffer the most in situations like these. When will the leaders of Africa get it right?

  2. The time for them to get it right is coming gradually, Grand Frere.
    In West Africa, maybe we have 2 or at most 3 leaders. The rest of them are satraps or rulers. What is unfolding in Cote d’Ivoire is indeed regrettable and saddening, but these are the last twisting and squirming moments in this country.
    Like Rwanda, there are yet more horrific news that is not being aired. Unfortunately, you do not understand the French or else I could have encouraged you to follow the investigative journalist called “Chris Yapi ne ment pas” to understand the gravity of situation.

    When this page is turned, Cote d’Ivoire will become a mature and strong nation!

  3. By the way, know that our boys (Liberians) have again taken up contract in this country to destroy and kill. Liberia has sadly become a trademark for mercenarism.
    We need to create jobs for them!

  4. Mr. Lobbyist,
    The time is coming soon? Let’s say, maybe 2023 will be the right time. Right? That’s the year “he and they” will get their act together in order to move Liberia to the forefront of development.

    Mon Frere, it’s the same manipulation of the poor. When the mercenaries are hired from Liberia in order to do the dirty job of the politicians, the poor people suffer the most. In fact, the Liberian mercenaries themselves are poor people. I was hoping that the Ivorians would go to the polls to vote without too many problems. I was wrong!

    American News………
    Of course election day is tomorrow, November 3, 2020. Americans will go to the polls in order to choose or re-elect a president. There is trepidation! Trump threatens to declare himself a winner if early projections show he’s ahead of Biden. However, that’s not what Trump did in 2017. So the question is this….why is he planning to act like a third-world potentate?

    Because of Trump, many violent groups of people (from Trump’s side) are believed to
    be planning dangerously. Let’s not forget that the US is a democratic nation. Because of this concern, some of my colleagues have told me to stock up on food items because trouble could erupt if Trump loses.

    All kinds of numbers have been thrown at us by the pollsters. It’s hard to tell which of the polling organizations is accurate. Some pollsters tell us that there are crucial states or “must win” states for both candidates. I am not a contrarian, but I have a slight disagreement. I do believe that all the states are crucial or “must win” for both of them.

    Lastly, why can’t we do something like that in Liberia? Is it because Weah is in power?

  5. Nothing positive and constructive can begin in Liberia with Weah as president.
    I know you will never agree with me but soon and very soon, you will agree with me.

    By the way, know that an interim government has been formed in this country already. The interim president is called Tidjane Thiam a banker from Credit Swiss.

  6. The USA is the greatest country on planet earth. Do not have such thoughts after this election. If it did not happen with Al Gore and Bush, it can never happen with Trump and Biden.
    The polls are biased. Trump is winning bigly. There will be a red wave tomorrow, believe me!

  7. Mr. Defender,
    Let me respond to each of the issues you have raised.

    Under Weah…..
    1. Some positive things are happening under Weah’s watch as we talk. For instance, an airplane deal is in the pipeline. Road construction is ongoing. More road construction projects are being planned. Liberia desperately needs roads. Every little thing counts. We have to start from somewhere.

    Ivory coast…….
    2. How could an interim government be formed if the strongman is in charge? The current president has connections. His supporters are urging him to be firm and strong. Watch out! There could be what we a bimbo eruption in the Ivory coast pretty soon. The economy of the Ivorians is shaking, not seriously….. but it is in fact shaking.

    3. Gore vs. Bush……year 2000.
    The Gore vs. Bush incident cannot be compared with Trump and Biden. In the 2000 incident, neither Gore or Bush anticipated chads to hang. The blue states went for Gore without a problem and the red states went for Bush. Florida, the state where George Bush’s brother (Jeb Bush) served as a governor became a serious problem. Trump’s issue is tantamount to confusion and alarm. I am not an alarmist, but I tell you, there’s a possibility of a constitutional crisis after tomorrow.

    4. The Biased Polls…..
    Typically, when some people are losing an argument or a case, the losers resort to name-calling, blame-game tactics or innuendos. Trump won the blue states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania by luck four years ago. The pundits or savants believe that Hillary Clinton’s lost was of her making. She and her advisors ignored sufficient warnings to campaign in those states. She refused because she thought those blue states were hers. So this time, Biden is not taking chances. If Biden wins those three mentioned blue states, it makes Trump’s path narrower. All the polling organizations have been very consistent in terms of stating clearly how Biden has maintained his lead over Trump in the three blue states. The power (or luck) of incombency is not working to Trump’s advantage.

    The trouble may not be over tomorrow evening. I hope nothing happens.


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