‘Several Factors Pose Danger to our Health,’ Observes Rep. Domah

Rep. Domah briefs the press shortly after the ceremony.

Nimba County District #7 Representative, Roger Domah has outlined several factors, which he said pose hazard to the country’s health system.

Domah’s observation was contained in a remark he made at the program marking the 2nd anniversary of the Esther and Jereline (E & J) Medical Center in Ganta on July 6, where he outlined some of the factors hampering the country’s health sector as importation of foodstuff that include rice, frozen food and drugs for use at health facilities.

Rep. Domah said that most of the rice business people import into the country go through several processes involving chemicals used for preservation before shipping those commodities to Liberia.

“Most of the food that are imported into the country are processed, and once food are processed, some chemical contents are being added to it. Whether we like it or not, regarding how good is it or not, it will have some health implications,” the lawmaker said.

He therefore called on locals to produce their food, rather than relying on imported food, “because you know how to preserve your own home-grown food.”

Rep. Domah, who spoke on the topic, “Self Building Services in the Health Sector,” said there are limited health workers in the country, a situation he said government needs to improve by training health practitioners to specialized in various fields.

Currently, Domah said there are about 300 medical doctors in a country with a population of about four million, “so the ratio of patient to doctor was too huge.”

He added that among the doctors, about 203 were Liberians, while 95 of them were foreign nationals that include 72 females and 91 specialized ones, while about 207 were general surgeons.

The E&J Medical Center resumed operation on July 1, 2016, but statistics there have shown that since that time, the facility has handled about 905 cases of ailment.

The hospital is in partnership with Hernia International, a medical organization that has performed 1,372 surgeries on those with hernia “free of charge.”

The chief Medical Doctor, Dr. Peter George said the partnership with Hernia International is still strong and by November and December this year, another team of doctors are expected to conduct “free medical surgeries on people diagnosed of hernia.”

Dr. Peter Esther Barleah, who the administration crowned as “Staff of the Year.”

The administrator, Victor Kpaiseh has praised the employees for remaining committed to their calling, in spite of the hard economic situation or other challenges they are faced with.

He said the hospital is improving sewer system and is also embarking on the construction of a storey building as training center for nurses.

Meanwhile, the E & J has named Madam Esther Barleah, a technician, as “Staff of the Year” because of her dedicated services.

The facility was constructed by Representative Jeremiah K. Koung of Nimba Electoral District #1, as a means to improving the country’s health delivery system.

The occasion was attended by local county officials, including Superintendent Dorr Cooper and representatives of several other civil society organizations (CSOs).


  1. “Most of the food that are imported into the country are processed, and once food are processed, some chemical contents are being added to it. Whether we like it or not, regarding how good is it or not, it will have some health implications,”

    What ???
    “Some chemical contents” ? Scientifically speaking (specifically) what chemicals are you referring to ? Is there any research to prove this or this is hypothetical reasoning purely drawn out of some fake facebook warning ? If you are adressing the public on such matters next time Rep, please try being specific and you should have a scientific basis for your assertion.

  2. Call Me John Doe is a derivative of a Liberian Royalty. Usually we hear about titles such as the “Duchess of York, the King of England and of course the Queen of England”. I think a Royal family of which Mr. Call Me John Doe is a derivative, is about to go public in order to announce its very existence. In any case, Call Me John Doe’s rebuke of the Sinoe County lawmaker is understood. The word “chemicals” is scary. To claim that our imported foods are laced with chemicals sends goosebumps in our spines.

    Maybe the lawman knows something that we don’t know about chemicals. Just maybe. On the other hand, the lawman is not being taken to task. So let’s put that aspect of negative thinking to rest. What needs to be done by the lawman is for him to spell out in full details what his investigation has uncovered, if any, and we’ll go from there. Or if his observation is based on pure speculation, he’lll be better off by modifying his blanket statements next time. By doing so, he’ll exonerate himself from condemnation.

    The lawmakers of Liberia are paid well. We expect them to do what’s best for Liberia. Maybe the Liberian lawman can tell us why Liberia has had no coins for the past 15 years. Or why there isn’t a minimum wage law in Liberia.

    • “Call Me John Doe is a derivative of a Liberian Royalty.”
      Haha F. Hney! ( Am actually a very simple guy lol ).
      First or second derivative(Maybe antiderivative) lol ?
      Anyway, as you eloquently put it Sire, he needs to spell out the full details of his findings. Most of our folks don’t analyze critically and will believe anything, especially from a “socialite” or government official . He is a public person as well as a role model , considered to be an enlightened individual, hence every statement he makes has a lasting impact on people (most especially those who put him there). You can’t speak in generalities about chemical contents ( we are assuming here non edible/consumable chemicals as is evident in the writing) in foodstuff imported to Liberia as a lawmaker , you’ll have to be specific.

      No disrespect Rep! We’re all Liberians, please take this as an advice, if you were to say this in other countries that take their “stewards” to task “letter by letter”, you’ll be making all sorts of unimaginable headlines in the news right now! It turns out this is not going to be an easy task to explain “chemically”.

      As usual F. Hney, thanks for the input ! Excellent writing!


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