Several Dev. Projects for Gbarma Statutory District

Dev. Projects for Gbarma Statutory District

By S. Micah Yeahwon, Gbarpolu County

The leadership of Gbarma Statutory District in Gbarpolu County has embarked on several development projects, including the construction of a community health center, radio station, and city hall.

The district development superintendent, Thomas Ezike, told the Daily Observer recently in Gbarma Town that the projects are being funded through the county development fund (CDF), with the exception of the community radio station, which he said is being constructed through his personal initiative.

Mr. Ezike disclosed that US$60,000 from the CDF has already been made available to the leadership of the district to help speed up the projects, especially the construction of the city hall.

He mentioned that there are other projects to be undertaken by the district administration, one of which is the construction of a modern vocational training institute for the education of the district’s youths.

“We have the vision to develop Gbarma Statutory District especially in the areas of education and agriculture. Even though there are numerous challenges, with the cooperation of our citizens, we will achieve our goals,” said Mr. Ezike.

He thanked the county leadership, headed by Superintendent Amah Sarnoh, for the cordial working relationship existing between their offices.

Mr. Ezike congratulated the county’s legislative caucus for introducing a legislation that resurrected the Gbarma Statutory District after lying dormant for several years as a result of Liberia’s civil crises.


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