Several Confess to Witchcraft in Ganta


Nimba County’s commercial city of Ganta was the scene of excitement when several persons, including an elderly woman and teenagers, confessed to being involved in multiple killings and suppressing the progress of many.

At the Tokay Hill Community in Ganta, hundreds of residents turned out yesterday to witness the confessions, which were done publicly without the help of witchdoctors.

A witchdoctor dug out a sealed pot from the home of one of the accused and some pieces of chalk owned by Yei Luolay of Nenghen Town near Ganta.

According to her confession, Yei Luolay said the pot is used to cook their human victims and sometimes they place anything taken from their victims into the pot in order to suppress their progress in life, either preventing them from bearing a child, blocking their luck or making them face perpetual hardships.
The confession took place in the presence of the National Traditional Council of Liberia’s General Inspector, herbalist Orando Z. Tuayen.

Several teenagers were among those that confessed and explained that they killed some of their victims, made some of them insane while others were made to appear stupid to the public.

A Guinean herbalist, Zoe Konah, who was brought from Guinea to oversee the confessions, said most of the inhabitants of Nenghen Town were involved in witchcraft.

Witchcraft is very common in Nimba County where hundreds of alleged witches are taken to Dahnplay, a town in Buu Yao, every month to take oaths intended to prevent them from practicing witchcraft.

Last year, an elderly lady confessed to causing her daughters not to bear children by taking their underclothes into the demonic world.


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