Several Churches Endorse VP Boakai in Buchanan

Some of the participating churches at the endorsement of VP Boakai yesterday in Grand Bassa County

-Urey Describes VP Boakai as Liberia’s Last Hope

Ahead of the December 26 run-off election between the opposition Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and the ruling Unity Party (UP), several churches in Grand Bassa County have endorsed the presidential bid of Vice President Joseph N. Boakai.

At a colorful program yesterday at the Buchanan Fair Ground, Arthur G. Gaye, who read the statement for the churches, praised VP Boakai for his support to the religious community.

“We are delighted to have you as the next President of Liberia. We are not making mistake, and we will work with you and your team to end the process,” Pastor Gaye of the Soul Winning Church, said.

Pastor Gaye said the church will not be neutral during this critical period of the country but will involve itself to the fullest, adding, “We will not allow our Liberia to slip from where it is now.

“We the religious leaders pledge our unwavering support to you during this election. It has been said on many occasions that churches are not part of politics, but we will not sit down and allow our children’s dream to go down,” he said.

He added, “We are praying that under your leadership that the Muslim and the Christian communities should not be requested to pray due to problems but to always be involved in praying for the state with your support.”

Accepting the endorsement, Ambassador Boakai said this election will unite the people of Liberia, improve their living conditions, and meanwhile called on Liberians to vote for the Unity Party.

“We want people to drive on a good road, because of some time, people come for vacations and only stay in Monrovia due to the bad road condition,” VP Boakai said.

After 170 years, VP Boakai said, “This is not something for students to be begging for. We have the resources here more than what other countries have and want to assure you that in less than six years, your life will get better.”

“We are already talking to investors that will provide jobs for the people. The UP Government led by me is prepared to develop this country for the benefit of our people because we have the resources to benefit our people,” VP Boakai said.

He called on Liberians to come together for the progress of the country. He said, “We need to love Liberia, build Liberia, which I can do for the next six years.”

Some of the representatives at the endorsement of Amb. Boakai and the Unity Party held in Grand Bassa County at the Fair Ground

The standard bearer of the All Liberian Party, Benoni Urey, in his contribution said Ambassador Boakai is the last hope for Liberia’s development and he must not be taken lightly during this election.

“These people have suffered us for years and we want a country where we will reconcile and have the love for each other. We want to appeal to you to spend time campaigning so we can make VP Boakai the 24th president,” Urey said.

He told the people of Grand Bassa that Liberia will be a better place under the leadership of Vice President Boakai.

Mary Johnson, 47, said she was voting for Mr. Boakai because of his experience and a good plan for Liberia and the people.

“We want someone who has the mind for the people. I want my seven children to have better opportunities because I never had such opportunity over the years,” she said.

The churches that pledged their support to Ambassador Boakai included Mouth Gallery Church, Worldwide Church, Christ Temple Church, Redeemed United Choir of Liberia and the Church of Holiness.

Others: St. Paul Church, Zion Union, The Holy Church of Christ, Soul Winning Church of Liberia, The Muslim Community, New Life Church, and Faith Baptist Church Christian Foundation Church, among others.


  1. Thank God Almighty. When civil war created by Madam Sirleaf came all churches in Liberia and members were severely affected.The church must no longer sit on the fence and say it is politicians businrss. We need a God fearing leader. JNB no doubt is the for this job. Weah has no experience and knowledge to lead Liberia.

  2. Because of the disputed Oct. 10, 2017, 1st round presidential election, there was not enough time to schedule a presidential debate between the two remaining presidential candidates left for run-off.

    The purpose of the debate would have given the Liberian public (including the Churches in Grand Bassa County, the standard bearer of the All Liberian Party, Benoni Urey) a general idea of what goals and policies to be implemented if either candidate is elected president. However, the Supreme Court has mandated that the Dec.26 Run-off election should proceed. This is a safe way to avoid constitutional crisis in Liberia’s presidential succession.

    This election is not about the popularity of George Weah, nor is it about the long governmental service of V.P. Joe Boakai. This election is about the national welfare of Liberia and all it citizens.

    These are some of the questions I and many Liberians would like to know how Liberia will be governed if one of these individuals (George Weah/Joe Boakai) is elected president of Liberia:

    1. What economic development plans and mechanism would either of you put in place to attract foreign and domestic investments?
    2. How do either of you plan on creating jobs to reduce the high unemployment rate in Liberia?
    3. How do either of you plan on balancing our fiscal budget and increasing revenue?
    4. How do either of you plan on paying Liberia external/foreign debt and reduce foreign Aid dependency?
    5. What are your education policies to make sure no child is left uneducated in Liberia?

    6. What are your decentralization policies to attract development in other parts of Liberia?
    7. What are your policies towards agriculture development and food security?
    8. What are your policies towards urban and rural electrification/pipe-borne water, sanitation and sewer system in Liberia?
    9. What are your policies towards Liberia’s modernization: manufacturing raw material extracted/ produced in Liberia?
    10. What are your policies towards making the 15 counties more autonomous to make them less dependent on the central government?

    11. What are your policies to reduce the power of an “imperial presidency” that is detrimental to individual growth and prosperity?
    12. What policies would either of you put in place to encourage free enterprise?
    13. How do either of you plan to strengthen the security sector: military, police, and other law enforcement agencies?
    14. How do either of you plan to protect Liberia’s porous border to limit illegal migration and radical groups from infiltrating into the country?
    15. How do either of you plan to cut down on government waste and crackdown on corruption?

    16. What are your health care policies to avoid another Ebola crisis or a major health catastrophe?
    17. How do you plan to encourage meaningful research and development at various universities?
    18. How do you plan on controlling inflation and strengthening the Liberian Dollar against the U.S. Dollar?
    19. How do you plan on strengthening the criminal justice system and reducing the abuse of power?
    20. What are your short term and long term job creation policies?

    21. What are your national unity and reconciliation policies?
    22. What are your foreign policies in continuing bilateral relationship with foreign nations?
    23. What policies will either of you put in place to protect Liberia’s forest and fauna from depletion?
    24. How do either of you plan on cracking down on illegal mining and protecting the environment?
    25. What social programs and policies are in place to protect and help Liberian children?

    26. What policies would be put in place to strengthen public transportation around Liberia via road/air and rail?
    27. What policies would be in place to strengthen youth vocational and technical training?
    28. What policies would be in place to protect freedom of the press, religious liberty and individual constitutional rights?
    29. How either of you going to protect and respect the separation of power?
    30. How either of you going to protect Liberia’s territorial water from foreign fishing vessels?

    31. What policies/incentives/subsidies either of you going to put in place to encourage farmers to produce more food production?
    32. What policies either of you are going to put in place to guarantee free public education to every Liberian child up to secondary school?
    33. What policies either of you are going to put in place to rehabilitate Liberian non-dangerous criminals to become productive citizens?
    34. What policies will either of you put in place for low cost housing and rural development?
    35. What policies will either of you put in place to protect our beaches from sea-erosion, trash and other public indecencies (toilets)?

    It is very difficult for either Joe Boakai or George Weah to govern a country like Liberia that went through total destruction: the rule of rule, jobs, education, infrastructures, moral codes, religious beliefs, traditional beliefs, the tax system, national pride, children welfare, equal rights, women rights, religious rights, health system, Liberian hospitality, the economy, the political system, human development and so on have to be strengthened by whoever is to become the Leader of this recovering backward country called Liberia.

    These are some of the problems many Liberians want to know from the two candidates vying for the Presidency. Their leadership can either make Liberia better, or break Liberia!!!!!

    May God bless my fellow Liberians in these difficult times!!!!

    • Excellent presentation Chief Alpha Conneh…. Sadly, we are all walking in the dark at this point. However, we are confident that “the darkest time of the night is closer to daylight.” Therefore, all we can do at this critical junction is to pray and hope that on December 26, the people will get a leader they truly deserve.

  3. O God, El Elyon, the Jehovah Jireh who is going to make Himself Jehovah Nissi for the coming run-off, please make the coming run-off election a success and without problems that will cause Liberia to go backward again like it did through the passed 15 yrs of war. Lord, Please save Liberia and make Liberians to elect the rightful leader. El-Elyon na Adonai for the sake of the current children and unborn ones in the future. Lord, Whoever will win the run-off, please Jehovah Shalom, let there be peace. Amen (so be it) Lord

  4. Let me reanchor clearly and loudly of what Mary Johnson said above that must capture
    most, if not all, Liberians attention and serious concerns: “We want someone who has
    the mind for people.” What about CDC George Manneh Weah? Does he have the mind
    for the Liberian people? A big NO! George M. Weah from the beginning portray himself
    as man for the people. Instead now, he is in Charles Taylor camp. If elected, he will a
    lot of time seeking for Taylor release as he has conditioned himself to be and he is now.

    I had written much earlier that any would be leader or leader who does not have the
    mind for the Liberian people, a man who is in sympathy with them for they suffered in
    the hands of Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and Charles Taylor; brought and executed a war in
    jungle style and fratricide manner of killing innocent, old and sicked-in-beds from all
    corners of this country, then you are not fit to be elected president of this country.
    That is what Senator George M. Weah has made himself today! He does not have the
    in mind at all as he and Charles Taylor war wife are a team.


  5. May you, O God yourself pick the right president for the suffering people of Liberia. During the Old Testament times, you picked David, the son of Jesse to lead Israel. When David became King, he went on to do a good job, despite his frailties.

    Satan sometimes pretends to act like you, O God. Come December 26, the very day of the runoff, Satan may direct voters away from the right presidential candidate. But, we hope and pray that Satan’s tactics will backfire in his bloody face! Satan’s will should not done, but yours.
    We may think VP Boakai is the ideal guy. On the other hand, we may think that Weah is the right guy. Well, even before it’s all over with on December 26, God, you know who will be victorious. Ultimately, may the right man be elected. Just the right person, Lord.

    Second Request:
    While we hope that you O,Lord will direct voters to the right presidential candidate, you will make sure that there will be no violence.
    Please receive our prayer. And may your will take precedence over ours forever.

  6. Mr. Alpha Conneh, all your questions and concerns or any others who have such concerns,
    rest assured that they are embodied in His Excellency Joseph N. Boakai. When served as
    Vice President under this evil-hand president ( according to Benoni Urey), Vice President
    Joseph N. Boakai saw all the wrong way his boss lady carried Liberia. That is what prepared
    him well to lead the country. And that is why that woman is not supporting VP Boakai to
    succeed her simply also because Veep Boakai is not stupid to grant her immunity that CDC
    George Weah promised to give her. Gentlemen, in the real world of sincere people, if you
    were in office and did not serve well, you must answer to the people! President Ellen
    Johnson-Sirleaf must answer for the money she and her son Robert took from NOCAL and
    made it bankrupt. Although she was not qualified in keeping with the TRC Findings to run
    for President; nevertheless, the Liberian people did not elect her to steal money from
    public corporations to lead it to bankruptcy. The Liberian Maritime Office in New York money
    generated is not in the National Budget. Yet, she spent those millions of US DOLLARS for
    public relations. Liberia does not need public relations with the United States of America.
    From that money, she spent about US$59 million dollars for that foolish public relations
    as if Liberia does not need money to do development. She must also give account of that.
    There are many, many reasons why President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is seeking for immunity
    after office but she will not get it from President Joseph N. Boakai, period!


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