Several ALP, LP Stalwarts Join Boakai’s Bandwagon

Members of opposition parties ALP and LP pledged their support to the UP campaign.

Some fifteen influential supporters of major opposition parties, including Liberty Party (LP) and All Liberian Party (ALP) of businessman, Benoni W. Urey, and Charles Brumskine have pledged their support to the presidential bid of Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai. The new Unity Party recruits, many of whom were ranking members of their old parties, have pledged to do all within their power to ensure that VP Boakai, whom they described as the light of the country, is elected at the polls in October.

Fifteen ex-members (11 from ALP and 4 from LP) made their commitments to the UP at separate ceremonies yesterday. “We, formerly of the ALP, have come to pledge our support to the presidential bid of the best candidate for this race, VP Boakai,” Mr. Dickson N. Tamba, who spoke on behalf of his colleagues said at a press conference. Tamba is ALP’s former National Assistant Secretary General for Press and Information.

“These elections are defining moments for our country because we have not had such a democratic transition in years, and as such the VP is the most qualified to lead this process,” he said.

“Today is a historic day for Liberia. Historic because, conscious and patriotic Liberians, having gone throughout every nook and cranny of this Republic, assessed the political and development situations in our country, consulted with our people and having evaluated and soberly reflected on the character traits of all those wanting to become President and Vice President of Liberia, have resolved and declare our support to VP Boakai and Attorney-at-Law, Speaker Emmanuel Nuquay,” he said.

Tamba said their decision to cross-over is not only “a pride to us, our families, our friends, political supporters and many followers but also our chiefs and elders of the land who sanctioned it. It is an honorable duty traditionally to listen and yield to the voice of wisdom.

“We indisputably share the vision of this winning team to drive a new agenda for Liberia; one that sincerely seeks to put emphasis on all Liberians through inclusive representation without discrimination which will in effect contribute greatly to our national development and reconciliation.

“We are aware that a few will call us names but we encourage them to muster the courage to join us because the truth is that this decision is in the best interest of the state and the forward march of our country and people,” he said.

He added that “History will be kind to us because this is our testament to the people of Liberia and the world that we stand for peace, stability, development and national unity in our country.

“We will work with you – body, mind, and soul from Todee to Barrobo, West Point to Hoffman Station, Careysburg to Edina, Lake Piso to Late Talla, Waum to Konobo, Belle Fassama to Karquekpo, Grandcess to Suehn Mecca, Wayzohn to Webbo, Kpatawee through Gibi and to Cestos to ensure that Ambassador Boakai and Speaker Nuquay of the Unity Party –win this election based on proven records of their high degree of humility, tolerance, wisdom, and ability to unite and lead this country on the path of Peace, Stability, and Development.”

From the Liberty Party’s end, (4) District Coordinators of Montserrado County pledged their support to the VP.

These Coordinators, who hailed from Districts #4, #5, #6 and #10 made the disclosure last weekend that they have resolved to cross over to the UP. They include Moses P. Tokpah, Washington G. Kartoe, Shadrach Capehart and Ronald J. Fayiah.

They indicated that they parted ways with the LP because of its Standard Bearer. “We and our colleagues want to decisively announce to the nation our resignation as coordinators of the largest auxiliaries of Liberty Party for electoral Districts 4, 5, 6 and 10 of Montserrado County,” they said.

They alleged that they had been oppressed while performing their respective responsibilities, but did not what oppression they allegedly endured. They also described Brumskine as undemocratic, uncivil who single-handedly drafted the party’s constitution which gives him exclusive power.

They also accused Cllr. Brumskine of failing to live up to his many promises “where we have vigorously worked in our various communities recruiting and mobilizing supporters for the LP.

“We have realized that the Brumskine-Karnwea ticket does not have any good intent for our country. For instance, look at the case of Cocopa Rubber Plantation. This plantation was intended for the people of Nimba to manage in anyway whatsoever to improve the livelihood of the great people of Nimba, but because of Brumskine-Karnwea’s manipulation, today the Plantation is owned and managed by both of them,” they said.

Coordinator Fayiah said he and his colleagues in 2011 joined the political fight against Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to elect Cllr. Brumskine as president, but are glad that that didn’t happen at the time.

Meanwhile, a Liberty Party official who spoke to the Daily Observer, denied allegations of oppression, by the defectors, saying: “There is nothing wrong to leave one party for another if you decide to do that, but it is unfair for such people to make up stories against the party they have decided to leave.”

He condemned the defectors for their lack of vision and assured them that the Liberty Party is not worried about their decision to leave.


  1. JNB & JEN ticket is definitely the winning ticket comes October people thought the party was dying when they lost some opportunists who seek their own interests instead of putting the country first. This overwhelming support and cross over is a sign that the Liberian people will vote for the UP.

  2. Tamba from Rofa what you ‘re not expressing anything new, most if not everyone from Lofa will vote for JB. Smells, Feels and sounds like a Tribalistic election.

  3. Good for nothing!
    Even in football Jersey we know them.
    Tamba will always be behind Boakai!
    You do good you do good for yourself.

  4. Boima ,
    So what if these people have join other parties, will they be consider playing the tribal cards, like Liberty Party,All Liberian Party (ALP), Or CDC, Just want to know.Mr. Boima 98% of people in Liberia are connected to some kind of tribe, you are the only person-Boima who is not.

  5. The 15 individuals are connected to LOFA COUNTY. Read their names and see the truth. Mr. Boakai is recruiting people from LOFA. Most likely these very peoples will serve in his Administration. LOFA’S NATIVES will have the highest employment rate within Boakai’s Administration. He is playing the divisive Cards very well. To prove this in details, he picked LIBERIA former Foreign Minister as his Campaign Manager. He is also from LOFA. Boakai is divisive and will not be good for LIBERIA. VOTE ‘NO’ FOR BOAKAI. He will cause another WAR.

    • You must be discussing another “Boakai”, from another planet, dude. Our Boakai is kind, transparent, honest, hardworking, farsighted, magnanimous, diligent, competent, and nationalistic. We have decided to entrust the future of this noble country of ours into the hands of His Excellency Amb. Joseph Nyumah Boakai Sr. It will be better for you to accept this fact today, or decide to live in fantasy forever. Have a nice day, dude.

    • Gee; You’ve taken it to the extreme. Such a gross statement as yours: “He will cause another war”, is not call for. J.Nyumah Boakai is not a violent character. He is the kind of person most Liberians can truly identify with. As such, he knows and understands Liberia’s problems better than any of the other Presidential Candidates. It’s not divisiveness, when a vast majority of Liberians from various groups choose JNB as their NEXT PRESIDENT. That’s what you call TRUTH DEMOCRACY. JNB, is a man of the People for the People; By A Vast Majority of Liberia’s People. For Real!

  6. Liberian needs to come to their senses that what really was one of the reasons behind the Liberian civil wars was the country being runs on tribal basic by Samuel Doe. Today’s we have seen it’s again from the campaign Boaka’s running, other leaving political parties to follow him because of their tribal affiliations, not policies differences. These ideas should be considered that boaka’s and his followers are promoting another civil war in Liberia. He’s in power and using the country money to wins elections.

  7. Most interesting here; are the defectors from the Unity Party. Their actions, looks very much like a conspiracy; A CONSPRACY engineered/influenced by external forces. Perhaps there are monetary rewards involved. These people who have been with U P for how ever long, are just now jumping ship; when elections are just around the corner. We’ve heard it right: “Money/Greed is the root of all EVILS.” Some will sell their own mother, just to get ahead. We will make every effort to get our message heard. J.Nyumah Boakai, is not U.P or anyone else. He is a man of his own mind and Intergrity. Being the V.P, doesn’t make a person the incumbent President. Lyndon Johnson was not John F. Kennedy, George Bush #1, was not Ronald Reagan Harry Truman was not Franklin Roosevelt… These are all examples of VICE PRESIDENTS who became Presidents in their own rights. Every President have his/her own Agendas/Policies. Hon. J.Nyumah Boakai is a man of the People for the People By A VAST Majority of Liberia’s People. We, the “PEOPLE” will elect JNB; PRESIDENT, Republic of Liberia.

    • Nonses, Mr. Freeman, please research your history well. Any Administration that failed its PEOPLES, both President and Vice President are responsible so is the VP Boakai. He is fully responsible for all policies FAILURE in LIBERIA within the current Administration He serves. Now, the former American Presidents, you named were all
      good presidents therefore, their Vice Presidents had good RECORDS to run on. Unlike the Sirleaf/Boakai’s Administration that has the worst RECORDS in Liberian HISTORY. For Examples, POVERTY, 90%, POOR EDUCATION, 95% UNEMPLOYMENT 89% POOR HEALTH CARES 95%. NATION BUILDING 90% and CORRIPTION at 100%. How dare can you say that VP Boakai is the best to replace Ellen Johnson Sirleaf? You are ‘WRONG’ Boakai can not be President. Enough is enough.

      • Gee; LOL! You are off track. the issue is about any two Presidents been the same. That have never happened in any Presidential History. You do the research. Every President have their own Agendas and Policies. You can’t draw conclusions, until JNB becomes President, Republic of Liberia. Your narratives are solely based on assumptions.You’ve not taken into considerations; the facts that there have been detrimental circumstances beyond anyone’s control in Liberia. Where/when due, give credits. Progress have been made under the EJS administration. Liberia is not the same as it was 12 years ago. That’s a fact.

  8. Why are we going to have the continuation of the UP party again..? Dang, c’mon Liberian, let’s wake up to this nightmare and stand against this bullshit! What have Boakai done all these 12 years beside we know that he’s from Lofa! This is depressing and freaking sad. How many of those freaking Candidates have a sound or solid platform? All we hear is that they will be good for the country:( Yet, our people keep starving from starvation, dying from diseases that can easily be solve. Our people are tired of this shit! Let your Boakia and all of those fools that recently joined him kiss my ass and go to hell for all I care! God will one day deliver our sweet land of liberty from the hands of those wicked asshole!!!

  9. “Boakai is kind, transparent, honest, hardworking, farsighted, magnanimous, diligent, competent, and nationalistic” 12 years with nothing to show with all these wonderful characteristic…

    • Only YOU have all the above Characters experienced.
      Liberians have no experience of Boakai’s so-called GOOD CHARACTERS. Thanks, He can win your VOTE.

  10. Mr. Amos Boyeah, you accused Samuel Doe for being tribalistic? Hold your finders; Edward
    Sackor- Gio by tribe., Chief Justice Gbalazeh- Mano by tribe, Ambassador Frangalo- Mano
    by tribe, Associate James Belleh- Mano by tribe, Dr. John Bernard- Foreign Minister- Kru by
    Tribe, H.E. J. Rudolph Johnson- Foreign Mimister- Lofa-Grebo by Tribe, Brigadier General of
    the Armed Forces of Liberia-Gio by Tribe, Reed T. Boaye- Provost Marshall General, Armed
    Forces Liberia, H.E. Harry F. Moniba- Vice President, Republic of Liberia-.Gissi by Tribe,
    Brigadier General Joseph Farngalo- Manoi by Tribe, Jenkins K.Z.B. Scott- Buzziman by Tribe,
    Yudu Gray-Minister of Public Works- Grebo by Tribe, Charles M. Taylor-Director General GSA-
    Gola by Tribe, Oscar Quiah- ector General, Telecommunications; many more other non-Krahn
    people at Managing Director and Director General, Deputy and Assistant Ministers in the
    Samuel Doe administration. With all these people in positions in the Samuel Doe administration,
    you are shameless to still accuse the late President for being tribalistic? What a shame!

    In fact, the initial advisers to Doe were a group of the so-called Congor people, among whom
    was the late Augustine Horton who advised that he should bring his own people that he can
    trust; those who will not betray him. For truth, I was appointed Deputy Immigration
    Commissioner for Operations and I was related to Doe. But neither nor me knew that we
    were related until he became Head of State. One of my uncles was sent to Monrovia to go
    with him in Grand Gedeh for a family reunion and sacrifice. I refused to go on ground that we
    did not know that we were related when he was nobody but an ordinary man, I could go
    before him as a Head of State to tell him that we were related.

    But, even before the invasion of the country, people were saying in Monrovia that: “If you
    know that you are a Krahn man and you want to save your life, leave the country.” Other
    newspapers published that: “Time will come and it about that time that people will say
    there was once a Tribe in Liberia called Krahn.” What is the meaning of this? It meant that
    the Tribe called Krahn was to be wipe out of existence! In fact, the Congor underground
    decision, including Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, was to annihilate or exterminate the Krahn Tribe!

    The advice that Samuel Doe should bring his own people, not necessarily Krahn i general
    did not work; because President Samuel K. Doe began as early as PRC days to bring other
    tribal people near to protect him. Dr. Wongeh- a Gio by Tribe became his private Physician.
    His bodyguards were chiefly the Grebo, headed by late Slobo, and Bassa peoples. His chief
    Cook was a Bassa man; while a man who check the food and drink for him to eat was a Gio man.
    The rest of us, except for few people, were relegated to night time watchman. For me
    personally and along with others, I work in the day as Deputy Immigration Commissioner,
    but night time I became member Joint Security group cruising through Monrovia and its
    environs to control crimes. At one night, Samuel Doe himself had to carry a pregnant woman
    at the point of delivery to the JFK. I just give you a real gist in what you do not know well but
    just people in their propaganda that destroyed the country today.

    Even Hon. Bai Mayson Gbala was not able to see President for the last two years of his
    administration. And Bai Gbala was a senior Krahn man!
    But, I have question to ask you and I want the honest answer. If you were the President of
    Liberia in the midst of unfounded threats, what would you have done?


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