SET Sets up Structure to Prevent Ebola


The Stop Ebola Transmission Initiative (SET) has concluded technical details for organization, integration and coordination of community-based groups seeking to prevent the transmission of the Ebola Virus in Liberia. The structure of the community-based effort requires that all communities in Liberia should be enumerated and houses numbered. 

A SET release signed by its chairman, Oscar Cooper stated that for the purpose of organizing community residents to take the lead in fighting the Ebola disease, each administrative locality in the country is divided into zones; each zone is further divided into communities; each community is then broken down into blocks and neighborhoods; and the houses in the neighborhood are enumerated with no two having the same number.  In the rural setting, the neighborhood is the same as a town or a village.

To ensure intensive comprehensive involvement and ownership of the effort to stop Ebola from spreading, each Neighborhood Monitor is assigned the task of observing the health status of four houses in his or her immediate neighborhood.  Neighborhood Monitors will be trained and equipped on how to do the daily monitoring and how to make reports on the health status of the households to the Ebola Control System. 

Information provided by the Neighborhood Monitor or anybody who has observed a situation will trigger response from the Ebola Control system.

The enumeration of houses has started and will continue until all houses in Liberia are numbered. The number assigned to a house will indicate the county; the administrative locality; the community; the neighborhood; and the house number.

Numbers assigned to houses will make it easier to track and trace case incidents.  It will also facilitate the planning, allocation, targeting and delivery of material and non-material support to individuals and households during the Ebola crisis.  Bio-data of each household will be registered in the community directory.


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