“Serve with Distinction, Humanity, and Friendship”

Some members of the Cape Mesurado Lions Club.

Cape Mesurado Lions Club president urges members

The Cape Mesurado Lions Club has installed into office new officials and inducted a new member, with a call for firm continuation of service to humanity.

The installation and induction were held Thursday in the conference room of Royal Grand Hotel in Sinkor, Monrovia.

The new president of the Cape Mesurado Lions club, Maakai A. Amblard who, along with seven others, was inducted in office, urged members of the club to serve with humanity and utmost commitment.

“As we serve, we will continue to have challenges, but I believe that together as a club we can overcome these challenges with friendship, solidarity and altruism,” President Amblard added.

She admonished members of the Cape Mesurado Lions Club to stand firm and follow the vision of incoming district governor Lassou H. Djibom whose motto is “With Humility, We Serve.”

She praised the district governor and said that  “he has set as a vision to humbly serve with efficiency and impact the lives of the 500,000 members of our community in the district with friendship and fellowship.”

“Let us be reminded that this is much we owe to ourselves, to our community and to all of humanity,” the new Mesurado Lions Club president added.

Meanwhile, Madam Amblard has commented that during her tenure as president of the club she will strive to serve with pleasure, enthusiasm and pride.

She named efficient and impactful service to community and recruitment of quality members as the key agenda on which her leadership will be focused. “These two pillars are at the heart of the agenda of the incoming governor and are indispensable to the growth of lionism,” she noted.

Madam Amblard in her remarks stressed to fellow officers that “as we take the oath of our respective offices, I challenge us to commit and dedicate ourselves to the duties we have sworn to uphold. I ask that we do not only serve but we serve with distinction, humility and friendship.”

Also inducted in office Thursday were Christian N. Paye and Weah B Goll-Nyeswah, first and second vice presidents respectively; Mona Stubblefield Smith, secretary general; Malcolm Joseph, Marketing and Communication Chairman; Augurie Stevens, treasurer; Cerue Konah Garlo, coordinator; Jartu Golafale, service chairperson; among others.

Lions Club International was founded in Chicago, United States of America, to, among several objectives, create and foster understanding among the people of the world, promote principles of good governance and good citizenship

Counselor Ujay Bright delivered the keynote address on behalf of Associate Justice, Her Honor Sie-A-Nyene G. Yuoh, who was absent from gracing the occasion due to tight schedule at the Supreme Court.

In his address, Cllr. Bright admonished members of the club to be committed to service, noting that such practice often obtains gratitude and is defined by good public perception.

“A lion’s commitment,” he said “is the ability of a lion to move beyond self-fulling needs and partner with peers, local leaders, and organizations to identify unique problems within his or her community and develop a remedy to solve the said problem.”

Cllr Bright told the Cape Mesurado Lions Club that those that are committed to service obtain gratification by serving others and improving their community with the hope of leaving the world at a better place than it was before.

He cautioned the club that commitment to service is either a “walk in the park” or a “garden filled with sweet-smelling roses,” adding: “Your predecessors will attest that it has never been this way and, given the circumstances of modern times, it will never be.”

D. Sheba Brown, Outgoing Regional Chairperson for 2019/2020, Region 34 District, installing the new officials gave a brief history of Lions International before announcing she was “pleased to commence the induction ceremony.”

She outlined the duties and responsibilities of each of those inducted in office, urging them to work in the spirit and dedication that require unique talents and service.

“I too am confident that they can be depended on to lead the Cape Mesurado Lions Club,” Mrs Brown noted.

Madam Ruth Bropheh was the lone new member inducted into the Cape Mesurado Lions Club on Thursday.

Presenting her a certificate of membership, Sheba Brown said she was happy to welcome her in her new role as a member of the Cape Mesurado Lions Club


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