‘Serious Human and Civil Rights Violations’

Rep. Chris Smith (left), Ranking Member of the House Subcommittee on Africa and co-chair of the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission: "I am especially concerned by allegations surrounding Monrovia Mayor Jefferson Koijee (left) and the thuggish behavior of the Congress for Democratic Change Security Force he heads."

U.S. Rep. Chris Smith on Liberia’s Worsening Political Situation

Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ), Ranking Member of the House Subcommittee on Africa and co-chair of the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission, has issued a statement of concern regarding worsening political conditions in Liberia.

In the statement, the US Representative pointed out recent behaviors of a thug group being organized by the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) under the command of Monrovia City Mayor, Jefferson Koijee, terrorizing peaceful citizens.

“Human rights advocates are increasingly alarmed by the deterioration of civil and political rights and the corruption that is occurring in Liberia under President George Weah.  I am especially concerned by allegations surrounding Monrovia Mayor Jefferson Koijee and the thuggish behavior of the Congress for Democratic Change Security Force he heads.”

“Credible allegations of serious human and civil rights violations–including attempted murder, rape, unlawful arrest, detention, and torture–have been attributed to Mayor Koijee by the International Justice Group, a US-based non-government organization.

Recently, Jestina Taylor, a former member of the Congress for Democratic Change and a former combatant, levied serious allegations against Mayor Jefferson Koijee in a live facebook interview in Monrovia. In that interview, she accused Koijee of murder and arms trafficking. The following day after she made the allegation, Ms. Taylor went missing and was later found along the Robertsfield Highway and was rushed to the St. Joseph’s Catholic Hospital where she was treated under heavy police presence.

When she regained consciousness, she narrated that she had been gang raped, injected with harmful substances and left with one of her attackers to be killed.

An earlier incident in which Koijee also featured prominently was during a by-election in Montserrado District #13 in November 2018, when a group of CDCians, headed by Koijee, disrupted activities of the opposition Collaborating Political Parties, wounding some supporters of the CPP.  Since the incident, the Justice Ministry has not said anything and the police made no arrest.

While stepping out from presenting his regular talk show yesterday, Henry Costa came under attack by some men he believes are supporters of the CDC.  According to Costa on a Facebook live report, he called the Justice Ministry and the Police Inspector General to complain that he was being attacked and some of his bodyguards stabbed, but the high ranking officials who are in charge of security in the country did not answer his call.

The Police on December 19 stood by as spectators and witnessed a thug group referred to as “Sabu Unit” attacking Henry Costa and his followers when he (Costa) was returning from the United States.  Instead of arresting the attackers, the Police reportedly teargassed Costa and his followers to disperse the huge crowd following him that day.

Before this incident, Augustine Nagbe, former rebel commander who is on record for forcing a woman to eat human feces, announced on Freedom FM Radio that he was forming a “Kru Defense Force” to protect President Weah.  Kru is a local language in Liberia from where George Weah originates.  It is widely reported that this former rebel commander is training men and women on the new compound of President George Weah opposite the Baptist Seminary along the Roberts International Airport (RIA) Highway.

The United States and Liberia have historical ties that make both countries to be in a mutual partnership. Thousands of Liberians live and work in the United States, and people from here visit there often. The Liberian economy is significantly underpinned by remittances from Liberians working in the USA.

A planned mass protest is expected to take place on December 30 with the intent of asking President George Weah to step down because of claims by the protesters that he is incapable of running the country as evidenced by the deteriorating economic and security conditions Liberians are living with.

Fully aware of this planned protest, the US Congressman cautioned the Liberian government to respect the rights of the protesters and provide them the necessary space and security to conduct their protest peacefully.

“Especially in light of our historic ties to Liberia, the United States Congress will be closely monitoring the mass public demonstration that is scheduled to occur on December 30 in Monrovia, and I call upon the government of Liberia to respect the free speech and assembly rights of Liberian citizens.  Anyone who suppresses these fundamental rights, or engages in ongoing corrupt acts, may very well become subject to targeted Global Magnitsky sanctions,” the US Congressman said.

The Magnitsky Act, which applies globally, authorizes the U.S. government to sanction those who it sees as human rights offenders, freeze their assets, and ban them from entering the U.S.



    • Jackson Neal, James Kpadeh, you are mere liars and ignoramuses with no actual knowledge as to how international law works. Chris Smith in his silly attempt to foment and incite while meddling in the domestic affairs of another sovereign nation is simply bluffing. If this his so called Global Magnitsky were anything to go by why it has not been applicable to the slaughter of or cases in Egypt, Rwanda, Senegal, Nigeria, etc.?

      Chris Smith, for your education, know henceforth that geographical contiguity takes precedence over your so called USELESS “historical ties”. What happened the other day with those dogs – Costa, Kolubah , and others fleeing in all directions is no measure to the neasure or reprisals awaiting any further violation of our laws, constitution, and sovereignty.

      • Only buffoons like this other Siboe Doe rat could spew this level of insanity here. When did anything about Liberia become “domestic and foreign” to the US? Yet, everything of Liberia’s is calculated in US? Such “sovereignty!”

      • Mr. Flomo or whatever you may call yourself, your comment is an example of the very violent and irresponsible attitude of the supporters of this doomsday cult call CDC being brought to spotlight by the Congressman. Kojiee, Gary, Mr. Weah and several warlords have turned Liberia into a gangster’s paradise. The CDC is unleashing terror and violence on peaceful citizens of Liberia. In one incident in district 15, Koijee, Gray and Morlu Masterminded the brutalization of peaceful citizens… several properties were damaged. It’s important to note that sanction is being negotiated if high officials serving in this terror group call CDC don’t behave properly. Mr. Weah must established the War and economic crime court to save his neck.



    • How on earth you will have an editor John H.T.Stewart been an active member of this their IJG making claims against a government, then at the same time the very John H.T. Stewart HERE writing this editorial as a journalist? Such a rascal can never be objective!

      No wonder he gave such a FRAUDULENT HEADLINE.

      Its very good THE GOVERNMENT HAS,

      (1) MADE CLEAR THAT While it’s GOVT responsibility as a government to protect the rights of all citizens to freely assemble, IT DOES,

      (2) ALSO HAVE have a concurrent responsibility to protect and preserve the peace, security and stability of the country, ESPECIALLY,

      (3) WHEN so-called peaceful protesters telegraph their intention to “grab the President and drag him through the streets of Monrovia”.

      Accordingly, I SHARE the conclusion of those who believe that the government must crush these bastards!

    • With organizers of a so-called peaceful protesters publicizing their intention to “grab the President and drag him through the streets of Monrovia”, this senator should be condemning such intent on the part of the organizers instead of only blindly been obsessed with what the losers of the recent presidential election and their foot soldiers (John H.T.Stewart and his useless Jerome Verdier organization) are telling him.

      The losers of elections in Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Turkey, Senegal, the Philippines, Russia, Ivory Coast, etc) did the same with US officials whose primary motive was to benefit from the votes of natives of such countries.

      If this Senator meant well or could be acting in good faith he would have been among those warning the likes of Urey, Boakai, Cummings, Brumskine, Sando Johnson, Oscar Cooper, and their foot soldiers of the danger and anti democratic character of a protest and protesters telegraphing their intention to “grab the President and drag him through the streets of Monrovia”!

      Taking into account such motive and intent of Boakai, Costa, Urey, Yekeh Kolubah and a few others, I am now convinced as to why Senators Cooper, Johnson, and Ambassador Neufville and ICoP, and the Economic Freedom Fighters, have dissociated themselves from such a group or protesters with an intention to “grab the President and drag him through the streets of Monrovia”! The Government must as the UN usually do in such cases use all necessary means to crush such dangerous intention on the part of Boakai, Costa, Urey, Kolubah, etc.

    • Well said James kpadeh, the so called Monrovia city major koijee have already place him self in the Express lane to be prosecuted very soon

  2. This is the beginning of the Fall of The Weah’s Regime. The congressman’s assessment of the deteriorating political situation in Liberia is enough to tell Mr. Weah to be ready in the coming weeks to leave Liberia as advised by his own wife behind closed door—I mean by his legal spouse, Clar Weah. The longer he stays on, he will be charged for human rights abuse and assigned to the War Crime Court in The Hague. He should ask Laurent Gbagbo, Hissen Habbre, Ohulu Kenyatta, Mr. Charles Taylor, and scores of leaders who have been indicted by the World Crime Court for killing their own people who opposed them.

    The likes of Jefferson Koijee, Mulbah Morlu, Acarious Gray who are urging Weah to assemble former rebels calling them SABU unit to shoot at protesters in defense of his presidency are simply fooling him. They are afraid of loosing their jobs. Many of them have never tested power and are nervously afraid of giving them up. They are instructing their thugs to shoot and kill citizens who are demanding that the president step down.

    Power haunters like Nathaniel McGee, Janga Kowo, Thomas Fallah, Jefferson Koijee, Acarious Gray are subtly placing the noose on Weah’s neck while the latter stands on pedestal of the gallows. Weah, on the other hand, is not a student of history. He has no knowledge how these charlatans are misleading him.

    He should learn from Doe’s and Taylor’s mistakes but he not too smart. He is still consumed with having won an election and having a so-called mandate of the people. Well, Doe said the same thing that he won the election and that he wanted to complete his term because he had the mandate of the people. As for Charles Taylor, his election victory almost sounded like a chorus for him. He continuously boasted about his election victory and that he needed to complete his presidential term because he had the mandate.

    Like Doe and Taylor, Weah no longer has a mandate of the people. The country has reverted to past war era. Hospitals, schools, and civil servants are neglected. People are dying for lack of basic healthcare. The living conditions of the people are unbearable. If he loves his country, he should step down rather than allow the suffering of his people to continue. So, where is this mandate coming from?

    Can some please Weah the history lessons of his predecessors who boasted about having mandates in twilights of their regime?


    If you let your CDC thugs shoot at unarmed civilians while they exercise their rights to demand that you step down, you will face the jail cell at The Hague by yourself. People like Nathaniel McGee, Mulbah Morlu, Jefferson Koijee, Janga Augustus Kowo, will never be around to share your tears. A HINT TO A WISE!

    • When Ellen’s police shot and killed protesters, what came out of it? When the government of Saudi Arabia butchered Kashoggi the other day, what happened? Turkey, Egypt, Ivory Coast , Senegal, Ethiopia, Rwanda, what happened? Do you think this government will sit idly and not PROTECT and defend the constitution and the rest of SOCIETY simply because of a group which does not have a mandate for what they want to do, and worst, COMMITTING an act of TREASON and SEDITION? You must be a fool.

      • Kou Gontee or whoever you are, why do you always glorify violence against your own people? You are one of the reasons we are where we are today as a country. You know the truth, but you refuse to talk about it. Go back and read and do some research before commenting. The names of people and countries you listed were all held or are being held accountable. If you think perpetrators of human rights violations will go unpunished in Liberia, you must be mistaken. And yes, EVERYONE is watching!!!!

      • Kou, shame on you! If you are encouraging Weah to kill innocent civilians for exercising their constitutional rights to protest and to demand the president’s resignation, all I can say to you is that if he gets charged for crime against humanity, you won’t be there to help him. Watch what’s is going to happen.

        Hopefully, you will start using your real name when reality sets in. You guys helping to destroy Weah. But he doesn’t know; he is consumed by power.

        • Jackson Neal, did Ellen, Tolbert, Kagame, Abdel Sisi, or Meles Zenawi, and others get charge for crimes against humanity when the shot and killed protesters who were not even committing such ACT OF TREASON but rather for demands which were not even criminal?

          I have worked as an international civil servant for years. And I love my country just as any of you wanting to reverse the 2017 election results because your choices were rejected by the electorate. But the truth matters. And the truth is that we must graduate from this idea of reversing the democratic will simply because a few rascals will benefit through some selectorate. NO MORE THE LIBERIAN PEOPLE SHALL EVER TAKE SUCH ROAD. THE BALLOT BOX IS THE ANSWER.

          This is a good opportunity for this democratic elected government to use these criminals as an example which would send a very clear message to any would be rascals or shrewd agitators bent on the intent of using this economic hardship to reverse the democratic choice of the majority.

          • All I am telling you guys is that when he is sitting in jail, you won’t be there with him. Let him tell his rebel unit or his so-called SABU UNIT to shoot down innocent civilians. You know he and his wife are American citizens–Ask Chuckie Taylor what happen to him. He is prison for 99 years! Weah will spend the rest of his life in jail. Not Koigee, not McGee, nor Kowo, nor Tweah, nor Gray. It the onus will be on Weah’s head! Watch it…!

        • Jackson and or your real self who is not any Jackson Neal. You must be out of your mind to refer to vagabonds, and their tools paid by losers of election as “innocent”. Are you mad? These hooligans going to call an elected President to step down, you dare call innocent people? You need your head examined.

          • All I am telling you guys is that when he is sitting in jail, you won’t be there with him. Let him tell his rebel unit or his so-called SABU UNIT to shoot down innocent civilians. You know he and his wife are American citizens–Ask Chuckie Taylor what happen to him at his trial.

            Chuckie is in prison for 99 years! Weah will spend the rest of his life in prison cell. Not Koigee, not McGee, nor Kowo, nor Tweah, nor Gray. The onus will be on Weah’s head! Watch it…!

    • Merry Christmas Mr. Neal.

      I have planned to never post any comments until after the season but I must wish you compliments of the season for reawakening our buffoons and their idiotic supporters and sympathizers from their slumber.

        • Jackson Neal, did TOLBERT, Ellen, MELES Zenawi, Paul Kagame, Edogan, Abdel Sisi of Egypt, Fall of Senegal, or even OUATTARA OF IVORY COAST go to jail?

          Or is NOT COMMITTING ‘Serious Human and Civil Rights Violations’ or implementing human and civil rights WHEN a democraticly elected government sit naively and supinely as certain segment of society carry out serious breaches of the public peace and order, which is ipso facto a threat upon the nation, safety and happiness of the whole country and its stability, allow a defeated group to provoke violence of public tranquility with the sole intent to subvert the constitution and overthrow the government?

          Is that what you bandits and insane hypocrites and political zombies believe is the implementation of civil and human rights?

          Well, no responsible government awaits the execution of such seditious and treasonous act as this silly demand calling the president to step down. This treasonous plot is well known to governments around the world, hence governments prevent such menace or treasonous act by using all necessary means when such means become UNAVOIDABLE!

          That is the government or the State has the right to abort or intervene whenever, in such situation in balancing the rights of citizens to exercise their freedom of assembly rights etc AND THE RIGHTS OF SOCIETY TO BE FREE FROM SUCH IMPENDING HARM WHICH IS BY ALL INDICATIONS A CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER TO THE SOCIAL, ECONOMIC, AND POLITICAL, STRUCTURES OF THE COUNTRY. LET CHRIS SMITH GO TO HELL AND THERE ROT IN HELL!

          And this is why neither Ellen, Tolbert, Meles Zenawi, Abdel Sisi of gypt, or even, Nigeria, or Rwanda and SENEGAL TODAY EVER SHOW ANY LENIENCY OR NAIVETY IN SUCH SITUATION, BUT CRUSH THEM FORTHWITH!

        • Jackson Neal, you sound no different from just another TYPICAL AND CHRONIC BENEFICIARY OF INTERIM ARRANGEMENTS in Liberia.

          I wont be surprise if you are one of those who furtively fought with teeth and nails to select that other rascal Amos Sawyer in Banjul after you crooks high jacked the Constitution and ultimately the seat of power in November 1990.

          But unfortunately for you this time around, you will have to live with the reality that President George Manneh Weah is in power for twelve years.

          • But to start with, this Jackson Neal or whom he is factually, is sick mentally to spew such stupidity that because of a bastard as Henry Costa or old and ugly Boakai, the President should leave power. You are very stupid young or old man.

    • Jackson Neal, when did Chris Smith begin to be the one to announce assessments of the UN, ECOWAS, ETC. on countries? YOU are worst than a BORN LIAR? This nonsense by Smith only works with pariah leaders and NOT with leaders as President Weah who ascended to power via democratic means and is no pariah or wanted leader. Unless, you are just another fool, you should know this. Were you in coma when the UN, ECOWAS, and others through Dr. IBN CHAMBAS declared that they have full confidence in the leadership of President Weah?

  3. This so-called representative is a disgrace to the Liberia/ US relations to have spoken in such a foolish way as he did. It means that he is supporting the violence, incitement and utter disregard for the rule of law perpetrated by the opposition Community in Liberia. Is he not recalling some of the nonsense comments that Costa and the opposition have made against the peace and stability of our country?
    But anyway,a single man view on the Liberian situation doesn’t represent the foreign policy position of the US government.

    • Victor – The foreign policy posture of the US government towards this Liberian government is poor to say the least. As an example, it’s been more than two years since George Weah became president and he has failed to get a White House visit. This is a huge deal for a Liberian president as you know for political and economic reasons. I believe the Trump administration views the George Weah administration unfavorably, so it’s not going to reward him. Rep Smith’s concerns should not be taken lightly by the GoL because he is very influential on US policy towards Liberia. He could easily persuade President Trump to impose sanctions on Liberian officials suspected of human rights abuses. So you guys can make all the big mouth as usual but US sanctions is a real threat. I’m sure the US government warned Weah against arresting Henry Costa because it believes Liberian constitution grants citizens the right to protest their government peacefully. You can take that to the bank.

  4. A lot of dumb people living in Liberia for real…. This childish politicking has never helped any of you before are you not really aware? All these useless propaganda doesn’t help you at all foolish people in opposition in Liberia.

  5. Tolbert was the only well educated Liberian President.
    God bless Liberia.

    I huge portion of Liberian said “education was NOT important to govern Liberia”? That means we are in serious trouble.
    The economy can only be grown by industries. How many Liberian knows what industries are but they want to rule? The development of Liberia has 90+% to do with High Tech (Know-Hows)? You create jobs by exporting, local production.
    CoP, Ellen, Boikia, etc don’t also have any idea in any of those areas that can grow the country? 14years, Ellen et All didn’t do anything much? High incomes for positions that are not contributing to the economy, missing monies, etc.
    All of them are same and same old dead end streets.

    Thanks to Rep Smith for his observation and opinion.
    Everybody is limited by the Constitution. If people feels else, they must be investigated.
    Everybody must work within the Constitution. Do not corrupt, kill, etc?

  6. Is it Peculiar in Liberia?

    One of the OVERSEERS of the Plantation is speaking. Ummmmmmmm it’s interesting. It is not PECULIAR in Liberian History.
    Get the horses ready and oil the wheels of all the CARTS. Make sure the path is clear of any bumps and put holes. For, we are about to start another race. May God bless our poor masses to reach to the finishing line.

    Mamadu Bah (N/P) Nurse Practitioner, Meridian Health
    Born 1982
    Alma mater: Wells-Hairston

  7. Liberia cannot afford to be SANCTIONED by the greatest country in the world. It has to be avoided at all cost. Read the last paragraph of Representative Smith’s report. A HINT TO THE WISE IS SUFFICIENT

    • Mary Johnson and the rest of you here perceiving these hypocritical and misleading pretenses from Christopher Smith as though the views of him are the position of the United States, the UN, THE EU, AU, MRU, OR ECOWAS ARE SIMPLY ADDING TO THE STUPIDITY, HYPOCRISY, AND PRETENSES, OF Christopher Smith!! When Ouattara of Ivory Coast, Paul Kagame of Rwanda, Edorgan of Turkey, or the governments of Nigeria and Senegal and Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia , or even Ellen of Liberia, CRUSHED SIMILAR TREASONOUS AND SEDITIOUS ACTS, WHY DID Christopher keep his backside shut? Or when the Government of Saudi Arabia butchered Kashoggi quite recently, why did he Smith keep his ass closed?

      Look, that rascal is not America nor are his views of any significance. He is talking bullshit, no matter how FPA or Liberian Observer intends to mislead the public. When t comes to the national security of a nation, state, or government, whatever rights or treaty becomes insignificant! Only a foolish government would in order to avoid whatever .. whether sanction or otherwise NOT PROTECT THE REST OF SOCIETY OR DEAL WITH VIOLATORS AS HAPPENED WHEN THOSE DOGS OR BASTARDS ATTEMPTED PLANT CHAOS THE OTHER DAY, BUT WERE PREVENTED BY PATRIOTIC MILITANTS.

      • Mr. Gborvlehn, you failed to realize that Rep. Smith’s knowledge on Liberia carries weight with his peers in congress, and President Trump because he sits on the African sub-committee and he’s been influential in US policy on Liberia for a very long time. So when he speaks about human rights abuses in Liberia, it should not be taken lightly. Most of the members of congress don’t know much of, or care about Liberia so he could easily persuade President Trump to sanction human rights abusers there.

        • Phil George, in this day and age, no President, lawmakers, or government cannot attain knowledge of human rights records on a given country if that president, lawmaker, or government, so desires to fetch or attain such knowledge IN A HEARTBEAT!


          Christopher Smith who has foolishly believed that Liberia has developed some substantial internal divisions or internal cleavages via which he Smith and his likes can use and exploit to carry out their subversion by enlisting such criminals and losers of election as Costa, Boakai, etc IS SIMPLY PLAYING HIS GAMES WHICH ARE BOUND TO END UP IN FUTILITY.

          Remember, it was this very Smith who did everything to prevent his government from coming to power after they got convinced that THE COALITION FOR DEMOCRATIC CHANGE WAS BOUND TO WIN THE 2017 ELECTIONS. CHRIS SMITH IS A FRAUD.

          If Liberia were what he is fraudulently portraying to be, neither the UN, ECOWAS, NOR THE UN BE SILENT. In stead both the UN and the US Embassy have made it clear that these protests and this treasonous acts by Costa and his gang are uncalled for! That rascal and hypocrite Smith is simply another fraudulent politician WHO GRABS HIS ILLGOTTEN WEALTH BY ENLISTING SCUMBAGS AS COSTA OR LOSERS OF ELECTION TO DESTABALIZE COUNTRIES. .

      • Rep Smith has a legitimate concern about human rights abuses in Liberia and being on the African sub-committee, I believe he has all the information he needs to make an informed judgment. I think your ramblings about subversion, undermining and things like that distracts from the truth. I’m a Liberian-American and I know people have been brutalized, and in some cases murdered by government operatives. You can’t dispute it. If we know what’s going on there then why do you think the US government with vast intelligence wouldn’t know? The Liberian people have a constitutional right to protest and Rep Smith is right to admonish the GoL.

        • Smith has absolutely no legitimate concerns. If his concerns did, he would have criticized his government for letting war criminals and other gross human rights abusers walk with impunity after been documented and indicted by human rights organizations and his own military! GOT IT? Was his govt wrong? In my view, NO! For just as the Liberian government MUST protect the rest of society despite whatever treaty, so too the govt of America has the right to protect its soldiers despite whatever treaty!

          If his concerns were legitimate, he would have advanced such long ago, and not after the government and patriotic militants within the citizenry aborted his plan and that of his thugs last Thursday. Not only you, but no one can challenge or dispute any of the above! You argue as though these people so called protest is not criminal in terms of intent, WHEN THEIR PROTEST IS MOTIVATED ON TREASON.

          In short, if what Chris Smith had any drop of truth or legitimacy, it would have been ECOWAS blowing such alarm. Again, neither you nor anyone can question or doubt the authenticity of this truth supra.

          You venerate this nonsense coming from Chris Smith because you do not have the mental capacity, knowledge, nor intelligence, to see through his duplicity and criminal behavior in this matter.

          I dispute absolutely your claims about brutalities on the part of the Liberian government. Neither those hooligans nor Chris Smith has the right to abuse their constitutional right or natural right as in this case where losers of election and or foreigners as Chris Smith are bent on the intent of blackmailing a constitutionally democratic and elected government to not prevent or abort treason and sedition.

          • You’re off your rocker for comparing American exceptionalism to a third-world country such as Liberia. Not even close. You talk about democratic elections in Liberia as if winning an election negates good governance which exposes your cognitive lapses. The truth is, Weah is losing legitimacy which is a natural phenomenon in a democratic society when a leader abuses his power and uses the country’s money to enrich himself at the expense of his people. Liberians would not be so upset if their president was humble and shared their pain, but when he’s stealing their money and living large while they go hungry, then there is cause for trouble. So Weah brought this on himself…the people have had enough. I think you’re intellectually dishonest because you fail to acknowledge the root cause of Weah’s problems which is caused by his corrupt leadership.

  8. What interest does this United States Representative have in Liberia that makes him not to ask the United States Government to point out proof of predictions of interruption in a peaceful march without voicing a personal opinion? Is he one of those Americans financing organizations who intend to revisit the destruction of the Liberian nation again and think natural resources as gold, diamond, logs, uranium, Iron ore, etc.. can be obtained while Liberia is in another war, as was done by strangers in the past civil war? Not possible again. WE as Liberians will strap all involved whether from the instigators or protested, if any destroy is detected we will handle the few without touching the innocent Liberian people to secure our oil, blood,life and property. What has Liberia got to do with the political incites in the United States Government that makes this United States Law maker more interested in the Liberian Political affairs than the present party divide in the U.S.? We do not interfere in the internal affairs of a nation neither our allies unless the people call us. It is only the Liberian people that can determine whether its leader elected is capable or fit for the office elected to serve them. This can be done by vote and is easy to decide through referendum, and peaceful mandates brought forth by the Liberian people from a solid majority (no a few shambles seeking political power without procedural elections) of the Liberian nation enhanced through its 3 branches of government, the Executive if he feels the weight to resign is optional or the people who placed him in, the Liberian Legislature who may see the need to keep him in or impeach him after trial, or the court, Judiciary, who may interpret his actions if seen or presented by law made. Our Constitution is easy to understand; even the one of 1848. Our tribal laws are affixed. The Representative or American lawmaker may think our Liberian laws traditional, customary, or statue is an outlet of the United States civil protons as was traced from the history of slavery and as some skip goats think our county designs and emblems are as the U.S….false. (look at them keenly). Neither can they even see the difference between the U.S. election electors system vs Liberian simple majority. When they need our resources the pretend to be the same as we are, pretending to not know or know the true Liberian. I wonder what political party in the United States he comes here to foster? We ask this lawmaker to settle his impeachment problem in the U.S. first before interference into our internal affairs. It was only when Liberians themselves decided to end the past war did it end, regardless peace keepers came in for piece. We will handle Liberian trouble makers ourselves. We advise some peacemakers to stop inciting impunity in our Children. God says,” clean the dirt out of your own eyes before you touch ours”. Liberians handled it before and Liberians will handle their own trouble again in Liberian.
    Say your own to the Liberian people. Do not answer me. Gone to Simple silent majority in peace.

    • Many of you are living proofs that some humans can live with one-cell brains. You discount and insult this US representative’s assertions about currents events in Liberia, yet when the shit hits the fan as a result of such misrule, the US is the very country your asses will be squealing to for help? Not Russia. Not China. Not Germany, or France, or England. Yet, one of their representatives should not take the liberty to caution the morons misruling Liberia to reverse that counterproductive course? Mind you this is the same US Liberians don’t want to leave to go back home? Your must be out of your freaking minds.

    • Phil George, your subjective mindset coupled with perhaps your ignorance, or in fact, your deliberate disregard of the intellectual and practical phenomenon of WHAT IS KNOWN AS CATEGORICAL IMPERATIVE , blinds you to the reality that if polities could subscribe to your logic, not elections, but segments or groups would determine who or which governs, and not the ballot box. Phil, this is fundamentally the basis of elections! To decide objectively to whom elected positions are given! THIS IS NOT THE 16TH CENTURY. This is the 21st century.

  9. What language can this American white write? English or American? Can he speak vai or gio, or etc tribes? What Liberian tribe can he write?
    Do not answer me. Answer Liberians.
    Gone to silence too.

  10. Ladies and Gentlemen:
    As we deal with the current situation in Liberia, please let’s be respectful of each other’s viewpoints.

    Anti-Weah Supporters: You have a point to make. Make your point without insulting anyone whose viewpoint is different than yours.

    Pro-Weah Supporters: It’s good to be defensive! But it’s also good to be respectful of others whose views are not similar to yours.

    Reality: There are problems in Liberia. In fact, there are humongous problems in all of Africa and everywhere in the world. Some countries have more problems than us, of course we’re not concerned about other people’s dirt! Right?

    Congressman Smith’s observation:
    Let’s not forget that a US lawmaker cannot and will not spring from his or her comfort or discomfort in the US without being approached by a Liberian-born American about the troubling situation in Liberia. And although Congressman Smith’s name came up, be assured of this fact…… the lawmakers and I suppose the White House are closely monitoring the situation in Liberia. Fellow compatriots, let’s remain calm but not stupid! Congressman Smith is a good guy. When Dr. D. Nyan, a German-trained Liberian national made an outstanding medical discovery in his laboratory in the state of Maryland, Nyan’s superiors denied him the credit. Guess what? Congressman Smith did a fact check in support of Nyan’s discovery. When it was revealed that Nyan’s white bosses wickedly and falsely intended to give the credit to a white person, Smith’s elan made a unique difference!

    Let’s take it easy. This is Christmas time. Let’s reflect on how the Almighty God had led us throughout this year. Let’s not use this opportunity that some people didn’t have to agitate and juke our opponents with wicked diatribes. Insulting someone is not a professional way to alleviate one’s problems. Let’s pray for peace in the motherland. There will always be differences, but we can move on without yelling at one another. Peace

    Merry Christmas to the following:
    Kou Gontee,
    Phil George,
    Matilda Witherspoon,
    Sylvester G. Moses,
    Joe Moses,
    Jackson Neal,
    Mamadu Bah, the Aussie,
    Petarus Dolo, the perennial Cummings apologist,
    Mr. TD, the gentleman who goes to silence,
    Charles Anders,
    Miss Mary Johnson, of late. If you live in the Midwest, I might know you 🤭,
    Tony Leewaye,
    Curran, the Engineer and 2017 presidential candidate,
    Aaron Nelson Sr. Tala muah?…where are you going?
    Mr. Concerned Liberian, keep it up. Don’t kiss your US citizenship document and forget the motherland.
    My buddy Pete Gboyo.

    I could not recall all the names of the commenters who post comments on this blog. If your name is not mentioned, forgive me.
    May 2020 be the year of peace and financial prosperity for you. Blessings

    • Look, Mr. Sermonite, this is not your Sunday School to be chastising people for how they respond to issues here. People have the darn right to respond to issues per the emotion it evokes in them. You are nobody’s darn father or mother to come here with your silly piety. Reserve that for your household, assuming you man one. Nonsense!

    • Merry Christmas Hney!

      May the coming of our Savior Jesus Christ implant peace and love in your heart, Aaron’s, Kou’s and all those I have offended in one way or the other on this blog.
      May we learn to live together once again, accepting our differences and ethnic diversities.
      I love you all! I especially appreciate Joe Moses.
      Peace unto all of you.
      May God richly bless all the beautiful creatures who identifies with the land called Liberia, Amen!

  11. Woo, I am surprised Liberians or those writing on this forum are calling each other or Liberians dogs. Even if the US Rep didn’t say what is written, is it not what is going on? Even if it is not happening as the news says, doesn’t that mean I should call a fellow Liberian a dog or rat?

    Woo.. it is so bad that when you speak truth or say something even on this media people will call you dog. If it was in the news that the publisher of this story had said anyone had called a fellow Liberian a dog or rat. I wouldn’t read this paper anymore. But for those of you who call another person or a Liberia dog or rat publicly may God forgive you.

    May God Help Liberia becuz on the 30th dec, we don’t know what is been plan by outsiders or the international community Like the US to monitor.

    I hope Costa group or the counter protestors will know technology has improved so much that international security monitoring group don’t need to be present to monitor what is happening or going to happen in Liberia. There is something called the drone that does the work and it is so good that it takes video and pics in cases like this and they match it with situation or link it to doers or happening to get facts.

    So be mindful of what you do or say on 30Dec. The world will not be present physically but they will be watching.

    May God help Liberia.

    • Merry Christmas Bro. Hney,

      We have not gone anywhere, just enjoying our time with family members and my couple of my kids returning home for the holidays. Hope yours is going well.

      Bro. Dolo, Merry Christmas and I want to say Politics is not for kids, no want should come in with a thin skin. If one can’t stand the heat, let him or her get out of the kitchen. At the end of the day, We are all Liberians and everyone is entitled to his or her views and nothing should really be taken to heart to turn into hatred for one another, that will not be productive for our country.

      Merry Christmas to all peace loving Liberians.

  12. Thanks Bah, Dolo and Phil! I really mean it. Enjoy your Christmas. I am about to do something that I am not supposed to do… it’s lunch time and I am about to eat some fries.

    Bah, you are right! Civility counts.

  13. When skip goats who make it difficult for Liberians to go home, they as well as the greedy white land lords they kiss asses in the U.S. become oppressors and plant impunity in the Liberian nation to destroy it for wealth and power. When their wealth and power fade, they run back to the U.S. for rescue. If you have so much from white lords in the U.S. and those in the United States House of Representative, what are you producing in Liberia? What Commercial Liberian Airplane have you bought to get Liberians home? What are you producing to help the Liberian economy? There is no actual Liberian who wants to stay in another nation forever. Home is the best place. I think you should stop depending on the status of the American Law maker. The United States will not be the Police of the world, not even always. I guess you are beginning to see for the first time the political crisis in America’s greatness. Not every Liberian cares to become an American citizen. No matter what documents you may acquire from the U.S., you will still not be considered a part of the blood, especially while you are as black maybe as we are. When crisis in a nation begins and the fate of lawmakers is decided by one party, a party’s unitary decision is not in the interest of the Liberian people. This is how our political downfall started, as we complained about a one party system for years. What connections to you have with the United States Government more than we actual Liberians have? What is your blood type affiliated with the U.S. Government? Do not answer me. Tell yours to Liberians.
    DO NOT call my name, if you consider yourself an idiot. If you are educated. Say yours to the Liberian people.
    Gone to Liberian silent majority.
    Merry your own holidays.

  14. God bless you Sr. Hney.
    Merry Christmas – Happy New to all of you.

    Only the best of educated with the needed Know-Hows can develop Liberia.

  15. Pete Curran,
    You argue that “only the best educated” Liberians can develop Liberia. Yes, you’re right up to a certain degree, but there’s a harbinger.

    Don’t get me wrong. I do not want to sound like a former West African leader who once said “too much education is not my guiding principle”. Curran, if there is an educated leader who is less patriotic, one who lacks adroitness or a sense of political cultivation, nothing good will get done. Take my word to the bank.

    The Liberian public needs to be properly educated, not only in the classroom but in other areas of life. That’s my second point. Illiteracy in Liberia is high. In order for any educated leader to show finesse, she or he must deal with a population pool of people who are not overwhelmingly illiterate.

    Lastly, with regard to Congressman Smith’s call for good government in Liberia, I think the gentleman is right. Good government is needed everywhere. Even in the US, good government is needed. Because of the need for good government in the US, president Trump was recently impeached. This whole thing can be intellectually argued without being vituperative.

  16. We must be self governed to attain good governance. The end result is to live good in peace.
    Gone for long. May we all pray to God for the best of life.

  17. Merry Christmas to All! Where is the Liberian Council of Churches? The Liberian People are suffering! Where is the 1st Branch of the Liberian Government (Legislative Branch – Senators and Representatives)! The 1st Solution : Establish the WAR and ECONOMIC CRIMES COURT! Stop rewarding these Thieves in the Liberian Government! Start investigating the Weah Government and go to Previous Governments! May the Almighty God save Liberia!

  18. The George Weah Government must be very, very careful. The U.S. government is a Republic government, not a democratic government that is sometimes tolerant of African human rights behavior. Mr. President do not listen to the sycophants. You think you they love you, but when your back is on the wall, all those who are advising you to be tough will leave you alone to bear the burden.
    Some of your supporters were condemning the U.S. representative. When the US representative reports to full U.S. Congress of Liberia’s human rights violation, City Mayor Koijee would not safe the George Weah government. The Congressman is talking about Global Magnitsky sanctions against Liberia. Can Mayor Koijee stop the sanctions. Weah is taking a risk!
    The US representative is giving the Weah Government notice to protect the protesters on December 30. That would be the first test of will between who is powerful, Mayor Koijee or the U.S. Congress.

  19. Sanctions on the people who advise impunity without informing appropriate authorities, and not on the innocent Liberian people. Putting sanction on the nation effects every Liberian. The same mistake happened when the war was at high optimum. United Nations prior to escape of those killers or destroyers announced sanctions senselessly refused to capture the reboes (rebels), dictators, and totalitarians or tyrants and placed sanctions on our resources, causing the entire nation to suffer while some died of hunger diseases and tyranny.When the first shot is fired, who stops the second? When EBOLA starts it does not look for officials or doctors, or representatives, or presidents, what power you have or how much you got. Regardless your guns, it attacks who comes in contact. A healthy self control nation controls its population in peace. The mosquito bite in Africa is not the same as in the U.S.
    Do not call me back. Gone in peace. Tell Liberians.

  20. You stated that you’ve worked as an, “International civil servant in Liberia for years.” I wonder, what were your duties and responsibilities then? Second, what bearing does your former duties as an “international civil servant” has on the debate on Serious Human and Civil Rights Violations?

  21. I come in the name of sanity. I come in the name of peace. I come in the name of reconciliation. Reconsider..
    I write in the name of sanity. I write in the name of peace. I write in the name of reconciliation . Reconsider
    I plead in the name of sanity, I Plead in the name of peace. I write in the name of reconciliation. Reconsider.

    It is with disdain that this nation that was founded on Christian principles is today the land of uncontrollable acts of violence, deceits, cheating, ritualistic killings, disrespect of elders and elected leaders (good and bad, educated and not educated), rapes, religious intolerance, hatred for political opponents and the likes of unwanted acts of carnality.

    The nation went through years of civil war just to teach us to love and cherish one another and give the respect and chance to elected leaders, whoever they may be. To give our children the opportunities to live in a world where they will aspire to be the best and achieve higher standards of living right here in Liberia.

    I come in the name of sanity. I come in the name of peace. I come in the name of reconciliation. Reconsider..
    I write in the name of sanity. I write in the name of peace. I write in the name of reconciliation . Reconsider
    I plead in the name of sanity, I Plead in the name of peace. I write in the name of reconciliation. Reconsider.

    The energies of Liberian at home and abroad should be garnished into development and development and development. Let us stop and think how we can better help the country to meet higher heights, higher living standards. The natural resources and capabilities of Liberia and Liberians along with support from the international community is enough to make the nation the beacon of Africa that it ought to be.
    I admonish all Liberian(s) who can make a positive change to pray and encourage other to end the name-calling, disrespect and seek to make Liberia the sweet land of Liberty.

    I come in the name of sanity. I come in the name of peace. I come in the name of reconciliation. Reconsider..
    I write in the name of sanity. I write in the name of peace. I write in the name of reconciliation . Reconsider
    I plead in the name of sanity, I Plead in the name of peace. I write in the name of reconciliation. Reconsider.

    Peace and Happy New Year 2020.

  22. Have a Happy New Year, Zinnah! May the Almighty God bless you and your family.

    It’s understood why you had to beg for understanding in order to say all the good things you’ve said. You really didn’t have to. You’re free to express yourself. Not the ignoramuses, but the good people will undoubtedly appreciate your patriotic message for our beloved country. There are some people who are so vindictive that they will write gobbledygook. Don’t pay any attention to them and don’t argue with them. Just continue to be unflappable. Usually, the simplicity of a stupid person is exposed if you bother not to respond to them.

    In conclusion, you’re right, gentleman! Liberia was founded on Christian principles. We can do better.

  23. The same soap that cleans your body can poison you. When you begin to call your detergent dirty, ask yourself what else you have to clean your cloths. Knowledge cannot be stolen. I have no more free knowledge for you, my soap says. If you must support the acts of the devil, stop calling on peace in Christ Jesus.

  24. A very Happy holidays to each and every one of you and as we go into the New Year, It is hoped that we do so with a spirit of tolerance and respect for one and the other and the abiding faith that Liberia will rise again, we have no choice but to do so or we are at peril. We already at peril.

    Uncle Hney, many thanks to you for taking me in and putting me under your tutelage and for the warm sentiments towards my family.

    Uncle Dolo (the perennial Cummings apologist) Uncle Hney’s words, not mine. Your power of persuasion is astounding and you draw reactions with your comments and i am glad our paths crossed, even if it is on this forum.

    I had a nice time during my stay in the USA, and my time here is winding down and in a day or two, i leave for home. yes, the many problems with still be there to greet me. My dad will whine in my ears that he has not taken pay for 6 months, my sister will complain of the US rate against the Liberian dollars, the electricity will still be off when I get there, and the many other problems that beset us, but it is home for me, and there is no place like home.

    So, it becomes all of us responsibility to try to bring sanity to our country, because, if we dont, who will? We have to keep our leaders in our prayers, yes, we may not like them, they may not doing the right thing, but suffice they are our leaders.

    I was telling a friend of mine that God gave us these leaders to lead us and he flatly refused my assertion, saying that it was the devil that gave us these leaders. We just have to keep them in our thoughts and prayers and as the December 30 protest descend upon us – I will be home by then- let us reflect soberly if this is what we want and hope that it will be a peaceful procession.

    Uncle Aaron, I will visit your wonderful state of MN sometimes in May-June of next summer and hope to cross path with you. Hopefully.



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