Septic Tank Pollution Sparks Grave Concern at Bushrod Island

Burst septic tank and old sewer pipe-line posing health & environmental hazards in Vai Town, Bushrod Island .jpg

A large ruptured septic tank being used by a group of Lebanese business people in the Vai Town Community on the Bushrod Island continues to generate grave concern amongst residents, environmentalists and health personnel.

Affected residents and health workers in the area are urging the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Ministry of Health’s Occupational Health Department (OHD) to institute steps and action on the end-users to repair the damaged septic tank.

According to the affected residents and health workers, the odors from the waste in the septic tank pose serious health and environmental hazards to the detriment of the Vai Town Community.

Some of the residents interviewed by the Daily Observer claimed the septic tank burst open about two weeks ago and those connected to it continue to the treat the unsanitary situation with blind eyes. 

Besides children and other vulnerable groups coming in direct contact with the wastes and toxic air from the septic tank, there are other challenges for health facilities in the community.

Owing to the congested nature of houses where the septic tank is situated, if urgent steps are not taken to repair the damage an outbreak of multiple diseases could soon occur in the densely populated community.

The affected residents also underscored the need for the EPA, Ministry of Health and other stakeholders not to sit by idly and wait for a disease outbreak before putting pressure on the end-users to take action to remedy the sanitation threat being posed by the cracked septic tank.

Mr. Sylvester B. Fahnbulleh of Vai Town expressed serious concern over the unsanitary conditions being caused by the waste leaking from the burst septic tank. He appealed to the EPA and Ministry of Health to take swift action to revert the health hazard in the area.

“I’m deeply frustrated over this unsanitary situation resulting from this damaged septic tank. Our children are being exposed to multiple air and water borne diseases as a result,” Fahnbulleh lamented.

Another resident, Madam Fematta M. Konneh called on the EPA and its partners to immediately come to the aid of the affected residents of Vai Town in the interest of health and good sanitation.

“Our people must be rescued from such dehumanizing conditions,” Madam Konneh cautioned.


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