Senwah Foundation Builds New Facilities for Mani Public School

Staffers of the school posed with some of Senwah Foundation's officials in front of the building.

The Mani Public School, located in Grand Cape Mount County, has been a gracious recipient of a philanthropic gesture from the Senwah Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Boston, MA, United States.

Ms. Jassie-Fredcia Senwah, founder and executive director of the Foundation, made the presentation recently.

The Foundation has taken the lead to provide essential school materials for five years, including the establishment of a reading room, distribution of book bags to students, and chairs to the school.

Among other initiatives, the Foundation also provided a modern lavatory for students and school’s authorities valued at over US$8,000. The lavatory, which stands 90 percent complete, will have a total of five stalls for boys, girls and the staff.

The goal is to enhance the school and the lives of the children in improving sanitation and proper hygiene.

Lesa T. Fahnbulleh, principal of the school, praised Ms. Senwah for the level of support provided and which she has continued to offer to the administration and the students.

Mr. Fahnbulleh said the foundation’s ongoing initiative at the school will help to address the sanitation problem at the school, adding: “Our students were getting ill every week because of the poor state of the latrine.”

Submerged in neglect and deprivation for many years, the students were overly joyous when the Foundation began assisting the school in 2014. The support intends to improve the country’s education sector, Ms. Senwah said.

They have supported neighboring schools, including Konjah Public school as well as children living with disabilities through the Jerry Cebulski African Disability Foundation, and donated books to Kids Education Engagement Project (KEEP). Over the last few years, the Foundation has provided school supplies to over 500 students and is committed to providing more.

Students in the Senwah Foundation-built library.

According to Mr. Fahnbulleh, the Foundation has over the years provided some key assistance to volunteer teachers, an initiative that has helped in maintaining them.

“Today, Senwah Foundation has transformed the Mani Public School through the establishment of a reading room, distribution of copy books to students, book bags, chairs, painting of the school, and providing supplies for teachers,” Mr. Fahnbulleh recalled.

He decried the appalling condition of the schools due to a lack of several other teaching staffs and resources, despite several calls the administration placed to the government since he took over as principal in 2014.

The school has an enrollment of 150 students, with four volunteer teachers and a principal.

The project coordinator, Varney Freeman, expressed gratitude to Ms. Senwah for supporting young people to acquire better education.

Freeman said that the Foundation has been helpful in transforming and improving the learning environment of the Mani public school, an initiative that is being welcomed by parents and school’s authorities.

Guah M. Kiazulu, student of the 5th grade class, expressed gratitude for the level of support the Senwah Foundation provided to the school and other schools in Cape Mount, especially the reading room.

According to her, students from other schools have been urged to make full use of the reading room, to improve their reading skills, an initiative that continues to address some of the problems faced by students.

Meanwhile, Ms. Senwah said she is grateful to individuals like Mr. Freeman, Mohammed Jeneka, Fatu Howard, Maier Goodridge, and her grandmother Lucia Johnson, who are always ready to help when called upon in Liberia.

“The work is even more meaningful because many Liberians, who now reside in the US, help to fund the projects,” Ms. Senwah said.

She expressed the hope that the government would do more in the remote and hard to reach communities with education facilities.

Senwah Foundation’s funding is generated from diverse sources to support the work they do.

Contact: [email protected] or visit You can also like the page on Facebook or call 777538124. The annual fundraising dinner is set to be held on Saturday, November 10, 2018, at The Fours in Quincy, MA.


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