Senators Want Weah, Johnson Report

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The Senate yesterday voted unanimously to approve a request mandating Senators Prince Y. Johnson and George M. Weah to present a comprehensive report on their recent activities at the ECOWAS Parliament in Abuja, Nigeria.

The vote was prompted by a motion from River Gee Senator Matthew Jaye and supported by Senator Varney G. Sherman requiring the two Senators to either make a joint or separate reports to plenary within two weeks.

Grand Gedeh County ranking Senator G. Alphonso Gaye, the author of the request for the two Senators’ account of their participation in the ECOWAS Parliament recalled that “since the induction of our two colleagues by that body, there is no indication of any report submitted to the Liberian Senate on the deliberations, the benefits to the ECOWAS region in general and Liberia to be specific.”

The Grand Gedeh lawmaker, in his letter dated February 21, 2017, described as regretful and disappointing a memo from the Speaker of the ECOWAS Parliament which disclosed “the unprofessional behavior of some of its members who receive per diems but do not attend sessions.”

“As Liberia’s representation to regional and international bodies is cardinal to our development agenda, it is important to ascertain that our Representatives are not among those unprofessional people who are robbing that regional body,” Senator Gaye, who chairs the Senate Committee on Transport, noted.

Concluding his letter, Senator Gaye requested the Senate plenary to “mandate our two Representatives to ECOWAS Parliament, Senators Prince Johnson and George Weah of Nimba and Montserrsdo counties, respectively, to present in open session a comprehensive report of their presence since their induction, and the report should contain the issues discussed and the decision (s) taken by that regional body.”

In January 2015, the two Senators were voted unanimously by plenary to represent the Liberian Senate at the level of the ECOWAS Parliament.

Prior to Senator Gaye’s letter, there have been alleged reports that Senator Weah had not been a regular participant at sessions, an allegation that was recently supported by fellow ECOWAS parliamentarian, Senator Johnson.


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