Senators to Wear Masks During Session

Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence

— Stringent New Protocols for Coronavirus Effected

The Liberian Senate through an internal memo has effected several stringent measures for Coronavirus, including the request for Senators to wear masks at all times while in the Senate building and during sessions. The memo signed by Chairman of the Senate Committee on Rules, Order and Administration, Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence, disclosed that the Liberian Senate will return to the bigger and spacious old Chambers than the Chinese-constructed Annex being used.

During the next four sessions according to the memo, sitting capacity for Senators will be arranged six feet apart; while each Senator will be allowed to have one staff at a time in office excluding his/her driver and security.

The stringent measures will also  all departments of the Senate shut down for one month, excluding the Secretariat, Accounts, Maintenance, Operations, Human Resources, Procurement, Press and Protocol, which will accommodate two employees each.

The measures, according to Senator Lawrence, is in further adherence to the rigorous preventive decisions against Coronavirus and she clarified that during this period, Senators will only attend session on Tuesday and Thursday, while the Senate Leadership will work on non-session days.

Meanwhile, the Senate has decided that only six (6) media representatives from the Press Department will be permitted to cover Senate plenary deliberations, while the Senate Press Bureau will do all recordings and brief the media after every session. “Absolutely, no visitors will be allowed into the premises of the Senate,” the memo concluded with the emphasis on the Senate’s call for reinforced straight adherence to hand-washing protocol at every entrance to the Capitol Building.


  1. The Rise of Asymmetrical Battlefield

    Nations Security budgets must include a portion that will fund GEM WARFARE. Recent COVD-19 proliferation around the globe is a clear indication that the battle field can no more be limited to men, boots, riffles, bombs, jets, battle ships and drones. It can also be in a microbiologist laboratory. It’s becoming more asymmetrical than ever. Those who have the scientific capabilities, have stood chances in claiming victory in modern conflicts. As times goes on, it’s becoming more vivid that the trend is only escalating.

    As our law makers are planning to ware masks in session they should not forget to increase funding for quality education, to prepare the nation for a new world order. I know Sub-Sahara Africa is lacking in many scientific developments however, most of the resources that are components of scientific developments are from Africa. We can change that trends if we are committed in funding scientific institutions.

    The world we live in today, is a preview of what to expect for tomorrow’s world. Any nation caught flat footed, leaves its people at the mercy of foes. We can keep the social 6 ft distances, ware masks, self quarantine but we should also look at other factors like bad actors weaponizing science.

    Science is not conscious. The same bacteriological virus used in the development of penicillin, can also be used to do harm.
    The safety of the Liberian people is the most paramount.

    Mamadu Bah, NP ( nurse practitioner) Meridian Health.

  2. Wearing a mask by the lawmakers in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19 makes sense. Sitting far apart in the well of the senate in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19 is a smart move. Also appropriating money by the “do nothing” lawmakers in order for masks to be purchased for healthcare workers makes sense. Since ours is the poorest of the poor, the lawmakers can dip in their purses and pockets and buy masks for their respective constituents. Or, the lawmakers should get on the bandwagon of a lockdown call because nothing good will they accomplish while everyone runs for cover.

    The lawmakers’ masks: Who buys the masks? The government? It would be a hard sell. Although it makes sense to wear masks, it makes more sense for the lawmakers to quarantine themselves at home then going to work!

    My suggestion.



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