Senators Dillon and Chie in Verbal Clash

Vice President Howard-Taylor (seated) holding post-clash discussion with Pro Tempore Chie (far right) and Senator Dillon (2nd from right)

— As Ad Hoc Committee takes charge of Sen. Tengbeh’s letter to investigate Dillon

Amidst speculations among both opposition parties Senators and the general public, a debate that lasted over three hours on Wednesday, June 3 at the Senate, has clarified that a letter from Lofa County Senator George T. Tengbeh, is not calling for Senator Abraham Dillon’s suspension or expulsion.

Since the submission of Senator Tengbeh’s letter calling for the investigation of the Montserrado County Senator, there have been mounting debates both at home and abroad, condemning and/or decrying the suspicion that Senators were contemplating the expulsion of the tough-talking Senator.

Wednesday’s debate followed a report submitted by the Senate Leadership,  which was last week requested to look into the complaint and advise plenary.

In their report, the Senate’s Leadership, among other things, noted that since the Senate operates through committees, it has decided to set up a three-man ad hoc committee to be chaired by Senator H. Varney Sherman, with Senators Henrique F. Tokpa and Matthew Jaye serving as members. However, at the close of the debate, Senator Sherman announced that he was recusing himself as one of the Leadership Committee members, whose decision prompted the set up of the ad hoc committee.

As expected, a good number of opposition Senators, led by the political leader of the Liberty Party and Senator of Grand Bassa County, Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence, vehemently protested the alleged attempt by majority Senators to violate several articles of the Senate Rules and the Constitution of Liberia.

The opposition Senators, including Oscar Cooper, Stephen Zargo, Daniel Naatehn, Sando Johnson, Conmany Wesseh and former Pro Tempore Armah Zolu Jallah, all cited Articles 19, 20, 23 and 40 of the Senate Rules, which highlight conditions and procedures for suspension or expulsion, as those violated by Senator Tengbeh while complaining his Montserrado County colleague. However, it was clarified that Tengbeh’s communication did not call for suspension or expulsion, but for an investigation of Dillon.

Addressing his colleagues, the accused Senator Dillon tried to recall a statement by Pro Temp Albert T. Chie last August, on the occasion of the Montserrado Senator’s induction to the Senate.

“Today, I am reminded of August 15, 2019 when I was inducted to represent the people of Montserrado and the Republic of Liberia; my welcoming comments and remarks by the Leadership of the Liberian Senate, today [are] being manifested. I was reminded that the people sent me here and [I] have now ‘become part of us and you do what we say, and the people do not matter.'”

Senator Dillon maintained that those welcoming words were part of the plot that is now being put to the test to expel him.

But in what appeared to be an emotional reaction, Pro Temp Chie tried to divulge what he described as his efforts to establish a cordial relationship between him and Senator Dillon over many years.

“Dillon worked for me before he became Senator and I used to pay him from my pocket,” Senator Chie explained. “When Senator Dillon got elected, he was finding difficulty to pay his poll watchers. He called me to help him pay his poll watchers and I gave him US$3,000. So, there is no way Senator Dillon can say the Pro Temp has a premeditated mind against him.”

Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor, who presided over Wednesday’s sitting found it difficult, if not impossible, to call to order the Pro Tempore, who was then speaking in his capacity as ordinary Senator of Grand Kru County. At the closing stages of the debate, Vice President Taylor called both Dillon and Pro Tempore Chie to her desk, apparently to appeal for reasoning and harmony.

Through a motion by Montserrado County Senator Saah H. Joseph, Senators agreed that the ad Hoc committee handles the complaint and report to plenary within one week.

It can be recalled that among many violations outlined, Senator Tengbeh, in his communication, noted that the Senator Dillon’s action has brought the Senate and Senators to unjustifiable public ridicule and irreparable damage done to the reputation, integrity and dignity to the Senate; at the same time dishonored the Senate and made it a laughing stock.

“This pattern of behavior on the part of Senator Dillon must not be allowed to continue unchecked and unsanctioned; I therefore kindly request the Leadership of the Liberian Senate to subject Senator Dillon to an investigation, give him due process in line with the Senate Rules and the Constitution of Liberia, and apply the appropriate sanction if found guilty of the allegations I have levied against him.”


  1. A principled person always knows how to carry himself professionally…Forcing others to define their relationship with you is a sign of lack of value and character…

  2. And the plot thickens, but quickly became the plot that failed. The Pro-temp as the least educated on the floor of the Senate, apart from that of the murder Senator , Prince Johnson, the Pro-temp could not draw the numbers in the Senate in order to carry out the plot. And his henchman , Senator Varney Sherman , the con artist from Grand Cape Mount County, realizing that the Pro-temp did not have the numbers after they both planned and worked on the plot, the con man saw reason to bail himself out of the whole mess, leaving the least educated one to explain his way out of the plot that failed. In the beginning, they both had it figured out. They need someone else in the plot. Like what was carried out in the political case of the Associate Justice, Justice Ja’neh. The Pro-temp and his henchman need someone to file a complaint. And they found that person, the political crook from Lofa County, Senator Tengbeh. Just as it was with the planned accusation against Justice Ja’neh . When they found a ninety years old lady to accuse the Associate Justice about stealing her land. Like in the beginning, it worked ! Because most of the newly Senators fell for that old trick , with bribery on their minds. But this time around, against one of their own, the Pro-temp and his henchman could not bend the rules of the Senate in their favor. As they did with Justice Ja’neh , and had him booted out of the nation’s Supreme Court bench. Having seen that the numbers are not in their favor to expel the Maverick Senator from Montserrado County, the henchman and con artist , Varney Sherman is bailing out, and want no part of the plot. In fact , throwing out his partner in crime under the bus to explain his way out to the public. That’s Varney Sherman, the trickster that was never trained by his parents to be good productive citizens. How many times have the con artist been indicted for alleged criminal acts and brought before the law ? In any standardized country where the rules of law are practiced, Sherman would have been in jail today. Only one kind of lesson to be learned from all this , concerning the plot, that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court was very foolish to play along with politicians in helping them to boot one of his own from the High Court. Now he knows that the politicians will never stomach the pain to kick out one of their own. The silly Chief Justice, perhaps, because of age, wanted to make friends with the politicians. The plot that failed has weakened the political leadership of the Senate and the Pro-temp. Perhaps too, his days are numbered .

  3. Come on, “uncle Tengbeh.” All the brown envelopes you accepted to expel Kabinah J’anneh did not make you and the so-called honorable body a laughing stock but it is Dillon’s disagreement with you guys that have made you and likes of “Jato Chie” a laughing stock, right? You’re an embarrassment to Lofa, Tengbeh. But time will tell and posterity will judge you, so continue to kick your last kicks.

    • Edwin Mulbah. Please stop stigmatizing Senator Chie. I think it is disrespectful to our democracy. Let us be civil and make our points. I do welcome dissenting views not insults on our public servants.You can make your points without insults, as bad behaviors may become imitating to the younger generations. Thank you.

  4. We might have to stage a citizen coup de tat to get ride of those hooligans. The country is doomed. After years of war following a misguided coup in 1980. The result is this level of madness. We are calling a bunch of rouges senators and lawmakers. We need a national citizen action committee to stage a bloodless coup to unseat this Ellen designed and created government of George Oppong Weah, this stupid and illiterate president.

    • Jackson Neal, your jealousy and conviction of tyranny, elitism, and minority rule, IS KILLING YOU SLOWLY!!! Dr. Weah is President for twelve years! And from what political observers can see, THE MIGHTY CDC shall long remain the dominant political party and political coalition in Liberian politics.

    • “Jackson Neal”, that high school drop out and opportunist Darius Dillon is a complete DARKNESS!

      This is why people like you cannot see that a corrupt opportunist Darius Dillon is a beneficiary and an accomplice/criminal in the first and second degree regarding the collapse of NOCAL!

      This is why you and your likes cannot see that Darius Dillon, is a liar who made promises to the county he had no intention of keeping, defending funds as “operational funds”, using the very cars he said were to expensive for legislators, IS TOO MUCH OF A CORRUPT THIEF, HYPOCRITE, AND OPPORTUNIST TO BE WHAT YOU BLINDLY BELIEVE HE IS.

  5. in most countries, the problem is covid-19 . in LIberia, it is getting rid of a senator.

  6. Hahahahaha, Mr. Jackson Neal, I’ m laughing my gut out. So, it was the ‘old ma’ who created the Oppong Administration? Okayooh.

  7. This is a sick country,(but maybe someday) it might get well!!
    John Gunther, Inside Africa.

    After more than 70 years when the above statement was written, the Republic of Liberia is still a sick country. If this were not so, the government and our market-women would not be talking about recovery. Moreover, the Senators who should be the voice of the people are corrupt to the core. What Dillon has done is to expose what is happening in the Senate. Dillon, the people’s Senator, has discovered that his colleagues(including, but not limited to the pro-temp, the Speaker, Senator Varney Sherman of Grand Cape Mount County, and their cohorts,) are not doing the Liberian people bidding. They instead, are carrying out the bidding of a corrupt President at the detriment of the people whom they are suppose to represent in the Liberian Senate. Instead of doing their job in holding the President accountable, they, on the other hand, rubber stamp every corrupt proposal that emanates from the Executive Mansion followed by the “Brown Envelop”(MONEY).

    They accept Money from the President to quickly get a corrupt bill supported by the President passed without debate contrary to our democratic norms. For those Senators who in seeking the interest of their people object to this corrupt process, as Dillon has clearly found himself, you are either ostracized or marked as an enemy or dissident within the Senate.

    Senators were not sent to the Senate to do the President’s corrupt bidding. They were elected by the people to seek the people’s interests and to serve as a check on the Executive. But People like Senators Varney Sherman and Pro tempore Chie would prefer to use their offices and positions to benefit themselves with bundles of money than to serve the people they represent.

    Corruption in Liberia is a sad commentary. For how could one like Varney Sherman who had been schooled in one of the best institutions of learning in Liberia,(Cuttington College and Divinity School, whose motto is “Sancte et Sapienter,” (Holy and Wise), turn out to be so corrupt to the core? This rascal was thought to be holy and wise in all his interactions with his people. But on the contrary, he continues to use his education create a cartel of criminals in the Liberian Senate to hurt us as a people.

    Her Excellency, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was not any far from being right when she lamented “we are all corrupt, I don’t know who to trust.” Perhaps the president might not have been reading metaphysics and moral philosophy. But her statement was quite true, at least in an uncategorical sort of way.

    I say to Senator Dillon continue to be the Light in Liberia’s DARK senate. Expose them whenever they contravene or circumvent the law. In all “speak the truth and the truth shall set you free”(Holy Bible).


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