Senatorial Election Fever Hits Nimba


Ahead of NEC Declaration

The fever surrounding the coming mid-term special senatorial election has hit Nimba County, with the county already polarized by ideologies.

On local radio stations, messages of donations from various political auxiliaries are aired regularly, while at the same time those expressing interest in the senatorial bid are very busy moving around, making pledges and presenting cash to win the hearts and minds of voters, something many have considered as “pre-campaigning.”

There are few names emerging to contest the senatorial election, including incumbent Senator Thomas Grupee, Rep. Jeremiah K. Koung, Supt. David Dorr Cooper, Taa Wongbe and former Nimba County Superintendent Edith Weh, among others.

Besides Senator Thomas Grupee, the rest of the contenders are yet to openly declare their intention to contest the senatorial race, come 2020.

Among the names, Nimba District #1 Representative, Jeremiah Koung, is said to be in the lead, followed by Supt. Dorr Cooper, according to an opinion poll from radio broadcasts and the social media.

Supt. Dorr Cooper is yet to openly declare his interest, but he has one of the leading youth groups under the banner, “Progressive Youth in Support of Dorr Cooper.”

This group and its leader have been carrying on donations to schools, communities, and other institutions across Nimba.

Amid the controversial scrap deal with Sethi Brothers in the county and which the superintendent has been heavily criticized for single-handedly signing the deal with Sethi, Superintendent  Cooper was seen with a brand new four-door pickup, which he often used around with his boys.

The friends of Jeremiah Koung are visiting everywhere in the county and identifying with citizens through cash and materials.

The popularity of Jeremiah Koung grew from his hospital in Ganta and several other projects he undertook in his first and second terms as representative of Nimba District # 1, which includes Ganta. However, Koung was one of those lawmakers recently named in a scandal to siphon money from the national budget to support their private hospitals when government hospitals across the country were struggling for money to pay staff and vendors.

Senator Thomas Grupee and his followers, headed by Dr. Kadiker Rex Dahn, took a long tour around the bordering towns in Nimba, where he was petitioned by locals to re-contest; but his development role as a senator is being questioned by his critics.

Former Supt. Edith Weh is yet to appear in Nimba, but her supporters have been alerting the public about her coming and her desire to contest for the third time.

The momentum of Taa Wongbe grew last year but dropped significantly at the close of the year. He is yet to be seen in public and has no visible support group or friends like the other contestants. It is not yet clear how many people will be contesting the senatorial election in 2020, but of the few on the list, Rep Jeremiah Koung is said to be on top, according to opinion polls on radios and social media.


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