Senator Wesseh Warns Senate Pro-Temp of Beclouding Danger over Liberia

Sen. Conmany B. Wesseh

— Amid attacks on Opposition

River Gee County Senator, Conmany B. Wesseh has written the Senator Albert T. Chie, President Pro-Tempore of the Senate, informing him about his expectation for what he calls “Lawful order” for the Legislature “to prevent the destruction of the 17 years of hard-won peace in Liberia.”

Suggesting that the Senate may not be giving attention to some multiple violent events in recent days, the Senator said: “The orders should be swift actions of condemnation of, and investigation into what happened today (30 July) in Zwedru — the attack on visiting opposition political leaders (Hon. Alexander B. Cummings, Chairman of the Collaborating Political Parties and former Presidential Candidate of the ANC and Hon. Yekeh Kolubah, Member of the House of Representatives) by apparent state-organized and sponsored mob; and the deployment of the Armed Forces of Liberia to escort the peaceful leaders out of a town in their own country.”

“The army and police were not deployed,” Senator Wesseh wrote, “and the Superintendent and other County officials physically present, to help enforce the right of the leaders to conduct their lawful business in Zwedru; rather it was for the leaders to be ‘escorted’ out of Grand Gedeh County so that the mob would achieve their heinous and unlawful objective.”

He added that two days earlier, the unconfirmed and therefore indefinite Acting Mayor of Fishtown denied the same visiting opposition leaders the use of the City Hall, a publicly funded building, for their lawful meeting.

“And a few days earlier, the Superintendent of Maryland County declared to an errant crowd of CDCians that the Army and Police are for them to use anyhow, anywhere and anytime for any purpose. Sir and Senate Colleagues, all these developments are a call to armed violence again and a threat to peace in our country,” said Senator Wesseh.

He cautioned and reflected that Senators including him, President George Manneh Weah and many innumerable Liberians spent 14 years (Dec 1989 to August 2003) searching for peace, and the West African brothers and sisters through ECOMOG and ECOMIL, and the internationals (UNOMIL and UNMIL), laid down their lives for Liberia to live, and the more than 250000 were killed during the 14-year war.

“We the Legislature are duty-bound to prevent the return to that ugly, shameful and ignominious past. The Senate must begin acting now to save our Country,” Senator Wesseh concluded.


  1. Conmany Wesseh does not need to warn anyone here. Is this not the kind of government the likes of you, Conmany, wanted? You craved for it and you got it. So relax, old man.

    • Comanny Wisseh, desist from this anti-national interest hypocritical disposition been perpetrated by you and especially you.

      Your crocodile cry and crying wolf here are absolutely and foolishly subjective and deceptive. You are one of those whose conduct on the national stage has proven that politicians are selfish power-seeking hypocrites who conceal their selfish desires behind the rhetoric of public service and ideological conviction.

      Instead of writing your very useless letter to the Senate Pro-Tempore, you should have been one of those tutoring your collaboration colleague and fellow legislator Yekeh of the implications of his unruly and hooligan behavior which are bound to result into what you are now boring the Pres. Pro Tempore with, but you foolishly deluding yourself that you may be making political points. Now, assimilate this infra:

      The state/Government owes citizens , aliens, and the population in toto merely due diligence and never absolute security! For absolute security is divine omnipotence and divine omnipresence; something no state and government can provide!

      Hence, as Democritus propounds: “Every even or every action in the universe is certainly determined by preceding events and actions, on account of the fact that both the animate and inanimate behave according to the impacts of atoms upon each other, much as one billiard ball striking another causes each to alter its course”; so too the hooligan conduct of especially a public official, is bound to gravitate similar misconduct to him or herself! THIS IS KNOWN AS THE ATOMIC THEORY OR PUT SOPHISTICATEDLY, THE THEORY OF DETERMINISM!

      Accordingly, one who presents himself as a hooligan, and usually obstructs law and order, and “chooses street protests and heckling antics”; and is also KNOWN TO THE POLICE AND THE POPULATION AS A NOTORIOUS PUBLIC NUISANCE ; no matter the due diligence provided by government, in his or her interest, his or her free speech rights and freedom of movements are generally not seen by many, as “inviolable”!!!

      Hence, such rights and freedoms are rarely respected by others even within his or her own party or group! For Government only owes due diligence to citizens and aliens or the given population in toto; AND NEVER ABSOLUTE SECURITY WHICH EQUALS DIVINE OMNIPRESENCE AND DIVINE OMNIPOTENCE!

  2. These suggestions are welcoming. Liberia is treading along a dangerous path, and considering our past, we cannot continue to live like this. The Senate need to think about Liberia, and not just their political interest. Prevention is better than cure.

  3. CDC is a full-blown thuggish so-called political party which has shown it’s true self to the peoples of Liberia and the onlooking world that it’s simply not fit and ready to lead this nation of a great people as we are.
    It is now up to us, its Employers to fire them through our votes and save this only nation of ours before we we become stateless again. I believe for one that the onlooking world is tired of our games and it’s high time Liberia and Liberians stand up and save the state!

    • If it is the right of Yekeh Kolubah to organize protests, block traffic, burn car tires, and prevent businesses from opening and the right of Alex Cummings to finance such operations, and he is referred to as “CRITIC OF GOVERNMENT”, it is very selfish and silly on the part of anyone to even think that others do not have rights to run such bastards out of town.

      That so called “critic” is lucky. Those his critics should have killed him, and then that traitor Alex Cummings who was financing him in his vandalism, would actually get the message. But we all know his CRITICS, they are very defiant. What can the probe do? Nothing! The fool is safe and sound, and the people has only criticized him out of the country.

      Ritualistic killer Conmanny Wisseh would refer to Yekeh Kolubah as “CRITIC” in his Kolubah´s insane, unruly, uncivilized, unlawful, and lawless behavior and utterances, but when others come to criticize the very rag-tag rebel thug Yekeh Kolubah, then ritualistic killer Conmanny Wesseh must say he is writing good for nothing letter.

  4. Violence such as these do not augur well for a nation that is still unreeling from the tentacles of a civil war. Those who foment hate and promote vitriolic behavior and tribal violence are sick and usually lack the ability to understand the depths of their actions.

    The president and his followers must be reminded violence begets violence though!

  5. The best apology in this ugly matter would be for the Superintendent to invite Cummings and Yekeh back to Grand Gedeh County along with the heads of LNP and AFL.

    And then, in a Unity Speech — these sons of the soil should be welcome back as sons and brothers of the children of Grand Gedeh.

    I remembered clearly the words of former Information Minister, Mr. J. Emmanuel Bower, after he had returned to Monrovia from one of the many failed early peace talks ( held in Banju, Gambia),

    “The rebels are not coming for Samuel Doe and Khran people alone”.
    Liberians (Monrovians in particular) did not heed that warning, sadly.

    Today, may I caution you that — undermining the peace on 1 square-inch of Liberian soil WILL destabilize all 43, 000 square-miles.

    Our election and selection of leaders in Liberia during the past 23 years already has the world wondering about our sanity. If we walk down this very ugly path again, we would definitely be proving to the entire world that we are a set of very dull (can’t learn from our past) people.

    We Are Better Than This !


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