Senator Tengbeh Mocks Opponents


As preparations get underway for the mid-term senatorial election with aspirants finding the soft ground on which they can politically ride to victory, Senator George Tengbeh, Lofa County incumbent candidate, has begun throwing jabs at his opponents he claims were seeking to contest on the ruling party’s ticket but fell on the way giving him the edge to have the hope of retaining his senatorial position he currently occupies.

Some prominent Lofians including former Defense Minister Brownie Samukai and Counselor Joseph Jallah are aspiring for the senatorial seat of Lofa County in the coming election.

Senator Tengbeh recently won the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) primary unopposed, giving him the hope that the blessing of the party can lead him to victory come December 8 this year.  Gloating in his early victory, the Lofa County Senator says his opponents who he claims were lobbying to contest on the party’s ticket with the perception of being “Goliath” are now let down.

In his acceptance speech, Senator George Tengbeh expressed gratitude to the Standard Bearer, the leadership and members of the CDC for providing him the opportunity to contest on the ticket of the Party in the upcoming senatorial election.

The incumbent CDC Senator told his contenders that “If any thinks he is Goliath, I am David. They kept saying that Senator Tengbeh is a little boy. I have heard those remarks; they think being aggressive is the way forward, but I am sending out this caveat that if anybody thinks that they are Goliath coming against me in this race, I am the David with just one blow.

“I have always said that I believe in predestination. Before I was born, God made this day. The Coalition, inconclusive of the Congress for Democratic Change, the National Patriotic Party (NPP), and the LPDP has decided to trust me and cast a white-ballot in my name, and this white-ballot being victorious today will go all the way to December 8,” Senator Tengbeh boasted.

Speaking to journalists’ minutes after the primary, the Lofa County Senator and former Executive of the Unity Party said:  “I am confident, I am happy and glad for this challenge, a wake-up mark, a push on the back to go forward with a recommitment. We’ve been in the Senate for almost 9-years and then NPP of which I was an original member reposed the confidence in me that Sen. Tengbeh, we note that by your track records from our survey, we have come to the conclusion that yes, we can carry you on our ticket come Dec. 8, 2020, senatorial elections and I am positive of winning this election.”

Boasting of Lofa as his stronghold for what he claims to have done that made him popular among the people, Senator Tengbeh said:  “There are a lot of things we did. Nobody is perfect 100%. I said in my acceptance speech that it is only God that brings perfection to stage. So we are always in the leading curve and developmental curve. So, there are a lot of things we have done.”

“The good thing about us in Lofa County is that we think beyond the party line. People that are supporting Senator Tengbeh are not members of the CDC, NPP, or LPDP alone, but because of the value that they have seen in Senator Tengbeh, they are asking me to come back to continue the mandate they gave me. This time around the young people are our target in bringing us back to power,” he maintained.

Senator Tengbeh reminded reporters that the standard-bearer of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and President of Liberia, George Weah, is the face of his ticket and has promised not to only support candidates on the ticket of the party, but to tour the Country with them in making sure that all win the upcoming election, noting that “Lofa County is of no exception.”

“My final message to all Lofians is, with all of what we do, let’s put Lofa County number one. We always say, let Lofa County be our common denominator, but I will say that let Lofa County be a numerator so that we can be down to push Lofa County forward. We can have our differences, but when it comes to development in Lofa, let us all come together to support it. The people of Lofa must get back to agriculture, education, and make sure that our schools improve,” Tengbeh said.