Sen. PYJ Wants Gov’t Comply with ECOWAS Court Ruling

Sen. Prince Y. Johnson speaking at his PYJ Polytechnic Board Installation in Ganta, recently.

In Ja’neh’s case

Even though Nimba County Senator Prince Johnson was one of the Senators who cast the deciding vote to approve the impeachment of Associate Justice Kabineh Ja’neh last in 2019, he is at this time calling on the Government of Liberia to comply with the recent ruling by the ECOWAS Court, to settle with the impeached Associate Justice to end the legal row.

Ja’neh was impeached last year by the votes of about 22 Senators, including Senator Prince Johnson, after receiving a bill of impeachment from the House of Representatives, who sought the impeachment of the Associate Justice through their votes as required by the Liberian Constitution.

Upon hearing about two weeks ago the ruling of the ECOWAS Court of Justice, where Ja’neh sought redress, Senator Johnson went public to admit that the government “did wrong” to Cllr. Ja’neh.

Reiterating his apparent repentance, Senator Johnson said the Senate acted wrongly to have impeached former Justice Ja’neh, and this is why the regional court overturned the ruling to have the Cllr. Ja’neh impeached.

“We acted wrongly to have Cllr. Ja’neh impeached, and if we were right, our decision would not have been overruled by the ECOWAS Court,” he said.

Speaking on Hott FM Nimba, Senator Johnson said there was no need to go into a legal row with the regional court anymore, rather, the government should now begin to dialogue with former Justice Ja’neh to find a way forward.

Senator Johnson did not recommend any definite solution to resolve the crisis, but openly urged the government to negotiate for an amicable solution to the standoff.

Regarding the response to the ECOWAS Court’s ruling by Senate Pro-Tempore Albert Chie that the Senate never proceeded wrongly, Senator Johnson said it was the responsibility of the Pro-Tempore to issue a statement on behalf of the House of Senate; notwithstanding, every Senator has his or her own view.

“If we were right altogether, I don’t think our decision would have been overturned in the regional court,” he said.

Cllr Ja’neh’s impeachment last year created resentment among some citizens of the Nimba, blaming the two Senators, Johnson and Thomas Grupee, for voting against their own brother to have him ousted from his post.

In his response to the many criticisms from the public, especially Nimbaians, Senator Grupee defended that he took an oath to defend the Liberian Constitution, therefore whatsoever he did was in defense of the Constitution.

“If someone is accused of several counts and guilty of one or two, does it in any way exonerate him from being guilty,” Grupee asked defense of his vote.

In the ongoing special senatorial election campaign, critics have been referencing the removal of Cllr. Ja’neh to caution voters not to vote sitting lawmakers with close links with or supported by the ruling administration.

In another development, President George M. Weah is expected in Nimba on Wednesday, December 2, 2020 to break ground for the construction of the Ganta – Tappita Highway. It is an outstanding development project with history dating back to the regime of late President Samuel K. Doe who began this project under the “Ganta-Harper Highway” Project in 1983. Following years of war, the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Administration before completing its second term secured US$200 million for the road and some survey work was done on it before the ascendancy of President George Weah.

The President, according to Superintendent Nelson Korquoi, is also expected to break ground for 100 housing units in Nimba and also dedicate the Ganta General Market on the same day.

This pending visit will be President Weah’s third visit since he took office as President of the Republic of Liberia. His first visit was in 2018 to enforce the construction of Ganta-Yekepa Road. His last visit was when he took kickoff of the National County Sports Meet in Sanniquellie, where he also spoke about the relocation of the Sannquellie Hospital, something that is yet to be realized.


  1. Associate Justice Kabineh Ja’neh Mistake is about to happen again. first fool is a fool second fool is not a fool. no one listening to the whisper of the same problem or mistake coming until it is done again Dec 8.

  2. “If we were right altogether, I don’t think our decision would have been overturned in the regional court,” he said. Senator Prince Yormie Johnson

    Prince, if this is the case then why when the TRC judged you guilty for war crimes, you have up to this day denied any involvement in war crimes? If we should take you and your conclusion above serious, then if you were not a war criminal the TRC would have not adjudicated you as a war criminal, since according to you what a court says is the truth and nothing but the thruth. Do you not know A TRC is A COURT despite the fact it does not have powers to jail? But at least you know it has powers to sentence or recommend!

    Anyway, it is good you have started reconciling with Janeh after voting him out of office, since of course the two of you are already slated to spend the rest of your lives in prison for your war crimes.

  3. Well, what do you expect of the President, he can easily reach Nimba County because of the paved roads. Hope this groundbreaking is real, rather than a PR stunt by the government this time. 1847 to 2020, it has been a lot of years!

  4. “President EJS secured 200 million” for the construction of the Ganta-Tappita Road project, when it is being constructed, some so-called partisans from the “BLUE REVOLUTION” will say since 1847 no president has paved road in Liberia, but their “messiah”. It is good this report came up with some facts before the ground breaking. I expect that road to be called “14 Road” as was done with the Omega Market that was started by the previous regime, that fact was overlooked and they said a new market was constructed leaving the one started by the former regime.
    So, I expect the 200 million to be for the “Ganta-Tappita” road and another funding be secured by the CDC- led government to construct another “14 Road” to the south east, that will boost our infrastructure development. Everything is “14”.

  5. Big brother PYJ, leave this one, I beg you!
    We are not a banana republic, you were not coerced into voting to impeach the chief justice.

      • My dear Senator and legendary kingmaker, I do understand your position at this juncture. The Liberian koubah says KUKUJUMUKU….YOU NOHN INSIDE, YOU NOHN NO! But do not listen to those rascals at that court. The concept of SUPRANATIONALITY HAS GOTTEN INTO THEIR HEADS!

        Thus, they ECOWAS Court judges have lost their professional consciousness regarding the DOCTRINE OF POSITIVISM OF INTERNATIONAL LAW, a doctrine which serves in practice to reinforce the inclination of a state to do what suits its particular goals. as manifestly evident in the reality that..

        “Enforcement of the ECOWAS Court’s judgments over the years has been a major problem due to the fact that none of the legal instruments — the Revised Treaty or Supplementary Protocols — discusses means of enforcement of the regional court’s rulings in the case where member states default..“

        And this is why you hear Ed Asante the President of the court ranting that..

        ”Member states have not actually risen up to their responsibility, which is a treaty obligation to respect and enforce community judgment within their national jurisdiction. “And this is actually why they must continue to understand and embrace the concept of Supra-Nationality that the ECOWAS Community has adopted, and that that unless sanctions are given to defaulting States or institutions, the confidence in the Court will be eroded.”

        This bizarre disposition on the part of those rascals suggests they have no idea about INTERNATIONAL STATUTORY SILENCE WITHIN INTERNATIONAL LAW AS IS THE CASE WITH CONSTITUTIONAL SILENCE ON THE DOMESTIC PLANE!

        Hence, in their ignorance and bad faith ignoramus mentality, they want sound people to believe that Janehs baseless lawsuit which should be inadmissible, is some JUS COGENS.. Jus cogens are non derogable laws or rights, for example, slavery, piracy, etc.
        They need to research their counterpart the European Court of Justice, and then this issue about SUPRANATIONALITY WHICH HAS GOTTEN INT THEIR HEADS SHALL BE MADE CLEARER. TOTAL BOENUAHNS YET TO..

        (1) LEARN THAT POSITIVISM is essentially the doctrine that law, and particularly international law, did not arise from an authority above or beyond the state but was and is in fact absolutely the the product of the consent of of states expressed either in TREATIES OR IN STATE PRACTICE. And that

        (2) Even though TREATIES may be seen as enforceable than STATES PRACTICE, STATES PRACTICE PREVAILS, as proven in the ASCENDING AND DESCENDING PATTERNS DOCTRINES, in which the assumption is that..

        (3) WHILE a normative code overrides individual state behavior, will or interest as may be suggested by the descending pattern, notwithstanding the ascending pattern overrides everything and dictates that if state practice, interest, will and behavior point in some direction, THE LAW MUST POINT IN THAT DIRECTION!! Hence..

        (4( NONE of the legal instruments OF ECOWAS — the Revised Treaty or Supplementary Protocols — discusses means of enforcement of the regional court’s rulings in the case where member states default!“

        And this is THE INTERNATIONAL JURISPRUDENTIAL ERUDITION inter alia what those seemingly half baked lawyers as judges do not know or are pretending not to know, hence they dare attempt their ”DEDEBA TESTILO” on Liberia’s SOVEREIGNTY viz a matter totally inadmissible to the ECOWAS Court, and beyond that courts jurisdiction!

  6. Mehn Gbada Flomo, you too should let people hear their ear with the stupid reasoning of some people in the 70s who stupidly believed that the development President Tolbert was carrying out in just his first three four years in office (as is the case with President Weah amid an inherited deteriorated economy ) throughout the country were Tubman’s, even after Tubman had sat on his hands for 27 years without making any meaningful development in the country in a booming economy!

  7. Oh yes, Apostle Prince Yormie Johnson, even if you were not A PRELATE,, you have a right to your freedom of thought, belief, expression, opinion, etc., but do not push your luck unnecessarily too far by expecting any country to negotiate for an amicable solution to the standoff. where and when THERE IS NO STANDOFF, WHETHER BETWEEN THE ECOWAS COURT AND THE GOVERNMENT OR BETWEEN KABINEH JANEH AND THE GOVERNMENT!

    So, Bishop Johnson, after you told us upon the impeachment of Janeh that Janeh disobeyed your advice and that is why he was impeached, and you are now politicking or speaking in tongues, instead of deceiving yourself about government negotiating with whoever or whatever, here is what you should do infra..

    You Prophet Prince Yormie Johnson The Only Legendary Kingmaker from my indomitable Nimba, should advise the impeached Janeh to muster the courage and run for a seat in the Senate for his and our own county Nimba as happened to US Judge Alcee Hastings of the US Senate. in 1989 when he Hastings was convicted and removed for conspiring to accept bribes! He Hastings was of course impeached! But later, Hastings ran for Congress and won! And in fact, on January 10, 2007, after years of service, he Hastings formally presided over the same institution that had impeached him Hastings two decades earlier!!!

    According to the Liberian Constitution (Article 43), TO END A Legislatorship, a Presidency, or A Judgeship, all that are needed are two thirds of initially THE HOUSE, and finally two thirds of the Senate with a Chief Justice (actually masquerading as THE JUDGE IN THAT SENATORIAL COURT(as constitutionally necessary as a matter of constitutional formality)!

    What those elected koubahs or elected Representatives and elected Senators within THE PEOPLES BRANCH OF GOVERNMENT do or do not do is even unquestionable IN HEAVEN. For those elected koubahs or elected Representatives and elected Senators are actually the de facto RULERS! And this is why God made it clear hereunder in Romans 13..

    ”Obey the rulers who have authority over you. Only God can give authority to anyone, and he puts these rulers in their places of power. 2 People who oppose the authorities are opposing what God has done, and they will be punished. 3 Rulers are a threat to evil people, not to good people. There is no need to be afraid of the authorities. Just do right, and they will praise you for it. 4 After all, they are God’s servants, and it is their duty to help you.

    If you do something wrong, you ought to be afraid, because these rulers have the right to punish you. They are God’s servants who punish criminals to show how angry God is. 5 But you should obey the rulers because you know it is the right thing to do, and not just because of God’s anger”!!!!


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