Senator Naatehn Condemns Prez. Weah’s County Tour

Gbarpolu County Senator Daniel Naatehn.

 — Says it was more political than about improvement of lives

Gbapolu County Senator, Daniel Naatehn, has condemned President Weah’s recent presidential county tour to Western region of the country, mainly Gbapolu county.

Senator Naatehn said President Weah’s tour does not have social and economic benefits on the lives of the people of the region and particularly of Gbapolu County, terming the installations of the solar panel light in Bopolu as total waste of National resources.

According to him, the Ministry of Education recently retired about eighty teachers in Gbarpolu County thus forcing about thirty schools in county to be shut down, affecting hundreds of students in the county.

Senator Naatehn noted that such things should be the President’s concern, but he has rather chosen to allegedly go on his campaign trail.

He noted that most of the students in the county are out of schools due to lack of teachers in the class room. “These are some of the challenges confronting the citizens of Gbapolu County; President Weah chose to carry few lights poles which cannot provide lights to the city thus leaving the entire city into total darkness .

Senator Naatehn said the citizens of Bopolu City will bring their mattresses in the street because of few poles, saying the few light poles do not have an economic impact on the lives of the citizens.

He revealed that the two million Liberian dollars given by President George Weah to the People of Gbarpolu County has created serious confusion amongst the people of the county, stressing that the money cannot serve all the towns and villages in the county.

According him, the hundred bed-room hospital construction in the county is untimely saying there are lots of communities’ clinic in the county which need improvement instead of building hospital which may not serve the people for the intended purpose.

The ANC senator stressed that he is planning to hold a town hall meeting which is intended to bring the people of Gbarpolu County together as a result of the December 8th 2020 midterm elections.

He lauded the people of Gbapolu County for selecting Senator Botoe Kanneh as their next senator during the December 8th 2020 midterm elections, saying he will help Senator Kanneh for the common interest of the people of Gbarpolu County .

Senator Daniel Flomo Naatehn recently warned of a huge looming disaster in the wake of the growing wave of illicit mining in his county.

“These illicit miners who are predominantly Ghanaian nationals, are causing huge environmental degradation that is now threatening the very livelihood of Liberian citizens living in places with huge concentrations of the illicit Ghanaian miners,” Senator Naatehn’s February 18, 2021 communication noted.

He disclosed that the miners are using an immeasurable volume of very dangerous chemical called mercury to extract gold, and has made all the rivers unsafe for humans, wildlife and domesticated animals that depend on the rivers for drinking, washing and other purposes.

The Senator lamented that the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy which has the statutory responsibility to grant mining licenses and also institute measures to ensure the safety of Liberian citizens in mining communities, is said to be complacent in the illegal mining atrocities in Gbarpolu.

“Hence, the Ministry’s inability to take legal measures to curtail the illegal mining or totally abolish the act is not healthy for our country. Colleagues, we have a huge disaster looming right now.”


  1. Well, you are the senator from the county. The ball is in your corner. We are watching if you will make an impact on the lives of your people (nine years, and counting).

  2. Since 1847 when Liberia declared independence, Gbapolu county’s residents have not been able to see street lights all over the county. Atlas, president Weah has risen to the occasion to bring lights and build a 100-bed hospital in Gbapolu.

    Who on earth in Liberia or specifically in Gbapolu county does not want street lights?

    Senator Naatehn of Gbapolu county is the gentleman who complains and shows no appreciation of lights being brought by Weah in his dark county.

    A follow-up question:
    Does anyone think it is egregious or just downright stupid for a 100-bed hospital to be constructed in Gbapolu county?

    Yes! Senator Naatehn is the unhappy gentleman. Naatehn who seems to practice divisive politics, complains about the fact that Weah’s proposal to construct a hospital and install street lights in Gbapolu is too little.

    Third follow-up question:
    What will make Senator Naatehn happy?

    (1). Sen. Naatehn will be extremely grateful if Weah could smash his CDC party and become an ANC convert. And,

    (2). Instead of Weah switching over from his CDC, Sen. Naatehn would be highly appreciative if Weah could give two million US dollars to Gbapolu county residents. According the Senator’s way of thinking, a Weah donation of two million Liberian dollars will not carve the turkey.

    It is understood that Naatehn is an ANC affiliate. But his affiliation with the ANC does not give him the right to complain about the “good things” Weah brings to the good people of Gbapolu. In fact, because of his unwillingness to appreciate Weah’s “goodies”, Naatehn will ultimately face a formidable senatorial challenger in 2023. Of course, Naatehn will be a sure loser. It’s an undeniable fact.

  3. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
    A God Forsaken Country with a very very short tail trying to catch its tail, has failed in many political circles or tries.
    The previous regime of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf had no development layout plans for the the country. And so the buck was passed on to the lawmakers to develop their respective counties through the used of the meger so-called County Development Funds. While the lion’s share of the nation’s national budget went to government salaries under the political scheme of “Pa pa na come home “. The sale of the natural resources and capital donations to the regime went to paying high government salaries. It was ” Happy Days Are Here” again, like it was during the Tubman’s era under the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf regime. Almost all sectors of the regime’s took home handsome salaries. While leaving the the developmental agendas of the country with the corrupt lawmakers to carry on . Case in point are the many projects undertaken by the lawmakers under both regimes costing millions of US dollars left in the bushes around the country. It is taking Bong County so-called university still under construction almost 14 years, that is being financed through the County Development Funds. A situation handled by the country’s lawmakers. Freeing the presidency and the Executive of all responsibilities to layout a general development plans.
    The country’s International AidPartners and the country’s International Financial Institutions Advisers have all expressed great concerned on the on how the budget laws are layout and are being misused by lawmakers, and the high salaries being paid out to officials of both regimes. Leaving out social developments in health, education, waters, and so on and so on.
    Yes, a pissed off overzealous Finance Minister Samuel Tweah must keep his promise to close all counties’ financial bank accounts. He must keep his promise to close shut them down !
    Up to date, all the accounts are empty, while the regime continues to deposit development funds in those accounts, with nothing to show for. The Ministry of Finance has all the checks and deposit slips since 2005 in the amount of millions and millions of US dollars.
    The constitution does not allowed the lawmakers to execute the budget passed by them by any other means, as leaders of legislative caucuses. Their roles as elected legislators to make laws. The Executive is given the constitutional authority to execute the budget. That’s The Law !
    Shut those accounts down. It has been proven that it is much easier to prosecute officials of the Executive, than to prosecute lawmakers engaged in corrupt practices and misusing the county’s resources for personal gains.
    Shut down those accounts, Mr. Minister. Shut them down. The country’s International AidPartners have your support. The US government through its aid agency, USAID has your support. Shut those accounts down with immediate effect.
    The lawmakers want or interested in having any project or projects done in their respective counties, let them paid for that project in the budget, and hold the Executive Branch responsible.
    So closed those accounts, and allowed the country to be governed as intended by the constitution. The country’s International AidPartners are on your side, so is the constitution. Even Ellen Johnson Sirleaf made an attempt to close those accounts down.
    Closed them young man, closed down those accounts. The alleged threat to close those accounts was carried by the Daily Observer, act out on those threats, unless it was just all blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.
    Returned to the status of before the coup, and let the Superintendents be responsible for the direct development of their counties. Now the regime can fire and prosecute Superintendents and hold them directly accountable for funds.
    Afraid to do so ? Thought So.

  4. Good talking points senator, but wrong timing! All the points you raised are salient and cogent to the development of Gbarpolu or Liberia, but the light poles just happen to be aesthetic and impressive to the ordinary citizen who may not grasp the essence of your criticism for now. In fact, they may see you as another ungrateful hater of the president who does not want to see good thing happening in the county. That is, not until they see those street lights dying one by one and Bopolu back in darkness as you predict, before they will realise the wisdom in your analysis. So choose your battles wisely next time, senator.

  5. The Senator should understand. There are times he should put Politics aside and [GIVE CREDIT] when/where rightfully due. Kudos 👍👌 to PRESIDENT Weah. “THE JOURNEY OF A THOUSAND BEGINS WITH ONE STEP”. That [ONE] and first step is the most important. I should remind the Senator: Hon. D. Naatehn; SMALL THING WILL GROW TO BECOME BIG THING. I suppose you know that very well.


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