Senator Kaipay Presents First Quarter Report to Constituents

Compound #2 Superintendent presents the gavel to Sen. Kaipay to preside over the session while making his report to the residents.

Grand Bassa County Senator Jonathan L. Kaipay is on a tour of several districts delivering his progress report since he took seat as Senator in 2014, “ensuring that laws are made in the interest of every citizen, irrespective of status,” he said.

Speaking on Monday, November 26, Senator Kaipay presented his first quarter report to his constituency, which included local government leaders, in fulfillment of his campaign promises during the 2014 senatorial mid-term election.

One of the laws Sen. Kaipay boasted of is the “Special Economic Zone in Liberia to be Known as the Special Economic Zone Act of 2017.”

During his report to residents of Grand Bassa District #2, Sen. Kaipay said the Special Economic Zone Act of 2017 promotes the flow of investors, both foreign and local, into Special Economic Zones, which will generate employment opportunities and establish backward and forward linkages among industries in and around the economic zones.

According to him, the law promotes financial and industrial cooperation between Liberia and industrialized countries through technology-intensive industries that will modernize the country’s industrial sector and improve productivity levels by utilizing new technological and managerial know-how.

He said with the help of the county legislative caucus, the bill was passed by the Senate. The House of Representatives concurred, and it was signed into law by then President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and was published into handbills. This, he said, is a great achievement in his work as a senator.

A cross-section of residents at a program marking the presentation Sen. Kaipay’s first quarter Legislative report.

Kaipay said during his tenure, he worked with colleagues to do a speedy passage of a Bill to give Wayzohn Town in Electoral District #4 a City Status.

“Wayzohn is a growing community that is getting on par with development, so we believe making it a city by law, will help accelerate development. On the other hand, consultations show that the residents have been yearning for the town to become a city,” he said.

He said as chairman on the Senate Standing Committee on Autonomous Commissions and Agencies, his committee ensured that the Senate concurred with the House of Representatives on a Bill to establish Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Commission.

Sen. Kaipay said he initiated and implemented several projects across the county, including construction of schools, clinics, roads, bridges to bring relief to people. Some of the projects were completed and dedicated while others are nearing completion.

He added, “We undertook a project that provided a home for many of the motorcyclists, who have been struggling on their own to survive, because we acknowledge motorists’ immense contribution through their services to society. We expended a little over US$25,000 to complete that project, which was dedicated and turned over to the beneficiaries.”

Kaipay said as part of his oversight responsibilities, he was able to reconstruct and provide better medical opportunities for thousands of people in Harmonsville Township and its surroundings, while his office successfully lobbied with USAID to build the damaged bridge that provides access to Grand Bassa County Community College that was recently affected by flooding.

Kaipay said his office spent more than L$740,105 in School Aid across the county, considering university, colleges and high schools though stipend to “volunteer teachers.”

Mary Sumo Johnson, on behalf of the residents, thanked Sen. Kaipay for bringing the government to the locals to ensure that they form part of government.

She wants the senator to use his oversight responsibility and improve the only high school and healthcare center in Compound #2.


  1. This is a highly commended move by the Grand Bassa County Senator. Indeed he represents the grass rooter. With a Lawmaker like this across this county with the Political will and the urge to deliver change, Liberia will go somewhere.

  2. I applauded the Honorable Senator for his hard work thus far and wish him well in his continue efforts of making sure that the people of Grand Bassa and Liberia as a whole, benefit from their government.

  3. A humble servant who is truly committed to serving his people with transparency loyalty and commitment. The Senator is a true son of the soil who is setting the bar high in leadership. The people of Grand Bassa County are indeed proud of you senator, keep up the good work.


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