Senator Kaipay Disrespected



A youth group in Tubmanville Township, Neekreen Statutory District #5, in Grand Bassa County, recently disrupted a meeting convened by Grand Bassa County Senator, Jonathan L. Kaipay.

The episode erupted when Solomon T. Banks, said to be a former District Development Committee chairman of the district, on behalf of the youths, congratulated Senator Kaipay for his election as Senator of the County, “because you are development-oriented and we hope you will identify with the development of the township.”

“At the moment, our township is desperately yearning for the erection of teachers’ quarters, so as to elevate our public school to junior high level.

“We also need a GSM tower to [improve] the communication system. We need the construction of a market building among others,” he said.

He mentioned that during the first term of the Unity Party-led Government, District Development Committees were set up in the county, but were dissolved due to “some political reasons.” He appealed to Senator Kaipay to help reactivate them so as to spearhead development initiatives in the district.

Before he could end his statement, one Enoch Vah, who also claimed to be the current head of the youths in the township, incited his colleagues who angrily began to make noises in the hall, leading to the disruption of the meeting.

Had it not been for the intervention of Neekreen Statutory District Superintendent, Josiah Jacobs, the Chairman of the Grand Bassa County Branch of the National Traditional Council, John Taiwayu, Chiefs and elders, hell would have broken loose. Calm was restored after 20 minutes.

Senator Kaipay tried to stop the youths’ action, but to no avail. The contention of the youth stemmed from what they called the omission of their appeal for the construction of a youth hall, since they claimed Township Commissioner Richard James on several occasions denied them access to the Administration Hall.

 “If you who are considered to be future leaders of the country continue to disrespect, disgrace and dishonor your leaders, don’t you think when you take power the same will be done to you?” Senator Kaipay asked them.

He admonished the young people to remain calm, law abiding and to channel their grievances through appropriate authorities for redress.

The citizens of the district and townships he visited included Districts #1, and the four townships of Neekren, Harlandsville, Harmonsville and Tubmanville in Neekreen Statutory District #5.

He urged the citizens to brush and clean their towns, villages, creeks, roads, and recondition or build their monkey bridges and asked them to make available at least 200 acres of land for palm, rubber, cocoa cultivation.

In another development, Senator Kaipay invited the manager of the Liberian Agricultural Company (LAC) in Wee Statutory District #3 to help teach citizens how to plant rubber for their economic improvement.

In response, LAC Manager Dejay Naira expressed his company’s commitment to empower citizens by sending a technical advisory service team to teach local rubber farmers how to plant and maintain rubber.


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