Nimba Caucus Re-elects Senator PYJ As Chair

Flashback: Sen. Johnson in his 2017 campaign mode

-Amid controversy from colleagues 

In the wake of controversy among members of the 54th Nimba Legislative Caucus, Senator Prince Yealue Johnson (PYJ) was on April 30, 2018, re-elected as Caucus Chairman for a period of six years.

The election was held at Capitol Building, in Monrovia, where nine lawmakers voted for Sen. Johnson, with two others withdrawing from the measure, which they claimed “was lack of rules to govern the process.”

In a local radio broadcast to the County, Sen. Johnson praised the process and said it was done unanimously, with members supporting him to the extent that their political differences were overlooked. He claimed they extended apologies to one another before the election was held.

On the same media, both representatives Larry Younquoi (District 8) and Prince Tokpah (District 2) came up with contrary views when they took serious exception to the process that announced Sen. Johnson as the chair. The two lawmakers argued that the body should have first established rules and a code of conduct.

They said in the absence of rules and regulations, the leadership will abuse power and there will be no means which can be used to impeach or institute some level of punishment against the chair.

Members of the Nimba Legislative Caucus at the election

“The way the election was conducted was not to my satisfaction, because all the nominations were done by one person; so I believe that it was not fair enough,” said Rep. Tokpah.

Rep. Younquoi, on the other hand, rejected all the positions the members of the Caucus ascribed to him, “because for the past 12 years as the Caucus’ Chair, Johnson cannot show any development that he ever implemented in the County.”

Issues pertaining to the Caucus chairmanship’s position has seen internal wrangling among legislators, with Younquoi aiming to take over the position and thus challenging Sen. Johnson in the election.

Other elected officials are Reps. Johnson Gwaikolo, Co-chair, Samuel Kogar, secretary, Rep Joseph Sonwabi, treasurer and Roger Domah, chaplain.



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