Senator Cooper to Run for President

Sen. Oscar Cooper.jpg

Margibi County Senator Oscar A. Cooper, formerly ‘Captain Marvel’ of the National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) during the civil crisis, has declared his intention to run for president in the October elections.

He launched his candidacy on Saturday, February 4, at his residence in Cinta, Margibi County, after he was petitioned by the managers of the “The Oscar Cooper Xperience Team” in the 15 counties. The petition ceremony was attended by over 1,000 citizens. The former NPP and UP executive member says he will run as an independent candidate.

Cooper was elected Senator in 2011 with 36,000 votes to replace Senator Clarice Jah.

He is the third sitting Senator to declare his candidacy for the presidential race after Montserrado County Senator George M. Weah and Prince Y. Johnson of Nimba County.

A group of 15 petitioners recited the slogan: “If you care for human beings, human beings will care for you,” and made the following statement:

“We have come to petition you for the man you are, Sen. Cooper. We have faith in you that you can build Liberia and give us back our economy. You are part of us, the downtrodden and the Moses of the wilderness. We petition you today, Sen. Cooper with the belief that you care for us. We know with you, Liberia can develop.”

In response, Senator Cooper promised to put Liberians first by empowering them to take control of their economy.

“I am not against the Lebanese, Indians and the Fulas, but we will take back our economy from the foreigners. We will develop the private sector to create jobs and provide decent living wages,” said the presidential hopeful.

“We believe in building the capacity of the youth with technical skills and job creation and in the strength of the Liberian people. We will serve our people by providing decent health care. And within a year, the health sector will be developed to allow every one of us to seek medical care here; none of us will seek medical care out of the country. We will transform Liberia into an agriculture economy. We will reduce the President, Senators and Representatives, Ministers and Managing Directors’ benefits and salaries to moderate levels;and take Liberia out of Monrovia. We will make Liberia an agriculture economy and promote the sense of patriotism, pride and love of each other,” declared Senator Cooper.


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