Senate: Works Minister ‘Bypassed PPCC Law in US$34M Contract Award’


The Chairman of the Senate Committee on Public Works has informed the Daily Observer that a decisive action will be taken by the Plenary of the Senate against the Minister of Public Works today after he failed to attend a scheduled public hearing.

Senator Oscar Cooper, who appeared very angry, disclosed that Minister Gyude Moore was informed that an inconclusive public hearing last Friday would continue on Monday, September 19, at 11a.m.

“The committee members went to the Chambers to receive the Minister, but he did not have the decency to write the committee for whatever excuse. So it is a slap in the face of the standing committee on Public Works, Rural Development. We will write a letter to the full Plenary explaining the Minister’s behavior,” he said.

Senator Cooper said Minister Moore was cited mainly to explain why he bypassed the Public Procurement & Concession Commission (PPCC) Law in awarding a US$34 million contract, “So the best for the Minister is to come to the committee and answer.”

The Margibi County lawmaker emphasized that the Minister needs to explain why he obligated the government to US$34 million when there was an announcement of a shortfall and a need for recast. “Is the Minister running away from telling the Liberian people why he bypassed the PPCC appropriation on a major work for that amount?” he asked. “The ministers before Moore did not approve or legitimize it. So why did Mr. Moore go ahead and do it? He has to answer some questions.”

Meanwhile, Senator Cooper has disclosed that “some concrete pavements are going on which appear coincidental: One at the back of the Redemption Road; another one going to Smythe Road, where Minister Moore lives; and one going to Thinkers Village, where the Deputy

Minister lives. How does that look to you?” he asked.
On rumors that he might be removed as chairman on the current committee, Senator Cooper clarified that sub-committees serve at the will and pleasure of the President Pro Tempore.

“We have eight elected and appointed positions, chairs of committees, members of standing committees, and co-chairs. But I don’t think it will be prudent in the midst of a major hearing like this to change a chairman who has been there for five years and knows all the ills of the
Public Works. But it is his will and pleasure. I don’t know whether he will do it. It’s a rumor and we have to wait and see,” he said.

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