Senate to Reject ‘Overqualified’ West Point Acting Commissioner


Being overqualified is one of the reasons some senators may disqualify Acting Commissioner for West Point J. Samson Nyan.  Nyan is said to be too experienced in budgeting to serve the Township of West Point.

The Senate leadership Committee on Internal Affairs at the Wednesday confirmation hearing didn’t mince their words to label the Acting Commissioner of West Point as “overqualified.”

The Acting Commissioner is a candidate for Masters in Business Administration (MBA) at the University of Liberia with emphasis on Finance and Banking with over seven (7) years of experience in banking and budgeting.

Bomi County Senator Atty. Morris Saytumah found it unbelievable that a candidate in MBA-Finance and Banking who is usefully employed at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a Budget Officer would want to become a commissioner.

 “This nominee is overqualified, Mr. Chairman,” Sen. Saytumah said.

Normally, in the rural areas, Commissioners have at least a high school certificate, while majority are unable to read and write, but are traditionally and culturally inclined to the norms and values of the land, Daily Observer has learned.

In the remote parts of Montserrado, most commissioners are marketers, while in the city, commissioners are elderly or senior citizens regardless of educational background, according to research.

 At most there are only a few commissioners who are graduates.

“Why would you leave the Foreign Ministry as Budget Officer where you are making a good salary to serve as West Point Commissioner to get about LD10,000?” Sen. Saytumah wondered.

Rivercess County Senator Francis D. Paye, Senator Henry Yallah of Bong County and Maryland County Senator Gbleh-bo Brown separately said that the appointment of Mr. Nyan to serve as Acting Commissioner of West Point in the highest populated slum community and at the same time serve as Budget Officer at the Foreign Ministry is a conflict of interest with both jobs demanding his full time.

However, acting commissioner Nyan stated that his work at West Point is on a Pro Bono basis because he is passionate to give back to the people of West Point who helped him to obtain his education.

 “If I am confirmed I want to tackle the vices in West Point, which include teenage pregnancy, prostitution and drugs, among others and I would humbly resign from the Foreign Ministry if I am confirmed,” Mr. Nyan said.

However, during the question-and-answer period, the Senators realized that as a part of his Pro Bono service, the Acting Commissioner has the sole authority to give squatter’s rights to any person or institution, which he has been exercising since October 2014.

Mr. Nyan further stated that his work at the Foreign Ministry is like a consultancy.

  According to Mr. Nyan’s resume, he directs and coordinates activities for formulation, monitoring and presentation of budgets for controlling funds to implement program objectives of the Ministry. He also superintends the preparation of allotment requests and correlates appropriations for specific programs and consults with unit heads to ensure adjustments are made in accordance with program changes in order to facilitate long-term planning.

“We have seen you CV and have questioned you under oath and as some of the members of the Internal Committee have said, you are overqualified, but as a committee we would proffer our recommendations to Plenary for subsequent action,” Senator Thomas Grupee, Chairman of Internal Affairs, said.

Meanwhile, Miatta Flowers outgoing West Point Commissioner has been appointed Acting Commissioner of Virginia Township.

Madam Flowers said when she is confirmed the construction of a town hall would be her top priority.

Hopefully, tomorrow, the Internal Affairs Committee will write Plenary about its confirmation hearing and decisions would be reached on the two commissioners.


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